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Embrace your sensitivity and trust your inner wisdom


Do you get easily overwhelmed with excess noise, light and crowds of people? Have you ever been told, or felt that you were more sensitive than others? Do you suffer with things such as IBS, burnout and mood swings that you can’t explain….If so, there’s a very good chance that you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP), or an empath!

Would you love to have a better understanding of energy generally and how to manage yours? Especially if you identify with being an empath and often find the emotions and energy of others extremely loud… almost like an assult on your own body.

Do you fear that other people struggle to understand you, because you shy away from large groups, social events and you need lots of time alone to recharge? Perhaps you’ve even begun to think there’s something wrong with you.

You know you’re intuitve and you often have gut feelings about people and situations, but it all feels very hit and miss. You would love to develop this skill.

I want to teach you how to manage and clear your energy and not be so impacted by those around you. You have spent years at the mercy of others and their energy and emotions and you’re ready to take back your power. This program will give you a better understanding of being an HSP/EMPATH, energy, chakras, the mind-body connection, how to embody feminine energy to help you receive, and of course how to understand and work with your intuition.
AWAKEN is going to start as an 8 week course, which I will run 3 times a year. You pay once and you’re in for life so you get to take part in as many live rounds as you choose and benefit from all new material. I’m a massive believer in the importance of community and having a safe space to develop your skills (especially with something like energy work) and let’s be honest… it doesn’t stop after 8 weeks, once you commit to this path you will continue to grow and evolve. I want to support you every step of the way. AWAKEN is about:
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You understand what it means to be sensitive and you’re working with this instead of against it.


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You’ve released toxic people from your life, set loving boundaries and you’re confident to own what you want and need. When it comes to your sensitivity, you know it’s a gift.


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Understanding and trusting your own intuition and how to connect with it more deeply. You’re making empowered choices in your life and business.


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Enjoying each moment of your life and knowing that everything is happening for you, not to you AND at the perfect time. Feeling total trust & alignment.


January will be the first time I run AWAKEN and as such I’ll be watching and listening for all insights and feedback, so that when I run the program again in April, it’s bigger, better and helps you even more. As someone who joins the first time around, you’ll be helping me to shape things and as a thank you for that and for trusting me, I’m offering a special price… next time it will be at least double!
Live rounds are January, April and October 2019 . When you join, you pay once and you’re in for life, you’ll have support for as long as you need it! During live rounds we have two group calls each week – one to go thorugh the material and the other to do some exercises, ask questions and of course use EFT/Tapping and Energy Healing to ensure your emotional and energetic blocks are released. Ensuring you’re free to connect with your energetic potential.

Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone

  • You want to understand your abilities
  • You would love to open up to your gifts and use them without feeling overwhelmed
  • You’ve been impacted by other people and their energy, emotions and demands for years
  • You want to understand and develop your intuition, helping you make better decisions
  • You want to know more about energy and the chakras
  • You’re scared about your abilities and want to use them properly and feel safe in doing so
  • You want to feel connected to yourself and completely in flow with life
  • Being on your own is usually a very peaceful and calm experience, when you’re with others you can find yourself overwhelmed and battling with emotions that were not there before.
  • You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm, unsure where to start or what to focus on first
  • You’re struggling with anxiety and living in constant fear… it’s exhausting and it’s beginning to affect your health
  • You’re not setting boundaries in your personal life and people are walking all over you
  • You find that people often open up to you and share extremely personal things with you, saying things like ‘ I’ve never shared that with anyone’ OR ‘I’ve no idea whyt I’m telling you this’
  • People will tell you that they feel much better after talking to you – chances are you feel drained and exhausted
  • You can literally feel the emotions, aches and pains of those around you.


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Why choose to work with me?

Like you I’m also a sensitive soul and I identify with being a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath too. I’m highly intuitive and so I literally feel your emotions and energy in my own body. I consider this a gift, because it means I know exactly how you’re feeling and I can often put into words the things that you can’t. I also understand the journey you’re walking as this was once my path. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and confused by what you sense, feel and know.
I’m incredibly lucky to work with some amazing energies and because of my healing team and my ability to channel energy, I can help you achieve deep and powerful healing very quickly as well as support you in understanding what you feel.  I can support you in opening up your energy field, to help you in connecting deeply with yourself and all that is. Pure magic.
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Over the last few years I have taught and helped people with all of this, but always blended into private sessions or other workshops I was running… I wasn’t sure people really wanted to know about this stuff. However I’m seeing more and more than people are becoming increasingly aware of their sensitivity and empathy abilities and are feeling very confused, overwhelmed and at times anxious. They simply don’t understand what they are feeling and it’s not something people generally talk about. So, I decided it was time to create a special community where people can come together, learn more and support one another. I don’t want you to feel alone.

We will cover:

[foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 1 – What is an EMPATH and HSP”]We’ll look at what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or an Empath. We’ll explore the purpose and benefits of being so sensitive.  We can often feel an immense amoutn of judgement from others for being so sensitive and this in turn leads us to judge ourselves for being different or weird! Many people also find their sensitivity and gifts to be a burden, they are so overwhelmed and exhausted by how they feel and can shut themselves down emotionally as a way to survive.  Finally we’ll talk about the impact on you emotionally and physically of being an Empath and/or sensitive.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 3 – Energy”]We’ll explore what energy is and the different types of energy healing options available to you. Having a daily energy cleansing practice is essential and in this module I’ll explain why and how you can clean your energy. We’ll begin to explore how you can identify who the energy and emotions below to, how to strengthen and protect your energy. There will also be a basic dive into the seven main chakras[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 5 – The connection of the mind and body”]There is a huge connection between the mind and body and this week we’re going to go a little deeper into this. We’ll look at some of the key imbalances and illnesses in the body and how this can relate to emotions that you have not dealt with. This is also where we talk through the importance of self care – it’s important for everyone, but espeically if you’re sensitive and taking on the energy of others.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 7 – Intuition”]There are 4 main types of intuition – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and we’ll look at what each one means. You’ll be able to spot how you work with your intuition and we’ll look to strenthen this so you feel even more confident. Intuition is a powerful tool and can be used in life and business, helping to keep you safe, protected and to make choices that are very benefical to you.[/foundry_toggles_content][/foundry_toggles]
[foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 2 – Toxic people”]Negative and toxic people can have a massive impact on you as a sensitive soul, but in the early days when we are just discovering our gifts we don’t even realise. We have been people pleasing our whole life to keep the peace and have forgotten how to stand up for ourselves and lovingly assert our boundaries. We’ll explore your boundaries and how to assert them. We’ll also talk through how to release people from your life.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 4 – Your fears and beliefs around being an Empath/HSP or working with your intuition and energy”]It can be a very confusing time when we start to develop our gifts, we can wonder if we’re imagining everything and that people might think we’ve gone crazy! There is also the worry that working with energy and embracing your gifts will make you more sensitive and that this could lead to overwhelm. All of this sort of stuff is not something that comes up in normal conversation and there is the fear of being rejected if we talk about it. Many people have been brought up to believe that working with energy, or something you can’t explain is wrong and dangerous and because of this, there can be so much fear associated with trusting the wrong people and going off down the wrong path.. it’s time to release the fear and trust yourself.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 6 – How to manage and clear your own energy “]Being an empath can mean we literally feel the energy and emotions of others and often we hold onto all this within our own body or energy field. Having a daily pratcice is essential for us to stay true to ourselves and not be overwhelmed. We’ll look at strengthening your energy, shielding yourself when appropriate, having filters over your energy centres, setting clear intentions and working with your spirit guides and spiritual team. All of this will leave you feeling in control and so much lighter.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Week 8 – Connecting to all that is”]When you’re deeply connected to yourself, you’re also deeply connected to all that is  – because we are all unique expressions of source/divinity/god. This week we’ll look at how to strengthen that connection and stay more present – much of this is about releasing the past and the anxiety of the future.  We’ll explore how to keep your thoughts and energy high vibrational and how to embody feminine energy to help you receive. Whether this is more creativity, inspiration or abundance!



What’s included:

[foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”Weekly group calls – 11.30am Thursdays GMT (London time) | (PLUS 2 ADDITIONAL CALLS – 7pm on a Wednesday – London time)”]These calls are a safe and supportive space for us to identify and release your blocks, using EFT, Energy Healing and Meditation. The calls will help you to feel calm, relaxed and in touch with your inner truth, because as we chat, tap and do the meditations, my team and I will be working on you energetically. This is also the perfect chance to connect with like minded women, receive accountability and ask any questions.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Weekly material “]Each week you will have content to work through which will give you a deeper knowledge of the weekly theme. It will also give you a chance to reflect and to put into place new tools and techniques.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Private Facebook Group (Community)”]Perfect for gaining support, keeping you accountable and talking through your experiences. We will all have days where it feels too hard and as if life has got the better of us – but here you can be supported, inspired and dust yourself off with people who have your back! I’ll also be sharing additional resources that I believe will be useful.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Discounted rate on 1-1 sessions “]The weekly material and group calls are amazing at peeling back the layers, but sometimes we just need to go a little deeper. Often there are things from the past which are hard to face and where you don’t want to do in a group setting, no matter how amazing the other ladies are. I offer discounted rates to everyone in AWAKEN.[/foundry_toggles_content][/foundry_toggles]
[foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”Energy Healing – through my guided meditations”]On each live call I take you into a guided meditations and work on your energy as a collective. This is where my healing team really step forward and help you to clear and balance your energy and support you in bringing in more. This is more than just a nice relaxing meditation, we work at a cell level to clear deeply ingrained beliefs and emotions, stagnant energy and anything you’re carrying that doesn’t belong to you.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”FREE access – To my entire EFT and Meditation library to support you on your journey (valued at £24 a month)”]As part of this program you will have access to my entire library of EFT videos and guided meditations – all of which will support you in dealing with your energy and emotions. Packed with over 120 EFT videos already and a growing selection of meditations, you’ll have support for every areas of your life and business. In addition the guided meditations are a beautiful way to align body, mind and soul. Each one is infused with energy healing supporting you in releasing and healing.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”LIFE TIME ACCESS – have me in your life forever!”]I have decide that anyone who joins in this live round will get life time access (life time of the program that is!). This means that every time I run the program live again, you can join in for free. You’ll get access to all new material, EFT videos, Meditations and of course my support in the private Facebook Group.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”GROUP DIRECTORY”]Let others in the group know what you do. They can call on your expertise first, before going elsewhere. Plus, you can also offer your fellow sensitives a special rate… you get the extra business and they get a good deal! Part of creating AWAKEN was to bring women together to support each other as they grow and expand in their businesses and in their life and I think the directory creates a win/win approach.[/foundry_toggles_content][/foundry_toggles]

Benefits of taking this program…

  • You will feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life, without so much stress and anxiety.
  • You will feel confident and strong in releasing toxic people from your life and in setting loving boundaries
  • You will have a deeper understanding of your gifts and be able to use them to make better choices, to feel in alignment and flow and to enjoy life again
  • You will know that you’re completely normal and finally you’ll make choices that support you wants and needs
  • You will start to put yourself and your needs first (no more people pleasing or trying to be perfect!)… an empty lady has nothing to give, so let’s make sure you’re full first!
  • Your relationships will be more healthy and fulling
  • You will believe in yourself and what you are capable of and finally accept all parts of yourself
  • You will begin to share your gifts with the world as a lightworker or healer

Commonly asked questions

[foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”When are the calls?”]During the live rounds, the calls will be held every Thursday. They start at 11.30am GMT (London time). I will also be offering some bonus calls on a Wednesday evening at 7pm GMT for anyone that struggles to make the earlier call. The next live round starts on the 14th of January, with call beginning on the 17th of January 2019. I will also include an intergration week from the 11th of February.  There will be no calls this week.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”What if I can’t make one of the calls? “]The calls will be recorded and you will be able to watch the replays. I’ll place links to the replays in the files section of the Facebook Group. You’ll still be included in the group energy work that takes place every week and of course you’ll always have the guided meditations.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”How often can I expect to be coached live? “]It all depends how many people join the group. If necessary I will create a rota system. Even when you’re just watching and tapping along at home, doing the exercises etc, you’ll get benefit. Other people will often have the same issues as you, or they will bring up something within you that you had not known before.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Is there a set agenda or homework?”]There is a set agenda each week (refer to the outline of the modules) and there will be some material and exercises for you to work through. Homework is to read the material, reflect on the questions and exercies, re-do any tapping scripts that are relevant for you and use the meditations as much as you can. We always have choice and free will, but I know from experience that the people who have the greatest transformation are the ones who commit to themselves and the program. The best thing you can do if you’re short on time, is attend, or watch the replay of our Coffee and Chat sessions. [/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Does it matter that I’ve never done EFT before? “]No not at all.. here is a link to what EFT is and how I use it. There is also a script included about releasing the fear of being seen! You will soon wonder how you ever lived without EFT![/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Your EFT is very different to others, why?”]I was taught by one of only 29 EFT masters in the world. My teacher studied for many months with the founder of EFT Gary Craig and he believed that it was important to tap on all the points that I include. Don’t forget EFT with me may feel different because I blend in more energy work than most! I’m all about aligning body, mind and soul.[/foundry_toggles_content][/foundry_toggles]

Say hello

If you have any question about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey!

Use the form below, or contact me here – hello@mariehoulden.com.

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