What my clients say about me…

Self Care for Sensitive Souls
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Marie has been my mental-health and self-care angel and coach for over 5 years and has been brought in to also coach some of my employees in recent years. She is a fabulous listener, has great intuition and empathy and a wonderful box of tools she can draw from. The topics I bring to our sessions range from professional, personal and family and I always leave with new perspectives, ideas and actions and feeling energised. (Anonymous)
Through these sessions we really hit the nail on the head of what had been eluding me for years. I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's obviously shifted something as my income has jumped since having these sessions too. You can trust Marie to help you deal with whatever crap is holding you back, her manner is so comforting and her voice is so soothing, plus she really goes the extra mile. Hands down the best, most transformational inner work I've ever done (and that's saying something). I wholeheartedly recommend Marie to everyone." (Sophie Le Brozec)
I can't ever imagine a time where I wouldn't work with Marie in some way as the impact she has is unrivalled. We've worked through many issues that have been deeply personal for me and have felt vulnerable sharing yet Marie always makes you feel safe and supported. I trust her immensely and am beyond grateful for the support she's given me for the last 4 years. (Rebecca Hawkes)
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Hannah Gold

Author of The Last Bear, The Lost Whale and Finding Bear

“I found Marie at the perfect time and when we met I knew immediately that she was ‘The One.’ I had long since cherished dreams to become a successful author, but, frustratingly, always seemed to get close but never close enough and I was filled with doubt whether I could ever BE the author I had long dreamed of being. Was it really possible that I could live the life of my dreams?

What Marie did, at first through a group programme and then in a series of 1:1 sessions, was to identify my non-supportive beliefs and strip back everything which was getting in the way. We then focussed on my book dreams and the feeling of stepping into my power and becoming successful on a huge scale. With Marie’s caring approach, energy alignments and deep mindset support, I not only found the agent of my dreams but I also landed a 6-figure deal with a major publisher very soon after. Dreams really DO come true. I whole-heartedly recommend Marie – especially if its life-changing, mind-blowing results you want”.

Deborah Croft

CEO Thriving Talent

“My monthly sessions with Marie keep me grounded and more intentional about prioritising my self-care. Marie’s curiosity and care quickly starts unpicking what may be causing stress. She brings you many “aha” moments by articulating the thoughts/beliefs she hears, with great clarity. I truly appreciate how she brings all her skills and wisdom to the session, whether it is talk therapy, healing or breathing. There are times when I have no burning issue/challenge yet I have full faith that it is worth me being in the session, as it is always hugely worthwhile.

In our company culture, everyone’s well being is so important to us as CEOs. During various life events of our team, we have suggested they work with Marie – we know they could not be in better hands and every time, they also truly appreciate what she brings to them.

Finally, Marie’s generosity – after each session, she takes time and attention to summarise the session, share ideas, resources and will hold you accountable if you so wish. In addition, she will share a recording of any healing as well as access to an incredible library of recordings. As such, you are supported post the session too and she truly cares. Full of respect for and appreciation of Marie and her work. Cannot recommend her highly enough”.

Michelle Meyer

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

“I have been working with Marie in several different capacities and she has been an integral part of my healing. I will never forget my first breathwork session, I had never experienced anything like it!  Marie is so intuitive and can get to the root of problems that help to accelerate your healing.  I have had some of my deepest healing since working with her.  She has a way to put you at ease and walk you through whatever you are dealing with.  I can also say that I have had some of the biggest personal and professional shifts since working with her.  I wanted to own my business for a long time and made several attempts but now I am living my dream of having my own practice! I cannot thank Marie enough for all her help, healing and support”.

Holly Higgins

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Practitioner (RTT)

“I connected with Marie when I was going through an extremely rough time. My business had flat-lined, I was untangling myself from a toxic relationship, and I wasn’t feeling like myself. I knew I was capable of so much more, but I felt absolutely stuck. Private coaching with Marie helped me create stronger energetic boundaries, release what was no longer serving me, and step into my full potential. I’ve also been able to take some courageous risks in my business: I started a podcast and decided to completely change the direction of my work. Prior to working with Marie, I was so caught up in fears of “what everyone would think” — not any more! Now I’m in total alignment with my work, life feels easy again, and I’m so excited about the future. The coming months are shaping up to be fulfilling, fun, and abundant. Marie is my go-to guide for busting past stubborn blocks. I’ve also done her wonderful group programs, but investing in her presence as a private coach has been pivotal for my growth. If you’re thinking about working with her, know this: you have absolutely no idea how good life is about to get. I’m so excited for you”.

Alice Rizzi

Founder of Together Mindful LLC

“I have been working with Marie for nearly 2 years. She has supported me through business and personal transitions and has been kind, compassionate, and patient. She has been my life coach, healer, business consultant, relationship coach, and many things in between. She is a master of holding space and making you feel seen, cared for, and valued. Marie has been one of the most supportive and validating people in my life and I am so grateful to be able to continue meeting with her.”

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Tiny Cleary


“I find it hard to put into words just how amazing Marie is. She is genuine, gentle, professional, full of wisdom, kind, giving, beautiful inside and out, real. Marie practices what she teaches. Sometimes I think ‘what would Marie do?’ Marie is gifted in the fact that she also gives solid business advice too which is aligned to your believes and values.

Marie is a calming influence and no matter what you tell her, you do not feel judged. Marie listens and gently guides you to place you want to be at. I love how Marie runs her business in alignment with her life, values and family and am very inspired by this. Meeting Marie has been an honour and life changing”.

Dipti Solanki

Grief Coach

“Working with Marie for me has been nothing short of life changing. I do not say this lightly. I always knew I had a deep longing to do the work I do, it was my purpose. The only thing was I was riddled with self doubt and a lot of negative self talk. My husband and I call Marie the ‘angel lady’. She has helped me to clear so much, she is compassionate and totally in alignment with everything that is love. My business, my relationships, my health are all on an upward trajectory because of this wonderful lady. I see things so differently now and she has truly helped me see how everything can change in the blink of an eye when you are supported by the right people. I have also had the privilege of meeting Marie in person, even more mind blowing. Thank you Marie for all you have done for me, EFT, healing, guidance and all the clarity you have helped me find.”

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Anna Cook


“Marie came into my life at a time where I thought I was unravelling and my world falling apart. In a safe, kind and gentle way she has helped me face my fears, anxieties and idiosyncrasies, to better accept myself and grow as an individual. In addition to being a particularly skilled listener, who systematically hits the hidden nail on the head to shed light on dark situations, she has introduced me to breathwork, hypnotherapy, EFT/Tapping and other techniques that have become part of my life hacks. Our work is ongoing 2 years on and our sessions are always something I look forward to, as life continues to deal its new challenges to face and stand up to. Marie is a guardian angel for me, and I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed”.


Dr Gokce Bulgan

Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology

“Marie is an unbelievably kind, compassionate, and generous person who truly wants the best for you. You feel very comfortable and soothed in her presence. She has a gentle way of talking about difficult issues that makes you feel understood and accepted. Both through the private sessions, her group programs and her membership, she has helped me feel lighter, stronger, and more open to new opportunities. I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life and would highly recommend working with her when you have the chance.”

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Abigail Webber

Author & University Lecturer

“I hate clichés. Testimonials always say things like ‘So-and-so changed my life. Awesome experience.’ etc etc. And they’re all genuinely meant but feel like hyperbole. I wanted to write something heartfelt, and without cliché, but …There is NO hyperbole when describing Marie Houlden and her work. She truly is a powerful force, with the ability to change lives. I’ve worked with her one-to-one and in her programmes and she has helped me to turn lifelong fears and doubts upside down. So be in no doubt, this is no exaggeration: Marie truly is a life-changing force who creates phenomenal, lasting change.”

Lauren Geersten

Body Connection Coach & Author

“Working with Marie has been, in a word, transformative. She is an empathetic, intuitive, and supportive practitioner. I did three private sessions in three weeks, and was stunned at the shifts I experienced. Specifically, my creativity flowed more easily and I had beautiful clarity about important aspects in my life. I recommend her 100%”.

Lydia Shatney

Health Coach

“When I first started working with Marie I was in a deep dark funk. I was unmotivated due to depression because I was not feeling fulfilled in my life. Our first session opened me up in a way I could not have anticipated. I felt ease talking to Marie and sharing very personal details of my life. She was very warm, caring, accepting and intuitive. She guided me through an EFT script around some really painful things in my life that quite frankly I was a little nervous to work through. The result was rather surprising to me and it ended up feeling very easy and freeing. I quickly realized the value of talking through my emotions, learning to accept how I felt about things and choosing to be gentle with myself and sit with those emotions while also working to release them so I could progress forward in areas of my life that were hindered or blocked because of them. I never once felt judged, I never once felt like I was lame rather I always felt liberated by digging deeper into my emotions and mindsets to clear the ‘clutter’ and release the toxicity they held so I could move towards my vision and goals of things I wanted. Marie is a trusting guide who helped me feel safe while also held me to move towards my vision in a way that never felt over-whelming. I so appreciate her support through EFT sessions and feel very much empowered now more so than ever to step into my true self and serve my clients more effectively”.


Tasmin Crimmens

Somatic Coach

“I sought Marie out because I wanted to grow by business and I knew I had some limiting beliefs about money. Over 6 beautiful months, I was supported by Marie to delve into stories I had no idea were connected to my money blocks, and move past them, gently and kindly. Marie has a genuine gift for feeling into what is going unsaid and lies beneath the surface, which helps get to the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck. She is incredibly insightful and warm, and I felt at ease from our very first session – I knew I was in safe hands. As a result of working with Marie, so much has changed for me. I have never felt safer or more stable and, because of this, I have been able to invite in opportunities and relationships that truly serve me. At the core of so many of my struggles was a deep feeling of unworthiness. Releasing that energy and opening up to abundance means I’ve met a new partner, am more at ease showing up as my true self in my business, and have increased my prices so they are a truer reflection of their value. I would highly recommend working with Marie, whether you’re a sensitive entrepreneur or not”.

Emily Criswell

Author & Founder of Recipes to Nourish

“Marie is truly amazing! I immediately felt comfortable with her because she’s so warm, kind and caring. She offered a safe space for me to work through some old blocks that I was having a hard time letting go of. She is so intuitive, skilled and incredibly gifted at what she does. During sessions she helped bring words to things I couldn’t say or wasn’t fully aware. I had lots of “yes, that’s it!” moments … she truly helps you dig deeper and bring out those deep rooted blocks. These sessions helped me focus on areas I had no idea needed work, especially around forgiveness and letting go of things that have been holding me back. After sessions I always felt this rush of happiness, energy boost and overall peace. Marie has been such a blessing and I look forward to getting to work with her more in the future whenever I’m feeling stuck or have any blocks come up”.

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