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I’m Marie - an Intuitive Energy Healer for Highly Sensitive Souls and I help you to embody self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief. Over the last 14 years I have trained in many healing modalities and I use all of these, plus a wealth of knowledge and life experience to support you in your healing. To give you an idea of what's in my 'tool bag' - Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, EFT/Tapping, Kinesiology, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Transformational Bodywork (Multi Dimensional Healing), Strategic Intervention Coaching. AND... I've just completed a year of Trauma Training with Gabor Mate, which allows me to work on trauma related issues with people. My work and sessions are completely unique as I blend healing modalities to provide clients with exactly what they need in the moment.

I've always been a sensitive soul and I grew up thinking that everyone experienced the world in the way I did. When I realised that I was highly sensitive, very intuitive and an empath, it was quite an eye opener. I finally understood that other people don't feel energy and emotions in the same way as me, which explained so much. These unique gifts allow me to support clients, as we get to the root causes of their struggles, because I can feel when we're dancing around things and when they’re not being honest with themselves. The other advantage of being an empath and highly intuitive, is that I can feel their energy and emotions within my own body, which means I have a deeper level of understanding of what they’re holding onto and how this is impacting them.
"Healing starts with you. When you’re ready, the right guide will always appear".
My Own Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, I have not always put myself first or focused on my own needs enough. I was the classic people pleaser and just wanted to ensure everyone else was happy. I wouldn’t speak up and ask for what I needed, I avoided conflict like the plague, my boundaries were awful and I worked myself to the point of burn out and total exhaustion. I wasn’t fully present in my own life, happiness happened in fleeting moments only and I had no idea who I was; I was simply surviving. When I decided that enough was enough, I committed 100% to self-care and accepting who I was and what I needed. It was a total game changer and now in my 40’s I’m happier, healthier and more aligned than ever.

Without doubt, I know my calling is to help others understand the deeper desires of their soul; to believe in themselves, to accept themselves and live a life of meaning. I’m fully committed to my own self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief, because I want to lead by example. I’m on a continual path of development, learning, healing and growth and I’m always bringing this knowledge and skills to my clients. If you’re someone who needs a good listener and a safe space to really embrace your true feelings; AND you need someone to believe in you as you learn to trust and believe in yourself again, then you’ve found the right person.

More about me

I’m a lover of dog/puppies and you’ll often find me out walking in nature, the more trees the better. I’m one of those rare people who looks forward to and loves the gym and lifting weights; feeling healthy and full of vitality is important to me. I adore strong coffee with a lovely slice of cake, or a sticky pastry. I’m always open to deep and meaningful conversations where we can talk about everything and anything; I want to talk about things of meaning and substance, so tend to avoid chit chat and small talk. Finally, I do enjoy some kitchen dancing with a glass of wine and cheesy music.

I’m mum to Hannah, Joshua and Evie the Mali x Springer and I’m always sharing photos of her. My children have reached an age where having photos taken is not cool, so there are hundreds of photos of Evie on my phone. I live in the seaside town of Bournemouth. While I have the beach only 10 minutes away, I’m actually rarely there. I’m a trees and forest kinda girl through and through. That’s when I feel like I can breathe, it’s when I ground and it’s when I most feel like myself. While I do enjoy a 5 star hotel in the sunshine with my every need catered for, I also enjoy lodges in the forest where you barely see another soul for days on end.

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If you have any questions about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey. Use the form below, or contact me here –

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