Awaken My Sexuality

As women enter the prime of their lives, many wonder if their journey of sensual fulfilment and having an unbridled libido has plateaued, or is even over.

Caught in monotonous bedroom escapades, they often find themselves disconnected from their partners, their once fervent desires now a flickering flame. The thrill of intimacy becomes a routine task and something else to fit into an already busy schedule. Clinging to a mesh of negative perceptions about the pleasures that they know they could experience; they grapple with an inner turmoil – their bodies yearn for ecstasy, yet their minds wrestle with guilt and shame.

It’s time to rekindle that dormant flame through the power of breath and healing, guiding you back to your authentic self. Imagine embracing the untamed, the sensual, and the full spectrum of your feminine essence. It’s in this realm of discovery that we can breathe life into your deepest yearnings, you can own your deepest darkest desires and you can experience pleasure like never before.

For those who haven’t ventured into the realm of breathwork, especially under my guidance, prepare for an awakening like no other. You’re on the cusp of experiencing the most electrifying, intoxicating and life-altering journey you’ve ever embarked on!

The programme includes 4 exciting modules and a library of sensual self-care resources


Releasing the energy of past lovers and experiences


Releasing guilt and shame over enjoying sex


Helping you to feel more comfortable in receiving & experiencing pleasure


Connecting you with your divine feminine core and your amazing sensual and sexual energy

The experience of Breathwork itself is magical and like nothing else I have ever felt; for me it was like coming home. I felt more peace and pure love than I ever thought possible. It allowed me to awaken my own energy again and connect with the truth of who I am and what I desire.


This programme is for anyone who is ready to awaken their sexuality and connect with the sensual feminine energy within

Check out the sensual signup bonus for the live experience below and a new VIP 1-1 option


  • A renewed desire for physical intimacy and pleasure
  • Clarity around what really turns you on and a willingness to explore this
  • Enjoying your partners attention on your pleasure and craving their touch
  • Experience stronger & more intense orgasms; maybe multiples for the first time
  • Feeling more confident in your body and in embodying your feminine energy
  • This might just save your relationship

Commonly asked questions:


Oh my…yes there is!

Only the greatest sign-up bonus that there’s ever been in the whole history of the world… that’s how good this toy is! For the price of your investment when you join the LIVE rounds, you’ll receive the programme and the ROMP Rose. This revolutionary toy has been designed to take your pleasure to new heights and it’s the perfect companion as you awaken your sexuality. Whether used alone, or with your partner, the unique Pleasure Air Technology delivers an unmatched sensation by using waves of air pressure. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. If you already have one of these amazing toys, then just let me know when you sign up and I’ll substitute it for another beautiful gift.

Marie is qualified and certified as a Kinesiologist, EFT Practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master & Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Practitioner of Transformational Bodywork. She has also completed a year of Trauma Training with Gabor Mate, which allows her to work on trauma related issues with people! If you want to know more about Marie, click here.