Breathwork changed my life

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For the last year, I have been committed to regular breathwork sessions and I have to say it’s been an incredible experience. I would even go as far as to say life changing, I’m just not the same person I was 12 months ago. I’m more calm, relaxing and trusting of everything that is happening in my life. I have more clarity about my life purpose and how I want to help people, plus what I need to do next. I’m also deeply connected to myself again; who I am, what I want and what I do and don’t like. I’m speaking my truth, lovingly asserting my boundaries and I have a level of belief within me that I’ve never experienced so strongly before.

I have released emotions from my body that I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto and it’s also helped me to connect with divine energy in the most beautiful way. In a recent session, all I could feel was pure love, like floating on a cloud – such an incredible experience and something that normally takes hours of meditation to achieve.

Over the last 11 years, I’ve trained in many healing modalities and I’ve experienced many many more, but I can hand on heart say that breathwork is the most powerful and intense thing I have ever experienced. It’s such a simple thing and yet when I breathe I come home to myself. Undertaking my own training as a Breathwork Facilitator was therefore inevitable. My blend of conscious breathing and energy healing is just so powerful and being able to share this magic brings me intense joy. It’s such a privilege to hold space for people as they commit to the breathing process, they commit to themselves and as they expand their energy to receive more in life.

If you’re ready to feel or experience any of the following, then breathwork is definitely for you and I’ve shared how you can work with me below:

• Complete elation, joy & bliss
• A deep sense of self acceptance and self love
• Having a profound sense of self belief and a belief in what’s possible for your life, even without knowing all the answers yet
• Feeling relaxed, calm and content
• Having clarity over who you are and why you’re here
• Trusting in life and the timing of everything
• Healing generational trauma
• Healing the mother wound
• Healing the father wound
• Releasing toxic relationships and their energetic ties
• Feeling forgiveness for those that have hurt you, disappointed you and let you down and finally experiencing closure
• Connecting with source energy
• Feeling the presence of energy and your healing team

  • My Healing Membership (Originally called ALIGN) – A community for Sensitive Souls / Empaths / Introverts – This is the perfect healing hub to help you with your energy and emotions as you navigate all elements of life. I will help you to understand your sensitivity and energy and be able to make more aligned and conscious choices, which ultimately mean you experience more health, wealth and happiness in your life and business. There are weekly breathwork classes, 2 EFT Sessions & Energy Healing sessions every month, daily access to me, a library of over 230 EFT scripts, stacks of meditations and content to help and support you. Now more than ever we need connection with genuine, like minded people and this membership is perfect for that.
  • PRIVATE SESSIONS – Whether you need support with a particular situation, achieving a big goal, or because you need someone to hold space for you as you support others, my private sessions will be perfect for you. It will give you the accountability and support you need to create the life and emotional mindset you truly desire. You’ll have my full support between sessions to ensure you’re moving forward.

If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


Intuitive Mindset Coach & Energy Healer for the Sensitive SoulHelping you banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage forever – it’s time to believe in yourself, take action and create the life you deserve.

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