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I feel stuck and unable to move forward

August 16, 2017 By 0 Comments

I hear the words ‘I feel stuck’, so much at the moment…. strong independent women who feel like they are walking through treacle just to survive each day and week. Everything takes such effort and they’re tired, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

These amazing woman, who are just like you, know that they were meant for more than the life they are living, but they’re unsure how to move forward and what even needs to change so that they can find that light within themselves again. They have lost their confidence and belief and keep wondering if ‘more’ is even possible for them.

I know it’s hard to feel this way; disconnected from yourself, unsure about the next step, questioning everything and trying to make sense of why everything has happened to you. You’re fed up of staring at a stranger in the mirror, wondering where your spark and passion went. You no longer recognise yourself and it hurts.

You tell yourself that life was easier when you were younger and free, no commitments, no kids, no responsibilities, no one telling you what to do or be…. the thing is, life wasn’t easier, it was just different and you’ve probably forgotten all the challenges and frustrations that you had to deal with. Part of growing and changing, is facing the new challenges that come your way. If everything is easy and comfortable, then chances are you’re not stretching yourself and truly growing and evolving.

I know you were meant for more and I know you crave more… it’s why you’re reading this and why you need to watch my latest EFT video. You have wasted too much energy being confused, lacking clarity and being stuck, it’s time to get your life moving again.

To move forward you have to be ready to commit to yourself, to go all in and do the deeper exploration work, the healing and then to take action. No one can change your life for you, so ask yourself how much you really want what you say you want! Anything less than 100% and you’ll fail, because there will always be an excuse not to do the work and show up. It will always be easier to do something you have always done…. it’s why your life looks this way. You have to be prepared to do what most people won’t, to go that extra mile because as the L’Oreal adverts says.. You’re worth it!

So what do you want?

Do you even know?

Being stuck tells me that life is not working out as you imagined. It has not met your expectations and so you’re suffering… so what needs to change?

Do you crave more freedom, love, passion, fun, choice, money, like minded friends, travel… what makes you come alive? What is it that will open your heart again?

Most people will never address this feeling or the emptiness in their life. Instead they will spend a life time running from how they feel, moaning and complaining, or trying to justify to themselves why they should be grateful. This does not have to be you.

Watch the EFT video and as always, see what it brings up for you. It will help you to see where you are most unhappy, what needs to change and hopefully it will inspire you to take action. Even baby steps will eventually get you where you need to be. You just need to commit to yourself and have faith.

If you are ready to create the life you really want to live, but have held yourself back due to fear, lack of confidence and belief in yourself… then let me help you. Together we can use my special blend of EFT and Energy Work to banish negativity, self sabotage and self doubt and instead connect you to your inner most desires and brilliance. It’s time to get back that twinkle in your eye and the spring in your step. So let’s work together to create something special and something you’re proud of – click here for more information.

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Helping the empowered woman who is ready to banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage forever – time to believe in yourself and take action!

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