ARISE – Mindset Mastermind

Are you ready to work on your mindset in a deeper way, with a small group of like minded women?

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We all know how important mindset and self belief is when it comes to having the success you desire. But working on this consistently on your own can be exhausting and let’s face it, there’s always something happeneing in life to distract us. Forward momentum and consistent action is the key to success and having someone hold you accountable is often what makes us take action!

ARISE is an amazing group program to work through when it comes to all things mindset, but I’ve come to realise that not everyone likes big groups. Some people prefer a more intimate space to share their thoughts and feelings and so that’s why I set up the ‘ARISE Mindset Mastermind’…. the number of women in this group will never exceed 10, so you’ll always be seen and heard.

As ARISE grows I wanted to be able to continue supporting a select group of women in a deeper way, both emotionally and energetically – especially when I really believe in their message and mission!

So, if you felt you would like to do more inner healing and mindset work, and that I was the right person for you, I would love us to walk side by side as you achieve all of your tangible goals and have the life you deserve and desire. I want you to do this a way that feel right and authentic to you and I want to ensure we address all areas of life too – because all of it has an impact on business.

Plus, being sensitive, we have to create our own rules in terms of how we approach things and this is something I know stacks about.. being an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person myself.

There is something so powerful rising at the moment and I truly believe it’s the divine feminine energy. We’re being called to step into our power, to express our own truth and stories and to become the leaders we know we were meant to be. But, what comes with this is fear, limiting beliefs, sneaky self sabotage and we never know what or who might trigger us, so it’s important to have tools to help, and support to ensure we don’t hide away and dim our light!

I love working with people like you, it makes work fun, enjoyable and I feel your success as if it were my own. I am literally happy dancing when you share your breakthroughs and wins… I also think that being with like-minded positive women, who are also holding space for you and celebrating your wins too, is massively important. As women, we need to be there for one another, to have that sense of belonging and have that safe and supportive space. This is a time of rising strong together.

I openly admit, I get very attached to some of the people I work with, so I decided that I needed to create something special where I get to maintain that deeper connection to you and your business. I wanted to create a safe place for you to come and get all the support you needed while you work on yourself and you grow your business.

This mindset mastermind will ensure that you always have emotional and energetic support you need, while you ride the crazy and unpredictable entrepreneurial roller coaster. Others in your life may be confused by the ups and downs of your emotions, but I know how normal it is…. I’m on this ride too!


  • You undercover a block and we address it immediately – no more wasting time procrastination or self sabotaging and getting caught in downward spirals. You have me on hand in the Facebook Group and on the group calls when you need me most and there is no need to wait until our next session
  • Together we’ll banish negativity and master your mindset – say goodbye to feeling powerless!
  • You’ll face your fears and take action regardless, because you feel deeply connected to your inner strength, resilience and courage
  • I will hold you accountability for your goals and dream
  • As we work through your blocks, you’ll experience more abundance, opportunities and the right people coming into your life and business
  • You’ll finally believe in yourself and take consistent action
  • My healing team and I, will energetically open you up to more abundance, success, happiness and love in your life. Knowing you’re worthy, deserving and enough!
  • Your energy will be balanced and aligned –body, mind and soul. Leaving you feeling calm and having crystal clear clarity on what needs to be done
  • You will come to trust your intuition and your inner wisdom like never before…we’re reconnecting you to that beautiful divine feminine energy
  • You’ll have like minded women around you, who get you and are rooting for your success – this is safe place where you truly belong and fit in!
  • There will be an abundance of support and complete acceptance no matter how you feel

You’ll get:

  • Bi-Weekly calls via Zoom, to work through your blocks and challenges (60 minutes of EFT and then 30 minutes of a guided meditation, infused with energy clearing). Currently these are Wednesdays at 11.30am GMT
  • Private Facebook group to encourage and support one another and become accountable
  • Accountability threads to ensure you’re taking consistent action and some arse kicking if needed – always done with love!
  • Weekly check in via the Facebook Group to ensure you are plugging all of your energy leaks – there is nothing worse than being out of alignment or being energetically drained
  • Discounted rates of sessions £100 a session
  • You’ll be the first to hear of any new programs and you’ll be offered a discounted rate if you want to take part. That way you get even more of me.
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There is bucket loads of value here, because I want you to have everything you need to create the life and business you want. I am so passionate about helping people and so I have ensured that this mastermind is accessible and affordable. I know how hard it can be in the early days when you’re desperate for help and the money isn’t quite flowing yet.

So, if this sounds like exactly what you need, then let’s get started – commit to at least 6 months and it will only be £99 a month!