Awaken My Sexuality

Awaken My Sexuality

Release the energy of past lovers and sexual experiences. Release any guilt and shame over enjoying sex. Allow yourself to receive and feel pleasure. Connect with your divine feminine energy and bring your desires to life.

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As women enter the prime of their lives, many wonder if their journey of sensual fulfilment and having an unbridled libido has plateaued, or is even over.

Caught in monotonous bedroom escapades, they often find themselves disconnected from their partners, their once fervent desires now a flickering flame. The thrill of intimacy becomes a routine task and something else to fit into an already busy schedule. Clinging to a mesh of negative perceptions about the pleasures that they know they could experience; they grapple with an inner turmoil - their bodies yearn for ecstasy, yet their minds wrestle with guilt and shame.

It's time to rekindle that dormant flame through the power of breath and healing, guiding you back to your authentic self. Imagine embracing the untamed, the sensual, and the full spectrum of your feminine essence. It's in this realm of discovery that we can breathe life into your deepest yearnings, you can own your deepest darkest desires and you can experience pleasure like never before.

For those who haven't ventured into the realm of breathwork, especially under my guidance, prepare for an awakening like no other. You're on the cusp of experiencing the most electrifying, intoxicating and life-altering journey you’ve ever embarked on!
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The programme includes 4 exciting modules and a library of sensual self-care resources

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Week 1

Releasing the energy of past lovers and experiences

When we’re intimate with another we’re creating a unique energetic and emotional connection. If that person has a beautiful and positive energy, then it can be a wonderful experience and leave us feeling uplifted and energised. If they’re negative, pessimistic, depressed or worse… then it can have a huge impact on your own mood and energy. This is why it’s essential to cleanse and clear your energy of past lovers and of any experiences and relationships, that were not rooted in mutual pleasure and joy.

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Week 2

Releasing guilt and shame over enjoying sex

Many women experience guilt and shame surrounding their desires for sex and physical intimacy, often due to societal expectations, cultural or religious norms, and even past experiences that made them see sex as dirty and something to be ashamed about. The constant stream of negativity, self-judgement and fear of criticism in their minds, makes it hard to focus on pleasure and to see phyiscal intimacy as something to be enjoyed and to be excited about.

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Week 3

Helping you to feel more comfortable in receiving & experiencing pleasure

Being the centre of attention sounds great in theory, but when it comes to being naked and being intimate, it can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. There are so many things that can get in the way of you enjoying those peak moments of pleasure and then it becomes hard to let go and you feel like you’re always chasing pleasure. My intention is to take you closer to feeling complete elation, joy & bliss when it comes to how your body feels as you receive the touch and attention of another. This is also being able to enjoy self touch and pleasure.

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Week 4

Connecting you with your divine feminine core and your amazing sensual and sexual energy

Imagine experiencing a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-love when it comes to your body, loving every scar, every curve, everything that makes you uniquely you! As you connect with the essence of that sensual, sexuality and wild women within, you will feel parts of you waking up again. You will feel confident in asking for your needs to be met and sharing your desires, preferences and fantasies with your partner. It’s time to glow, and embody your true magnetic energy!

The experience of Breathwork itself is magical and like nothing else I have ever felt; for me it was like coming home. I felt more peace and pure love than I ever thought possible. It allowed me to awaken my own energy again and connect with the truth of who I am and what I desire.
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This programme is for anyone who is ready to awaken their sexuality and connect with the sensual feminine energy within

Receiving and enjoying pleasure has always been hard for you. You're tired of faking pleasure to protect the feelings of others
You worry what your partner might think if you were to share your desires and fantasies; will they judge you, reject you or think you're too much for them
You know you've been carrying heavy energy in your womb space that belongs to previous partners and encounters - it feels heavy, negative and it's draining you
You feel ready to connect in with your wild side, the part of you that is ready to push boundaries and be taken to your edges.
You know your sex life needs a boost; it's what makes the difference between being friends and lovers. You're ready to explore those new parts of you and bring excitement and play back into your relationship
You feel lost and like life holds no excitement or joy any more; you crave more fun, play, pleasure and feeling carefree. Your body is screaming out for more and you can't hold this side of you back anymore
You want to feel more desired, attractive and sexy and you know this starts with you and your own self-acceptance
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Check out the sensual signup bonus down below

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A renewed desire for physical intimacy and pleasure
Clarity around what really turns you on and a willingness to explore this
Enjoying your partners attention on your pleasure and craving their touch
Experience stronger & more intense orgasms; maybe multiples for the first time
Feeling more confident in your body and in embodying your feminine energy
This might just save your relationship
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Breathwork is a truly powerful and enriching experience and Marie holds the energy so beautifully and with such confidence and ease, whether you're in a group or having a private session. Undertaking breathwork with someone like Marie, who holds the energetic space beautifully and with great strength, it's like nothing I have every experienced before. Each experience has been different, each experience unique, each experience truly special and memorable.
“I’ve worked with Marie many times over the years now and I just love the way she works so when I saw she was running this course, I jumped at it! The course content was just what I was after - challenging enough to effect change yet gentle in its delivery. Marie is supportive and gifted when it comes to holding space for everyone in the group. Highly recommend this course if you’re ready to look at your own inner issues - it’s a game changer!”
‘Thank you for the Awaken My Sexuality course , I loved it. It was fascinating and brought up lots of things to think about and explore’.
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Commonly asked questions:

When do the calls start and how long is each session?

The next live round begins on the 30th of April @ 7.30pm UK time (8.30pm CET / 11.30am PST / 2.30pm ET). Allow approximately 2 hours for each call, as this gives time to set the session up, share information that you need and for you to have time for self reflection. We spend too much time rushing in life, and this is time for you to slow down and focus on you.

How do I access the calls and will there be replays?

You access the calls via ZOOM and at the beginning of each week I’ll drop you an email with a reminder of the link. Due to the sensitive nature of the calls, there will be no live coaching, but the calls will be recorded. I will set the recording so that only my screen is captured, ensuring maximum privacy.

Do I have to share any intimate information about myself or be on camera?

Absolutely not! It’s always your choice if you wish to ask questions, share and even be on camera. I know this can be a highly sensitive and private subject for some people, so I’ve purposely designed this programme to ensure you can fully relax and get the most out of the experience. You can change your name within the ZOOM settings and even change/remove your photo.

What type of Breathwork do you share?

I was taught ‘Circular Breathwork’ from Jon Paul Crimi, who spent years learning with the best Breathwork practitioners in the world. This type of Breathwork is also referred to as ‘Connected Breathing’ which is done all through the mouth. It’s a powerful and transformative process and is amazing at aligning body, mind and soul.

Who is this suitable for?

Breathwork can be enjoyed by everyone, however if you have certain medical conditions, please speak with your doctor first. By signing up to this group experience, I will assume that all necessary medical conversations have taken place. Please get in contact if you’re unsure –

Liability Waiver (2024)

If you have any of the following conditions, it’s essential that you contact your doctor or health care provider before joining a session. Unfortunately, I can not accept any liability for what may happen if you partake in a session with these existing conditions. By booking and/or paying for the session, you are accepting full liability for your own experience and outcome of breath work. If you are in any way concerned about joining a session, I would suggest that breath work is probably not for you at this time. Existing conditions to be mindful of before taking a breath work class are:

• Cardiovascular problems
• High or abnormal blood pressure
• History of aneurysms
• Epilepsy or history of seizures
• If you’re on heavy medication
• You have severe psychiatric symptoms, in particular psychosis or paranoia
• Bipolar depression
• Osteoporosis
• If you have had any recent surgery
• Glaucoma
• Pregnancy
• If you have an active addiction
• If you have any other mental illness where you require support or treatment

What happens if some big emotional triggers come up for me?

This is totally normal and in many ways we want those triggers to come up. Change can’t happen without first feeling the discomfort, or pull to something new. Just know that I will always be there to help where I can and if it falls outside of my areas of expertise, I will recommend you work with a dedicated Sex Therapist.

Is there a community space or content to work through?

No, there is no community space, or course work for you to complete. I may add simple tasks for you to do for ‘homework’ but I don’t want to overwhelm you and add to your already busy schedule. You will all get access to a training suite, which contains videos, information, journalling prompts, EFT scripts and meditations too. Each time I add to the programme, you will get the upgraded content.

Can I attend if I’m single?

YES! What better way to attract the kind of relationship you truly deserve, than releasing all the shackles and binds of the past. Just imagine how lucky your new partner is going to feel when they experience your awakened sexuality!

Do people only attend this programme once?

This is not a ‘one and done’ topic. Often our healing happens in layers because to heal everything at once would be very overwhelming. You may find that you wish to repeat the programme to go even deeper, layer by layer. Doing breathwork regularly is something I always recommend and commit to myself, even if it’s just about feeling calm, centred and present. If you choose to repeat the programme you can do so at a special alumni price!

Is there a self-study option?

Yes there is. If you prefer to work through the content at your own speed there is a self-study option. Please note, this will not include access to the live calls or the replays, so you won’t get the benefit of breathwork. This also excludes the bonus sign up gift, although within the self-study programme, I do share the best place to buy it!


Oh my...yes there is!

Only the greatest sign-up bonus that there’s ever been in the whole history of the world… that’s how good this toy is! For the price of your investment, you’ll receive the programme and the ROMP Rose. This revolutionary toy has been designed to take your pleasure to new heights and it’s the perfect companion as you awaken your sexuality. Whether used alone, or with your partner, the unique Pleasure Air Technology delivers an unmatched sensation by using waves of air pressure. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. If you already have one of these amazing toys, then just let me know when you sign up and I’ll substitute it for another beautiful gift.

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