Energy clearing and helping you bring in abundance


This beautiful guided meditation is 18 minutes long and is infused with healing energy and is the perfect way to cleanse and clear your energy. Plus we work with the light of the divine to bring in more abundance!

I believe that clearing our energy is as important as taking a daily shower – otherwise we get clogged up. Just think blocked intuition, lack of creativity, no motivation, feeling tired, low mood and generally feeling anxious and stressed.

This is even more vital if you are sensitive (HSP), an empath or you work on others.

All of my meditations call on the support of my incredible healing team, all of who bring a very special high vibrational energy to help you heal, release and embrace your full potential.


Listen to sample of ‘Energy clearing and bringing in more abundance’… by Marie Houlden. β€œBackground music – All Loving Angel by Christopher Lloyd Clarke”


You will receive a MP3 (23MB) file.


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