A woman with her eyes closed, surrounded by glowing purple energy radiating from her head, resembling an electrified aura in a dark background, visualizing complex online education courses.

Written for sensitive and empathic woman who are over 40 and ready for fun, play, pleasure and connection.
Release the energy of past lovers and sexual experiences. Release any guilt and shame over enjoying sex. Allow yourself to receive and feel pleasure. Connect with your divine feminine energy and bring your desires to life.

A close-up of a person's hands performing an eft tapping sequence on their fingers, wearing a purple t-shirt, with the label "eft/tapping library", designed for educational courses.

Your library of over 250 EFT/Tapping scripts for use in every area of your life. Mindset, money, health, happiness and more.

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Self-Care For The Sensitive Soul

The perfect course for sensitive and empathic women who have put others first for too long. You know you’re a sensitive soul and at times this impacts your confidence, self-belief and your ability to speak up. You have weak (or non existant) boundaries and people tend to walk all over you. This course will help you to understand and embody the self-care that you need.

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Manifest More Money with EFT/Tapping

Master your money mindset with this EFT/Tapping course. Full of content, over 35 videos and journalling prompts to help you explore what’s holding you back.


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