Author of The Last Bear, The Lost Whale and Finding Bear

“I found Marie at the perfect time and when we met I knew immediately that she was ‘The One.’ I had long since cherished dreams to become a successful author, but, frustratingly, always seemed to get close but never close enough and I was filled with doubt whether I could ever BE the author I had long dreamed of being. Was it really possible that I could live the life of my dreams?

What Marie did, at first through a group programme and then in a series of 1:1 sessions, was to identify my non-supportive beliefs and strip back everything which was getting in the way. We then focussed on my book dreams and the feeling of stepping into my power and becoming successful on a huge scale. With Marie’s caring approach, energy alignments and deep mindset support, I not only found the agent of my dreams but I also landed a 6-figure deal with a major publisher very soon after. Dreams really DO come true. I whole-heartedly recommend Marie – especially if its life-changing, mind-blowing results you want”.

CEO Thriving Talent

“My monthly sessions with Marie keep me grounded and more intentional about prioritising my self-care. Marie’s curiosity and care quickly starts unpicking what may be causing stress. She brings you many “aha” moments by articulating the thoughts/beliefs she hears, with great clarity. I truly appreciate how she brings all her skills and wisdom to the session, whether it is talk therapy, healing or breathing. There are times when I have no burning issue/challenge yet I have full faith that it is worth me being in the session, as it is always hugely worthwhile.

In our company culture, everyone’s well being is so important to us as CEOs. During various life events of our team, we have suggested they work with Marie – we know they could not be in better hands and every time, they also truly appreciate what she brings to them.

Finally, Marie’s generosity – after each session, she takes time and attention to summarise the session, share ideas, resources and will hold you accountable if you so wish. In addition, she will share a recording of any healing as well as access to an incredible library of recordings. As such, you are supported post the session too and she truly cares. Full of respect for and appreciation of Marie and her work. Cannot recommend her highly enough”.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 

“I have been working with Marie in several different capacities and she has been an integral part of my healing. I will never forget my first breathwork session, I had never experienced anything like it!  Marie is so intuitive and can get to the root of problems that help to accelerate your healing.  I have had some of my deepest healing since working with her.  She has a way to put you at ease and walk you through whatever you are dealing with.  I can also say that I have had some of the biggest personal and professional shifts since working with her.  I wanted to own my business for a long time and made several attempts but now I am living my dream of having my own practice! I cannot thank Marie enough for all her help, healing and support”.