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In 'I Choose To Be Happy’, Marie Houlden shares what it means to choose happiness and how to fall in love with your life again.


About The Process

The book contains a mixture of theory and exercises for you to complete, so you can actually take the information and apply it to your life and your emotions now. This is more than a quick read, this is a book that if you let it, will transform how you think, the choices you make and ultimately the life you choose to create.


Real Life Examples

Everything she shares in the book is tried and tested in her own life and amongst her clients. Throughout the book she shares these examples with you, so that you can see for yourself that transformation is possible when you change your mindset and you finally believe in yourself.


Who’s it for?

This book is for you, if you want more from your life. You’re tired of waking up each day and asking yourself if this is really it and all that you have to be excited about.
Marie has created a beautiful companion guide to the healing and energy work she offers her clients. This book is a fabulous introduction to her work, but also a wonderful source of knowledge and insight all on its own. Laced with wisdom, warmth and gentle encouragement this is the perfect guide to any transformation work you wish to do. (Hannah Gold)
I highly recommend this book. It is really useful if you are looking to make significant positive changes in your life. The exercises in the book are so useful in challenging your thoughts and feelings to help you get clear on what it is that makes you happy and how you want to live. (Kelly Hailes)
Wow, what a thought provoking book. Definitely not a book to be rushed through. Personally, some of the content and questions were quite confronting for me; it made me face things that I had previously overlooked and chosen not to deal with. I didn’t realise how much I was holding onto the past and old emotions; it was an eye opener for sure. The exercises in each chapter helped to give me more clarity on how I was really feeling and it highlighted the thinking and actions that were hindering me from really being happy. Since reading this book and implementing some of the practical tips, I have more self awareness, I feel more calm and relaxed and I do feel happier with my life. (Serena Judges)
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Marie has worked with hundreds of people in thousands of sessions and workshops and has seen how the impact of believing in yourself, thinking differently and choosing to be happy impacts how you feel about yourself and about your life. It’s the difference between surviving each day and loving each day. 
“You deserve to be happy and to live a life you love. It’s time to stop settling for less than what you really want and choosing the easy path over love, joy, happiness, passion, self expression, adventure, freedom, peace and inner calm. It’s time to make yourself a priority in your own life and become your own best friend… so let’s do this together, you and I, walking side by side as you create a life you love and as you choose to be happy”. (Marie Houlden)
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Marie Houlden

Intuitive Energy Healer


Get in contact

If you have any questions about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey. Use the form below, or contact me here – hello@mariehoulden.com
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