Sacred Self-Care Container

Stressed, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed… life has lost it’s joy and all you do is juggle your responsibilities and commitments and tick off another day. Self-care is not even on your list, because while you know you need it, you have no idea where to even begin or what it even means for you.

With this sacred self care container, I will help you to embody more self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief, so that you can finally start living the life you truly desire. It’s time to reconnect with yourself and experience more joy, fun and alignment.

Does this sound like you? If so, then my private sessions are perfect for you

You Feel Alone
You're often misunderstood and you feel unable to speak your truth freely; you just don’t believe that people will really understand your feelings or what you’re experiencing. You need to find a way of running your life that works for you and honours your energy and sensitivity.
Worried about burnout
People describe you as being super efficient and independent, and while that’s true it’s taking it’s toll on you. You choose to be like this because you simply don’t trust others enough. It’s exhausting and draining and you just wish there was someone to lean on and support you.
Too Much Responsibility
You’re holding onto all this responsibility for others. People have all these expectations of you and it’s hard to let them down. You hold space for other people and their emotions constantly, but you don’t have a source of support for you. You tell yourself that you’re fine, but in truth you would like someone to listen to you, support you and consider what you want and need.
Life seems to be about getting things done, having endless plans in place, fixing things, sorting things and you have a strong need to be in control of what’s happening in the future. You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm; unsure where to start or what to focus on first. You just want some clarity and direction and you’re craving alone time.
Playing Small
You want to feel confidence in your abilities and believe in yourself and what’s possible for your life. You’re fed up of doubting yourself and playing small because of this. You’re holding yourself back from sharing your gifts, truth and message with the world, because the fear of judgement, rejection, criticism and ridicule consumes you.
You avoid change, risk and opportunities for growth and learning. This often leads to procrastination, sabotage and upper limiting. Even though you feel worthy and ready for more, a part of you is scared about what change could bring.

Working together we will...

Master your mind

In order to move forward with ease, we need to release the things from our past that have held us back; limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, low self esteem, fear, the need to control, old patterns of behaviour and the attachment to certain outcomes. I’ll help you to gain clarity over the past and use this understanding to create new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

Clear energy in your body

Deep energy healing takes place in these sessions, allowing you to constantly expand your life and ability to receive. We’ll be releasing the energy that no longer serves you and that keeps you connected to a past you’ve outgrown. Energetics play a huge part in our healing journey and exciting things happen with you open up to divine energy.

Consistent action & alignment

You must take conscious aligned action, or nothing will ever change; it’s the fundamental part of receiving. With my support and accountability you’ll move towards how you really want to feel and what you want life to look like. We’ll deal with any bumps in the road together.


ABOUT MEMarie Houlden

Intuitive Energy Healer

I am highly sensitive and an empath, so I literally feel your emotional and energetic blocks in my own body. It means I can help you shift not only the conscious blocks getting in your way, but also those sneaky things hiding beneath the surface. I know that more is possible for you and that you can create a life you love, if you just choose to focus on you and your self-care.

When I finally committed to myself, everything changed. I had always thought that focusing on me was selfish, now I see that it was the most loving and powerful thing I could do for those that choose to be in my world. If you would like to know more about me, then please click here.

Marie has been my mental-health and self-care angel and coach for over 5 years and has been brought in to also coach some of my employees in recent years. She is a fabulous listener, has great intuition and empathy and a wonderful box of tools she can draw from. The topics I bring to our sessions range from professional, personal and family and I always leave with new perspectives, ideas and actions and feeling energised.
Marie came into my life at a time where I thought I was unravelling and my world falling apart. In a safe, kind and gentle way she has helped me face my fears, anxieties and idiosyncrasies, to better accept myself and grow as an individual. In addition to being a particularly skilled listener, who systematically hits the hidden nail on the head to shed light on dark situations, she has introduced me to breathwork, hypno, EFT tapping and other techniques that have become part of my life hacks. Our work is ongoing 2 years on and our sessions are always something I look forward to, as life continues to deal its new challenges to face and stand up to. Marie is a guardian angel for me, and I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed.
"I have been working with Marie for nearly 2 years. She has supported me through business and personal transitions and has been kind, compassionate, and patient. She has been my life coach, healer, business consultant, relationship coach, and many things in between. She is a master of holding space and making you feel seen, cared for, and valued. Marie has been one of the most supportive and validating people in my life and I am so grateful to be able to continue meeting with her."
Alice Rizzi
Founder of Together Mindful
Remember – only you can make the changes necessary to have the life you truly deserve and desire. Throughout our time together, I’m in your corner and I will always believe in you; but you have to be 100% committed to yourself. Those who are fully committed get AMAZING results!

What's Included & Your Investment

Monthly or Bi Weekly Sessions

Each session is unique and we can talk about whatever is present for you, as well as the things that have brought you to this point! Each call is 90 minutes and we will agree together the modality that you need. Sometimes the space to be heard and process your thinking is all that you need, other times you might want to use something from my healing took kit.


After each session you will receive detailed notes of our time together and any agreed actions. I will hold you accountable and check in with you so that you move closer to your goals. You can choose to receive a weekly email from me, or have more regular check in’s via Whats App.


After each session you will have a recording of the call, which may include EFT scripts, a hypnosis audio, a breathwork session, or a meditation infused with energy healing. You will also have access to a library of over 250 EFT scripts and an open invite to attend my self-care breathwork classes.


What to expect after working with me

You'll feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely; attracting more happiness, health, wealth and love into your life. You'll know who you are and what you need to experience joy and to be connected to yourself fully. You'll start to put yourself and your needs first; you'll take the time you need for self care, so that you can feel connected to yourself and your own truth again. Your intuition will be heightened, so you begin to trust yourself and your decisions again. It will feel safe to speak up and to lovingly assert your boundaries; all the people pleasing can now stop. Your relationships will thrive and will be much more fulfilling and healthy. Perfectionism and over achievement will be a thing of the past; you’ll finally believe in yourself and what you're capable of.

Get in contact

If you have any questions about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey. Use the form below, or contact me here –