Breathwork & Hypnosis for Abundance


The perfect package for busy people, who want to earn more money with ease.

Enjoy this hour long breathwork session to help bring in more money and abundance. AND support the reprogramming of your mind with this 15 minute hypnosis audio. It’s time to enjoy more money, abundance and prosperity.

You will have life time access to:

  1. 60 minute breathwork session for abundance, prosperity and success
  2. 15 minute hypnosis audio for abundance, prosperity and success

NOTE: Once you have made your purchase, an email will come directly to your inbox. This will contain links to the hypnosis audio and the breathwork session. You’ll then be able to download to your preferred device.


I was initially a bit apprehensive about giving up an hour of my time to try Breathwork as it sounded like one of those far out there hippy things, but Marie makes Breathwork easy. Her simple instructions answered all the questions I had at the start and I was able to settle into it feeling I was in safe hands with someone who’d held this space for people many times before. She was there all the way through the entire process with gentle hints and reminders about the process. I could certainly feel a difference during, and after, the session! (Anonymous)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Breathwork as I have never done anything like this before. I have occasionally done short guided meditations but never committed to a 1-hour session. But Marie explained everything very clearly and I was pleasantly surprised that I recognised all the songs and that they were modern. It was a very relaxing session and I felt much lighter afterwards. There is not a lot of thinking to do and Marie guides you throughout the whole hour. I realise that, in my case, I was having problems releasing grief in my mind and in my body and this turned out to be a very powerful tool that helped me to do this. I have since done this Breathwork session regularly and I always feel so much better afterwards. I would recommend Breathwork to anybody who wants to feel lighter, more relaxed and more balanced. (Anonymous)