Forgive others and let go of the past


This beautiful guided meditation is 21 minutes long and is infused with healing energy. It’s the perfect way to achieve forgiveness and release the pain of the past.

We have all experienced hurt, betrayal and disappointment because of another. For some this can be because they failed to meet our expectations, for others it can be a complete violation of their emotions, energy or physical body. I want to help you reclaim your power and to support you in feeling safe, enabling you to forgive and let go.

This meditation is the perfect way to support you in forgiving others. Plus we work with the light of the divine to bring to surround you in feeling unconditional love.

All of my meditations call on the support of my incredible healing team, all of who bring a very special high vibrational energy to help you heal, release and embrace your full potential.


Listen to sample of ‘Forgive others and let go of the past’… by Marie Houlden. β€œBackground music – A Pure Embrace by Christopher Lloyd Clarke”


You will receive a MP3 (24MB) file.


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