Are you ready to forgive yourself?

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Isn’t it funny how we are willing to be believe what is possible for others and support them in achieving their goals, but we find it so much harder to do that for ourselves!

When we finally have that ‘light bulb’ moment, that we too can have an amazing life…..we are so excited by the possibilities, but also angry at ourselves for wasted time and opportunities. This is when forgiveness becomes such important work to do!

Remember that what you experienced and what you learnt was all part of the journey!

If you know that work needs to be done on forgiving yourself, then try using these tips:

1) Allow yourself the time and space to feel into the emotions. Don’t stay with the anger, as this is only a mask, go to the hurt or sadness and see what is coming up for you. If it makes it easier write it down or perhaps talk with someone.

2) If you are ready, look for the learning. What has this taught you, for example…. I need to ensure I speak my truth, enforce my personal boundaries, I need to be kinder and more accepting of myself and others etc.

3) Accept that in the moment, you made the best decision you could. Looking back maybe you could have chosen differently, but that decision has brought you to exactly this point and made you who you are today. Choice the learning and then know that you have the power to choose differently next time.

4) Use EFT and Energy Healing to clear the blocks. These are wonderful at getting to the deeper reasons that we struggle to forgive and then to actually help the whole healing process. I am always poised and ready to dive deeper with you… you just need to reach out and book a session.

5) Release shame – if you are experiencing any shame, then watch any of the TED talks by Brene Brown on shame or vulnerability. I love this woman!

Know that you can do this!

Until the next time.


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