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I choose to be happy

A practical guide in detoxing your emotions and learning how to love life again.

You deserve to be happy and to live a life you love. It’s time to stop settling for less than what you really want and choosing the easy path over love, joy, happiness, passion, self expression, adventure, freedom, peace and inner calm.

It’s time to make yourself a priority in your own life and become your own best friend… so let’s do this together, you and I, walking side by side as you create a life you love and as you choose to be happy.

Make More Money - Tapping for Mindset Mastery and Abundance

This is a 10 week self study program and it's for people who are ready to make more money. It’s time to believe in yourself, your gifts and talents and finally elevate your earnings. I want you to achieve that next level of income – consistently and with ease.

Make More Money is packed full of content, EFT/Tapping scripts, meditations and stacks of bonus material.

EFT & Guided Meditation Library

If you love EFT/Tapping and Meditation, then this membership is perfect for you. With over 250 EFT videos already and a growing selection of guided meditations. I regularly add to this to ensure you have everything you need for your emotional health & well-being.

My scripts cover every area of life and are perfect in supporting you when it comes to having a healthy and strong mindset. If the following sounds like you, then you're in the right place

AWAKEN - Embrace Your Sensitivity & Trust Your Inner Wisdom

This is a self study program for the sensitive soul who wants to better understand their gifts, intuition and energy.

I want to teach you how to manage and clear your energy and not be so impacted by those around you. You have spent years at the mercy of others and their energy and emotions and you’re ready to take back your power. This program will give you a better understanding of being an HSP/EMPATH, energy, chakras, the mind-body connection and of course how to understand and work with your intuition.

AWAKEN has 8 powerful modules, packed full of materials, EFT scripts and meditations for you.

Breathwork & Hypnosis


The perfect package for busy people, who want to earn more money with ease.

Enjoy this hour long breathwork session to help bring in more money and abundance. AND support the reprogramming of your mind with this 15 minute hypnosis audio.

It's time to enjoy more money, abundance and prosperity!

BUY NOW (£75)

Why not choose to have a bespoke hypnosis audio created for you.

This is the quickest and most powerful way to create change in your life. I'll infuse key words that have meaning for you and we'll focus on your dreams and goals. This audio will help you to create new ways of feeling and thinking and it will make you feel focused and clear.

It's time to believe in yourself, trust yourself and your choices and fulfil your potential.


The perfect package for those who want to increase their self confidence, self belief and their self esteem.

Enjoy this hour long breathwork session to help increase your confidence AND support the reprogramming of your mind with this 20 minute hypnosis audio.

It's time to believe in yourself, trust yourself and your choices and fulfil your potential.

Guided meditations infused with energy healing…

Heal your inner child

Release the energy of toxic people and feel lighter and more free than ever before

If you are harboring emotions such as anger, resentment or sadness from childhood, then this meditation is perfect for you. We all deserve to live a full and happy life, but often the wounds of the past prevent us from doing this. We find it hard to trust, to move forward and to embrace and accept our own inner brilliance. We’re always waiting to be hurt, ignored, betrayed and abandoned and to feel like we’re not enough.


Time to open your heart and forgive

Use this beautiful guided meditation to help you forgive and let go! We have all experienced hurt, betrayal and disappointment because of another. For some this can be because they failed to meet our expectations, for others it can be a complete violation of their emotions, energy or physical body. I want to help you reclaim your power and to support you in feeling safe, enabling you to forgive and let go.

Confidence and self belief

Cleanse your energy and embody more confidence

The perfect guided meditation to cleanse and clear your energy, allowing you to bring in more confidence and self belief! It’s time to let go of the limiting beliefs and stories that have caused you to play small. It’s time to let go of the fears around not being enough, not being worthy or lovable. This is your time to shine and rise as the best version of you!

Cord cutting

Release the energy of toxic people and feel lighter and more free than ever before

If you’re a sensitive soul and impacted by the negative energy of others, then this guided meditation will help you to release and let go of them.

Self Forgiveness

Let go of the past and release anger, sadness, blame, regret and shame

It can be so much easier for us to forgive another for what they have said or done, but we are much tougher on ourselves. We continue to punish ourselves long after the choice we made. We carry heavy emotions such as anger, sadness, regret, guilt and shame. Use this meditation to help you come to a place of loving acceptance and to finally forgive yourself.

Clear your energy and bring in more abundance

Clear your energy and bring in more abundance

I believe that clearing our energy is as important as taking a daily shower – otherwise we get clogged up. Just think blocked intuition, lack of creativity, no motivation, feeling tired, low mood and generally feeling anxious and stressed. This is even more vital if you are sensitive (HSP), an empath or you work on others.

Full Moon Meditation

Release, let go & bring in abundance

This beautiful guided meditation is infused with the powerful and transformational energy of the full moon…. the perfect time to release, let go and to bring in abundance. It’s time to step into your power, to set your intentions for the month ahead and to open your heart to receive. Know that anything is possible!

Open your heart

Be willing to receieve and smash through your current income ceiling

If we’re to have everything we desire, we must allow ourselves to receive. To do this, we must be willing to open our hearts and take down the wall we built to protect us. This is scary stuff.. because there are things we don’t want to face or feel. We’ve done a great job of protecting ourselves and shutting things out. The problem is, we’ve shut everything out.. horrible and dark feelings, pain and hurt and with this, love, passion, joy and abundance etc etc! It’s time to trust and open our hearts again.

Embrace Deep Sleep

Bring peace and calm to your body and mind

So many people struggle to sleep and this leaves them exhausted, irritated and unable to enjoy life fully. All of your thoughts can be focused on your on your inability to sleep, which makes it hard to enjoy life fully. It can also affect your mood, impacting how you feel about yourself and life itself. Use this meditation to help bring peace and calm to your body and mind, achieveing deeper sleep..