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What to do when your dominant vibration is one of lack

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You have been working on your ‘money and abundance’ blocks like someone possessed and yet still you’re struggling to bring in or keep money. You’ve tapped like a crazy person, you’ve forgiven everyone you can think of, you’re doing your gratitude journal everyday and things are just not going in the right direction.

You’re exhausted, confused and starting to feel a little pissed off with life! What more does it want from you?

I know how this feels and I can tell you now from personal experience and from working with hundreds of clients – the reason for this, is because your dominant energetic vibration is one of lack!

When this first came to light for me, I was both grateful for the insight and utterly annoyed at how I had been sabotaging my own success. I was meant to help people with this, and yet I couldn’t see what was right under my own nose when it came to breaking through to that next income level. I was finally setting boundaries in my business, I was charging what I was worth, I was asking for and allowing myself to receive help, but things were still not growing as quickly as I wanted them to. It made no sense….and it was driving me nuts!

I then had this light bulb moment, after saying yet again ‘I didn’t get enough sleep last night and now I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for the day ahead’. Something clicked and I wondered where else this sense of lack was playing out in my life. So I got curious and paid attention to my thoughts for a few days and boy was I in for a rude awakening….. I was having a total lack party in my mind from the minute I woke up, to the minute I went to bed and it was not connected with money at all. All the gratitude, journalling and crystal grids in the world weren’t going to save me from that pity party!

So let me share some common words and phrases that you’re likely to be using or thinking. Make sure you pay attention to all areas of your life, because if you’re like me, the majority of those ‘lack’ emotions, may have nothing to do with money at all… which is why it can be so confusing. The first step is awareness:

  • I can’t – do, be, or have. Think about your thoughts or sentences that involve the words ‘I can’t’. These are all connected to limiting beliefs about yourself and what you think is possible for you and your life
  • I’m not getting enough – this could be sleep, water, exercise, good nutritious food, attention from my partner, support from my family and friends, downtime to relax
  • There isn’t enough – fun or laughter in my life, time to do everything, space in this house, love in my life
  • I don’t have enough – energy or motivation for today, choice when it comes to food, enough clothes in my wardrobe, friends that I enjoy spending time with, clients, confidence in myself
  • It’s not enough – I’ve not lost enough weight, I’ve not received enough recognition, this job is not enough to fulfill me, this relationship is not enough for me

Over time, all of these things will make you feel angry, confused, resentful, envious of others who seem to have it easy, or who seem to have figured it out.

What can you do to break this vibration of lack:

  • Notice your thoughts and words and then choose differently. For example, I can’t talk to all these people, they might laugh at me… swap this to, I’m so excited to share my story or message with these people and it’s going to be amazing to see how they transform their own lives
  • Meditate and allow yourself to connect with who you really are and what you’re capable of. The only limits you place on your life, are the self imposed ones
  • Use EFT to tap out the feeling of lack. You can get really specific on the areas that trigger you the most… for example for mums juggling children and a business, the lack of time and energy is a big one!
  • Try energy healing to clear any old negative energy, from habits, beliefs and memories of the past that you’re still holding onto
  • Stop focusing on what you’re not getting from people. You can not control their behaviour, so focus on you and who you want to be. It will feel so freeing. Then you can make decisions about whether you still want them in your life, or if this isn’t possible, you can begin to assert loving boundaries
  • Put in place some practical solutions. For me, sleep was a big one, so now I ensure I get 8 hours no matter what and this means that when I wake up, that first thought of lack is no longer there. Do this for every area of your life where lack, not enough and the thoughts of what you’re not getting come up. You will have to take responsibility for yourself here, because no one else can make you eat, sleep, rest etc if that’s what you need
  • Journal on everything that you’re grateful for in your life – raising your vibration, will bring more good stuff to you

If you know you need to go deeper with any of this, then consider the following…then check out my website on how to work with me further.

Until next time!

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