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5 ways to finally let go of the past

October 19, 2015 By 1 Comment

“One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” ( Brigitte Nicole)

I am curious, what do you struggle to let go of the most?

People, events, regrets, guilt, anger, expectations of what you thought life would look like?

For me it is without doubt people.. I know what needs to be done, but breaking that connection is hard for me.

I don’t trust easily (I wish I did) and so when I choose to have someone in my life and share those deeper and more vulnerable parts of myself, it becomes a big deal when it comes to letting them go.

Sometimes just breaking the contact is hard, I always want to believe that perhaps we could get along and that everything will be okay. I know that not everyone is meant to be with us on every step of the ‘journey’, but sometimes having a person beside you who knows you really well is very comforting!

Other times I can break contact, but I struggle to let go of the ways in which they hurt me. You know the thing where you replay the event or conversation over and over in your mind!!!! Yep done that more than a few times…

Over the years I have become better at letting go, because I have the techniques to help me, but every now and then it can and does sneak up on me.

So what about you?

Where are you holding onto the past and replaying events and reliving emotions?

Let me share 5 basic tips to help:

1)    Forgive  – if you can’t be gentle and kind to yourself for past actions and decisions, you are asking for a life of misery. We do not come here knowing all the answers, that’s what life is all about. Forgive others – know that forgiving them is not about being let off the hook, it is about choosing who you want to be in the world and knowing that you do not want to live with emotions that affect you emotionally and physically. You get to decide that your inner peace is more important!

2)    Get closure – whether this is clearing out any physical or emotional clutter, or simply putting a stake in the ground. Do whatever gives you the sense that enough is enough and you are ready to move on.

3)    Identify the benefits of staying stuck – be honest and ask yourself what benefits you get from not letting go of the past, of not forgiving and staying stuck. Perhaps you don’t have to put yourself out there and face rejection, criticism or judgement. Perhaps you enjoy complaining to your friends or family about how bad things are –  you get their undivided attention and for just a few moments the world is about you! Are you worried that change could mean losing some friends? Perhaps staying stuck means you can continue with the poor diet and you get to eat whatever you want.

4)  Look for the gift – life happens ‘for you’ not to you. When you can be grateful for the person you have become and what you now have in your life, it makes it much easier to let go of anger, hate and resentment.

5)  Use EFT or Energy Healing  – when the emotions and energy run deep, EFT/Tapping and Energy Healing have a beautiful way of moving you forward and leaving the past where it belongs – in the past!

Many people struggle with letting go, so you are not alone with this. Can you begin to imagine your life where:

• You can finally accept the past and be at peace with it
• You can let go of the people who no longer serve you
• You can let go of hurt and betrayal from those you trusted
• You can release yourself from the guilt and regret that you carry
• You can let go of your own expectations and begin to accept what is

Life can be easier, but only when you decide you are ready to let go. Why not decide that today is the day that you’re going to take back control!

Until next time!


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  1. Sonny Martinez
    December 15, 2016 Reply

    Wonderful page and advice. Thank you!

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