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What happened when I gave up coffee

What happened when I gave up coffee

I love coffee!

I love the smell, I love the taste, I love those precious moments where it becomes all about me and being honest the boost in energy is quite nice too!

I was never a heavy coffee drinker. One ground coffee in the morning and sometimes I would have one in the afternoon…. nothing exciting and most people wouldn’t worry about this level of intake, except that I believed coffee was now making me anxious.

As part of committing to a new healthier lifestyle and because I knew that I was about to be attuned to some pretty high level Reiki energies – which I assumed would cause my body to like coffee even less…..I decided to quit!

But a funny thing happened.

I still felt anxious.

I had this nagging feeling that I was meant to be doing something. I knew without question, that my life was not meant to look the way it did and I had a fear that time was running out. I needed to get my act together, because although my life was in a good place, I knew I had work to do and people were waiting for me.

Pretty big revelation for me, because for months, I just thought it was the coffee causing me to feel anxious. Without even realising the coffee had masked the quiet whispers of my soul and only when I stopped drinking coffee, could I hear them!

I am not saying it will be the same you – perhaps my coffee is your alcohol, or sugar, or being addicted to exercise or working too hard… but there could be something in your life that you use to cover up how you really feel.

So what should you do about it?

If you find yourself feeling anxious, give yourself some space to consider what it is really about. Don’t blame it on things outside of yourself, because otherwise you might just wake up and realise it is too late! Take some time to journal, meditate, walk in nature or use EFT to get to the root of your anxiety.

Anxiety can be gift, if you can just see it!

That feeling of anxiety can be a guide to let us know that something in our life is not in alignment with who we are, or where we are heading. The challenge comes in recognising that and then taking action. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

  • Where does my life not look as I expected?
  • What actions can I take to reduce this gap between reality and my expectations?
  • What areas of my life cause me to feel most anxious and what could I put in place to reduce this?

Until next time!


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