The ultimate online space for supporting highly sensitive people who often feel exhausted and overwhelmed. By giving you support with your mindset, energy, emotions and self care, you'll have self belief, inner confidence and all the energy you need to live a life on your terms.

We all know how important emotional well-being, mindset, alignment and self belief is when it comes to creating a life and business that you love. But being sensitive or an empath, it can add an extra layer of complexity to things. Not only are we hyper aware, but we often make decisions and act based on unhealed trauma; which most people just don’t understand. We’re told to ‘just get on with it’, or ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Dealing with this alone can be exhausting  – we can question ourselves constantly, thinking there’s something wrong with us andwondering why we’re still dealing with the same old stories and resistance.

You’re scared to step out of the shadows and share your gifts, truth and message with the world…. because the fear of judgement, rejection, criticism and ridicule consumes you. At times you have felt so alone and misunderstood by those closest to you. Right now you crave the genuine support of people who will hold your emotions safe and be your biggest cheerleaders.

You also know that you need to find a way of running your life and business that works for you and honours your energy and sensitivity, because you value balance, self care and your emotional well being.

You know you’re intuitive and you often have gut feelings about people and situations, but it all feels very hit and miss. If you identify with being an empath, you often find the emotions and energy of others extremely loud… almost like an assault on your own body and you know you need to have better energetic boundaries.

Plus you’re tired of people trying to take advantage of you and not respecting or valuing you enough. You know you’re part of the problem (because you don’t assert your boundaries), but you’re struggling with how to deal with these toxic people and to speak up.

I know that anxiety, overwhelm, fear and doubt is a normal part of your day and you’re ready to feel calm, at peace, present in the moment and just be in flow with life again… trusting that everything is happening for you and at the perfect moment!

Plus, the thought of not making enough money or having consistent income that you can rely on is terrifying and you know it’s dictating your choices. You need stability, security and safety to truly thrive!

You have spent years at the mercy of others and their energy, emotions and expectations and you’re ready to take back your power and remember who you are again. This membership will give you a better understanding of being an HSP/EMPATH, how to avoid toxic relationships and assert boundaries, work with and strengthen and master your own energy, release negative emotions and of course how to understand and work with your intuition.

I know that you want to find true alignment too. You’re ready to create a life and business that works for you and which is sustainable in the long term, honouring your energy, your body and our intuition. You often know what you need to do, you’re just choosing not to do it. The self doubt has kicked in and fear has taken over.

Overwhelm, anxiety and procrastination are common companions and your emotional and physical energy is low. At times you question if you really want change and if it’s worth all the hassle….your inner voice is telling you to choose the path you know, to not rock the boat and to accept what you already have. Once you remove the emotional and energetic blocks in your way, I believe you can have the mindset that ensures:

You’ll have the perfect work life balance – putting your family and loved ones first, prioritising self care and avoiding burnout forever. Being in alignment with yourself will make it easy for you to live life on your terms and to be open to more money, abundance, success, opportunists and the perfect people for you. It will feel easy. You’ll be doing what you love, in a way that works for you, with people who value and respect you.

You’ll understand and trust your own intuition, being clear on how to connect with yourself and your true desires more deeply. You will be making empowered choices in your life and business, knowing that life is supporting you. You’ll enjoy each moment of your life, feeling more present and centred. You’ll have a deep sense of calm about everything that is happening in your life, because you finally trust

You’ll release self doubt and feel confident to speak your truth, share your story and message and show people who you really are – time to be visible and step into your calling and bigger mission, because the world has been waiting long enough. You’ll released toxic people from your life, set loving boundaries and you’ll be confident to own what you want and need. When it comes to your sensitivity, you’ll finally know it’s a gift.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your own energy field and how to know if what you’re feeling is yours, or belongs to another. You’ll know how to master your energy and to make the most loving choices for you. You’ll understand how to identify and release energy that’s not yours and to finally do everything in a way that honours your sensitivity. Plus, you’ll feel ready (and supported) to do the inner healing, because you’re in a safe and supportive community with like minded souls.

‘My Healing Membership is a place for you to feel emotionally safe as you navigate the challenges of being sensitive, or being an empath and wanting to live a more aligned and spiritual life. It brings everything together for creating and living an aligned life, where you embrace and honour your sensitivity. It’s a place for women to feel safe, heard and accepted for who they are. With the support of me and other like minded souls, I want you to remember who you really are and decide that it’s time to step out of the shadows and be seen. It’s time to share your gifts and talents, your message and your story, because you have something special to offer and the world needs you.

Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone

  • You often feel alone, misunderstood and unable to speak your truth freely. You know your soul is agitated to get on with it’s calling/purpose/mission and doesn’t want to be ignored any more – but how do you even begin to explain that to others!
  • You know that tough decisions and choices needs to be made and even though you’re scared, your commitment to your calling is so strong you’re willing to do whatever is necessary.
  • You’re prepared to take action and say goodbye to procrastination, because quite frankly your BS excuses are being to bore even you.
  • You want to feel confidence in speaking your truth and expressing what you want and need. You’re fed up of caving in, or backing down on the things that matter to you. You’ve been impacted by other people and their energy, emotions and demands for years and you’re ready to put yourself first for a change.
  • You struggle to believe that the dream life is possible for you – others yes, but you no! You’ve convinced yourself that you’ve missed your opportunity and you’re too far behind to catch up.
  • Negative thinking and self doubt always sets in after you begin to take action and you find yourself back at square one – you’re self sabotaging and upper limiting.
  • You would love to open up to your gifts and use them without feeling overwhelmed or feeling fear. You want to understand and develop your intuition, which you know will help you to make better decisions.
  • You want to feel connected to yourself and completely in flow with life, trusting that everything is happening in the perfect way at the perfect time for you.
  • You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm, unsure where to start or what to focus on first. Everyone has an opinion and you’ve forgotten how to listen to your intuition.
  • As a sensitive soul you need to do things differently in your business, but you’re judging yourself for being lazy and not doing as much as others.
  • You are struggling with anxiety and living in constant fear of not having enough and worrying about how to make more. It’s exhausting and it’s beginning to affect your health.
  • You’re stuck at a certain income level, no matter what you do and you crave consistent reliable income. Without this you’re in a constant state of anxiety and it’s constricting your energy.
  • You see how other people are running their businesses and making money and you feel all this pressure to follow the same strategies and all the expert advice, but you know in your heart this is not what you want. You crave simplicity and just want to serve your clients and community.
  • You’re not setting boundaries in your business, or in your personal life and it’s becoming exhausting. People are walking all over you and you’re feeling resentful.
  • You find that people often open up to you and share extremely personal things with you, saying things like ‘ I’ve never shared that with anyone’ OR ‘I’ve no idea why I’m telling you this’. They will say they feel much better after talking to you – chances are you feel drained and exhausted
  • You can literally feel the emotions, aches and pains of those around you.


'My Healing Membership' is just a magical, wonderful, and welcoming space!

"The community is so supportive and Marie holds space for us so well. The calls are incredible and I always feel a huge shift in my energy afterwards. I am new to energy work and honestly, there is still a lot I am learning but I can tell you it works. It's had a huge impact on my life in terms of my mental health and helping me to move my business forward. Marie deeply cares about what she does and makes each and every one of us in the membership feel so welcomed and taken care of - which is a real skill in a virtual space! She is just a deeply genuine and caring human and I feel hugely grateful that she came into my life. I can’t recommend 'My Healing Membership' and Marie enough". (Hannah - Founder of Digital Nourishment)

Hannah Flores

Authentic Marketing Strategist

"Marie is an unbelievably kind, compassionate, and generous person who truly wants the best for you. You feel very comfortable and soothed in her presence. She has a gentle way of talking about difficult issues that makes you feel understood and accepted. Both through the private sessions, her group programs and her membership, she has helped me feel lighter, stronger, and more open to new opportunities. I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life and would highly recommend working with her when you have the chance." (Dr Gokce Bulgan )

Gokce Bulgan – Helping you to live a happier life!

"Since working with Marie I have experienced so many positive shifts in my mindset and what I believe is possible for myself. I feel so grateful to have met her and to have found this wonderful, supportive group of women. With the group Marie has created a beautiful, safe space where like minded women are able to identify, share and work through their blocks and limiting beliefs in order to realize their true potential. There is so much useful content to work through and it has helped me to identify where I am blocking myself from moving forward in my business.

Marie uses a powerful combination of EFT and meditation with energy healing which work so well together. She  is amazingly intuitive and has the ability to tune into your energy and produce a tapping script that has always been exactly what I needed at the time and has helped me to get to the root cause of my limiting belief and shift my energy around it. The live sessions are great and I have learned so much from the other ladies in the group as you often find that you uncover blocks that you were not consciously aware of, whilst tapping along with someone else’s script.

I think one of the reasons that I have always felt so completely at ease when working with Marie is her understanding of my sensitivity and what it means to be highly sensitive.  I can easily feel overwhelmed and this has especially been the case whilst starting up my business but Marie has really helped me to make sense of my sensitivity. I have come to understand the importance of self care and setting boundaries and she has helped me to embrace my sensitivity and see it as a gift.

I highly recommend 'My Healing Membership' to anyone who wants to identify and shift their limiting beliefs, develop a more positive mindset and feel completely supported in the process". (Christine Bostridge - Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist)

Christine Bostridge (Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist)

"Working with Marie has really turned my life around. As a newcomer to EFT and energy work I was unsure what to expect but Marie instantly put me at ease. Her warm and open  approach made me feel comfortable sharing very private personal trauma. By the end of the first session I already felt a lot better. The next day it was as if a miracle had occurred. I woke up with an entirely different mindset and I haven’t looked back. Follow up sessions enabled us to go deeper and deal with issues that I never thought I would overcome. The sessions also helped me manage my fibromyalgia pain which I really hadn’t expected. To say I am now a fan would be an understatement and I highly recommended Marie".

(Mandy Singleton - Positively Practical Leadership)

Mandy Singleton (Positively Practical Leadership)

Why choose to work with me?

People will often comment that they have never had EFT and Breathwork quite like that before and that’s because I am not like any other Practitioner out there. I am highly sensitive and an empath, so I literally feel your emotional and energetic blocks in my own body. It means I can help you shift not only the conscious blocks getting in your way, but also those sneaky things hiding beneath the surface. Together we can create powerful and rapid change.

As we open up your energy field to incredible abundance and opportunities – I feel your potential and connect you to it. I know that miracles can happen when we open ourselves up to the divine.

How do I know that more is possible for you and that you can live an aligned and abundant life? Because I see incredible things happen with my clients all the time, plus I have adopted all of this in my own life and made massive shifts!

I love working with people like you, it makes work fun, enjoyable and I feel your success as if it were my own. I am literally ‘happy dancing’ when you share your breakthroughs and wins… I also think that being with like-minded positive women, who are also holding space for you and celebrating your wins too, is massively important. As women, we need to be there for one another, to have that sense of belonging and have that safe and supportive space. This is a time of rising strong together.

Being able to trust yourself and to be open to your intuition and your gifts (because I believe they are!) and understanding how to work with them is crucial in creating the life you desire. Along with, consistent work on your mindset, improving your sense of self worth and taking action. This is what ‘My Healing Membership’ is all about, having a community that holds you accountable and supports you through those more challenging days, plus gives you the tools and techniques to understand yourself and reconnect with who you really are.

What’s Included:

These calls are 90 minutes each and are divided into 60 minutes of EFT and then 30 minutes for our energy work through a guided mediation. This is where my healing team really step forward and help you to clear and balance your energy and support you in bringing in more. This is more than just a nice relaxing meditation, we work at a cell level to clear deeply ingrained beliefs and emotions, stagnant energy and anything you’re carrying that doesn’t belong to you.

On each call I will work with 3 or 4 people and create a personalised script for you. Whether you attend the calls live, or watch the replay, you’ll gain massive benefit from listening to other people and tapping along. These calls are held in a safe and supportive space and will help you to feel calm, relaxed and in touch with your inner truth.

Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 11.30am UK time, 12.30pm CET, 6.30am ET

I’ll be running Breathwork classes twice a month on a Thursday @ 7.30pm UK time on a Thursday.

All of these classes are incredible at clearing old pain and trauma and helping you to step fully into your future. Breathwork has changed my life, I’ve never felt so calm, relaxed and trusting in life and because of this I believe in myself and what’s possible more than ever. I’m speaking my truth, I have clarity over what I want and what’s really important to me and I have more abundance than ever. Breathwork combined with energy healing is beyond powerful…. so buckle up!

There will be content for you to work through. It covers life, work/your business, being in alignment, using your intuition, and finally understanding your sensitivity, gifts and talents. All of these things will raise your self awareness when it comes to how aligned your are. It will get you thinking about the things that have brought you to this point and more importantly how you can re-write your future and come to trust in yourself again.

There is further support with your emotional well-being with the other self study courses which you have access to.

Each month you’ll also benefit from a master class or being able to attend my breathwork and self reflection programmes for free. Coming up we have Path To Prosperity which starts in January 2022.

We’ve already had master classes and workshops around: (REPLAYS available)

  • How to achieve more alignment in your life and business
  • Develop and work with your intuition
  • How to use EFT for yourself and create your own scripts
  • Understanding your cycle and feminine energy a little more
  • The importance of dealing with grief and how this can impact your emotional, physical and financial well being
  • How to use crystals
  • How To Create Your Own EFT/Tapping Scripts
  • Creating More Alignment
  • Benefits and uses of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

You will have access to other self study programs, which can be found in the training suite. These are all short courses with accompanying EFT videos, questions for inner reflection and some practical tools and techniques for you to use:

  • Believe in yourself & create a life you love
  • End self-sabotage and move past your upper limits
  • Tap into Health

My Healing Membership Jam packed with live calls, direct access to me and resources

£ 49 Monthly payments of £49
• Monthly payments of £49 for as long as you stay a member
• 2 x Group EFT calls a month with Energy Healing via Guided Meditations
• 2 x Group Breathwork classes every month
• Access to my EFT & Meditation Library & over 250 videos (worth over £100)
• Access to a variety of self study programmes to help
• Private training suite filled with information on alignment
intuition and being sensitive
• Accountability if you want it

Commonly asked questions

Currently the call times are as follows:

1) Mindset work, EFT scripts and Energy Healing – Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 11.30am UK time
2) Breath Work and Energy Healing – Various Thursday’s at 7.30pm UK time / 8.30pm CET /  11.30am PST / 1.30pm  CST / 6.30am Friday in Sydney AUS OR Fridays at 9.30am UK time / 10.30am CET / 4.30am ET

The calls will be recorded and you will be able to watch the replays. I’ll place links to the replays in the files section of the Facebook Group. You’ll still be included in the group energy work that takes place every week and I’ll ensure you have time before calls to set an intention for your own healing and release work.

It all depends how many people join the group. If necessary I will create a rota system. Even when you’re just watching and tapping along at home, you’ll get benefit. Other people will often have the same issues as you, or they will bring up something within you that you had not known before.

With the breathwork sessions, everyone benefits every time. You are all safe in your own little bubble at home and can release and heal whatever is present for you.

There is no set agenda or homework within ALIGN. There is a great deal of content and material, which you’re free to work through at your own pace and when it feels relevant for you. In case you’ve been following my work for a while, it will essentially bring together the content from AWAKEN, ALIGN and some mindset bits from ARISE….. everything is centered around being Sensitive and being an Empath!

No not at all.. here is a link to what EFT is and how I use it. There is also a script included about releasing the fear of being seen! You will soon wonder how you ever lived without EFT.

Breathwork is a very simple, yet powerful tool and at the start of every call I will explain everything you need to feel comfortable and safe. Most people find that after tying it once, they become addicted!

In terms of hypnosis, just think of this as a lovely relaxing meditation where you follow my voice into the depth’s of your mind!

I was taught by one of only 29 EFT masters in the world. My teacher studied for many months with the founder of EFT Gary Craig and he believed that it was important to tap on all the points that I include. Don’t forget EFT with me may feel different because I blend in more energy work than most! I’m all about aligning body, mind and soul.


  • You feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life, without so much stress and anxiety.
  • You attract more money, clients, happiness, health and love into your life, because you are now vibrating on a higher level. People and opportunities will be drawn to you.
  • Your business will be in total alignment and you’ll thrive as you face your fears and challenges and see them for what they really are and take consistent action.
  • Your intuition is heightened, so that you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions again.
  • You have clarity of thinking
    • You start to put yourself and your needs first (no more people pleasing or trying to be perfect!)… an empty lady has nothing to give, so let’s make sure you’re full first!
    • Perfectionism and over achievement is a thing of the past
    • Your relationships are much healthier and you have firm and loving boundaries.
    • You believe in yourself and what you’re capable of, finally accept all parts of yourself
    • You’re out there speaking your truth and sharing your message – knowing you deserve to be seen and heard
    • You’ll feel creative, inspired and ready to take action on your ideas

Say hello

If you have any questions about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey! Use the form below, or contact me here –