The Ultimate Emotional Support Programme for Mums of Neurodiverse Children

Helping you to feel calm, confident and centered in only 6 weeks
(Self paced OR upgrade to a VIP option)

You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, wondering if you're a good enough parent

You're worried about the future for your child, for yourself and for your family. Right now you're in survival mode; getting through the next minute, hour or day. At times you feel so alone

There's no time or energy for your own self care, you constantly put everyone else's needs and happiness before your own. The weight of judgement from others feels heavy

As parents of neurodiverse children, we’ve all seen first hand how our own mood and feelings can affect our children. I can always tell when I’m out of sorts and needing to spend some time on self care, because of how my daughter reacts to things and how easily she can ‘push my buttons’. Our children benefit when we’re calm, centered and present and we understand the things that emotionally trigger us; so this is what I want to help you with.

We’ll explore some key topics, such as; repeating thoughts, triggers, boundaries, fear and self care.

Breathwork is incredibly powerful at regulating the mind and body. When we’re calm, centred and regulated as parents, our children are able to regulate themselves too. Breathwork helps us to make better decisions and to be more present in life; enjoying simple pleasures, expressing gratitude and feeling optimist about the future. As part of this programme, I will be gifting you 2 group breathwork sessions worth (£40).

EFT, Meditation, Hypnosis…. All powerful healing resources to help you feel calm, centred and confident. I want to help you create a deeper sense of peace within yourself and your home. These are perfect for soothing your nervous system.

Throughout the 6 modules, you will gain greater insight into yourself and what you need in order to give your child what they need. Each module will have a theme, for example repeating thoughts, boundaries, triggers, fear and after sharing a little information, I will invite you to reflect and journal. This has proved to be a valuable part of the modules and provided incredible insights.

Upgrade to a VIP option while having a self paced course is ideal for many people, I also offer a VIP option. This means that each week you will have 60 minutes with me to talk through anything that has emerged from the content and to have a safe place to talk about your situation personally. These are a blend of healing modalities and talk therapy.

Due to my own life experiences, this programme is very close to my heart. I know what it feels like to think you’re failing, to feel guilt and shame for parenting your child so wrong and just wanting to be with people who really understand your daily challenges.

Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone

  • You often feel alone, misunderstood and unable to speak your truth freely. Other people have no understanding or real comprehension of what you have to deal with on a daily basis – but how do you even begin to explain that to others!
  • You constantly feel exhausted, the demands of each day are taking it’s toll and walking on egg shells constantly has severely impacted your nervous system.
  • Your health and body is being impacted and you feel like you’re constantly on the edge of burn out. It’s normal to experience IBS and other such tummy troubles and to struggle with auto immune illnesses.
  • You want to feel confidence in speaking your truth and expressing what you want and need, but have no idea where to begin and you’re not entirely sure you should. You’re fed up of caving in, or backing down on the things that matter to you. You’ve been impacted by other people and their energy, emotions and demands for years and you’re ready to put yourself first for a change.
  • You struggle to believe that life can be any different for you. This is your lot and you need to find a way to just survive and get through it. The future feels bleak and hopeless at times.
  • At times you feel resentful and angry that your child/children can have such a bit impact on the entire family and your relationship. You’re trying to keep everyone happy and most of the time you feel like you’re failing.
  • Negative thinking and self doubt always sets in after you begin to take action and make some positive changes and you find yourself back at square one. The resistance of others when you speak up, push back or try and change things feels too much and too heavy  – you feel stuck and trapped.
  • You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm, unsure where to start or what to focus on first.
  • There is never enough time or energy to get everything done. You’re juggling a million tasks and a million thoughts. Delegating is either not an option, or you worry that someone else will just make life harder in the long run.
  • You’re struggling with anxiety and living in constant fear of not getting things right, of being judged, and of the next melt down. You feel guilty that you’re embarrassed by your child at times.
  • You see the relationships that other people have with their kids and at times you feel sad, because while you love them with all your heart, there are things you fear you might never experience.
  • You’re not setting boundaries with your children, other family members or even those who directly impact your family life. People are walking all over you and you’re feeling resentful
  • Life has lost all it’s joy, fun and pleasure, you’re in a state of survival; simply getting through the next minute, hour or day.
  • You’re not getting the real support you need from those outside your family unit, they simply don’t understand and don’t listen. Everyone has an opinion and you’ve forgotten how to listen to your intuition.
  • You’re sick of other people labelling your child/children as naughty and needing disciple when they simple don’t understand neurodiversity. The help they are trying to give, is not the help that is really needed to make a difference.


It is remarkable how Marie creates such a safe space from the word go. In the ‘Group support for Mums of Neurodiverse children’, I felt truly ‘listened’ to, without judgement. Marie is a very genuine and caring individual, and she structures the sessions with a perfect mix of sharing information and surprisingly powerful breathwork. I highly recommend this programme to any mother who could benefit from taking some time for herself with a strong focus on the importance of self compassion”. (Anonymous)


“Marie has a gift for creating a safe space for discussing the hard stuff without judgement.  There is great power in the small group setting and I experienced both relief and insightful ‘aha moments’ from the breathwork we were guided through.  Learning to be compassionate toward ourselves is crucial and that is at the heart of the program Marie guided us through.  I  recommend the 6 week support for Mums of Neurodiverse children without hesitation”. (Anonymous)


Why choose to work with me?

Like you I have a child who is neurodivergent (AuDHD) and I know what it’s like to experience the daily challenges that this can bring. While other people can be sympathetic and can try and offer advice, unless you live this, you don’t get it! I know that seems harsh to say, but all the empathy and qualifications in the world don’t qualify you to comprehend how that parent feels; your perspective is totally different.

I know that each person, child and situation is different too, but I believe I’m closer than most to really understanding and being able to hear you. I constantly attend seminars, read books and have started additional training to improve my knowledge and awareness. I also work with families locally, who are impacted by neurodiversity; giving them the emotional support that is needed. I’m constantly looking to improve my own understanding, increase my skills and help others.

Over the years I have been through so many different emotions and honestly, I never thought I would have the relationship I now have with my daughter. I feared it was not available for us and that the best I could do was just get through her adolescent years. Every day was hard work and there were times I wondered what the point was.

Through my constant commitment to therapy, healing work and speaking my truth, things began to change. I felt better about my choices, I began to stand up to those who thought they knew better and I made more time for me. This was key to changing everything, because I was more emotionally regulated within myself.

Being able to trust yourself and have confidence in yourself as a parent is so important. It’s too easy to compare our lives to others and think we’re failing or letting our children down. I want you to see how amazing you are, how much you’re already doing for your child/children and to feel hope for the future.

What’s Included:

  • Getting to know one another and reconnecting with your body and truth
  • Repeating thoughts
  • Emotional triggers
  • Boundaries
  • Fear
  • Self Care

If there are additional resources that I think you would benefit from, I will happy share or create these for you. It could be some EFT/Tapping scripts, meditations, or hypnosis audios. For some of you, it might even be additional journal prompts or things to reflect on.

The Ultimate Emotional Support Programme for Mums of Neurodiverse Children Self Study

£ 99
• 6 transformational modules
• Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)/Tapping scripts to help you process your emotions
• Meditation to help you feel calm confident and centered
• Hypnosis audio to help you believe in yourself again and trust yourself as a parent
• BONUS - come and join 2 live Breathwork Class the perfect way to heal process and to feel calm

The Ultimate Emotional Support Programme for Mums of Neurodiverse Children Private VIP Access

£ 997
• 6 weekly 1-1 sessions (90 mins each) where it's all focused on you. These will be a blend of healing modalities to suit you and to work on the things that come up from the modules
• 6 transformational modules
• Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)/Tapping scripts to help you process your emotions
• Meditation to help you feel calm confident and centered
• Hypnosis audio to help you believe in yourself again and trust yourself as a parent
• BONUS - come and join 6 live Breathwork Class the perfect way to heal process and to feel calm

Commonly asked questions

No, you can work through material at a pace that is right for you.

No not at all. I’m here to guide you throughout and I have complete faith that you will get exactly what you need and what you’re ready for. Healing is something that happens at different speeds for everyone, there is no right or wrong. As long as you gain some insights that will help you and you enjoy the breathwork, then that is a great place to start. I don’t believe in comparing your progress to others, or rushing you. You always dictate the pace that feels good for you.

Breathwork is a very simple, yet powerful tool and at the start of every call I will explain everything you need to feel comfortable and safe. Most people find that after tying it once, they become addicted!

If I share additional resources like EFT/Tapping, Hypnosis Audios and Meditations, I will fully explain how to use them, what to expect etc. I’m always available for questions, so don’t worry.


      • You feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life, without so much stress and anxiety.
      • You will feel more confident in your parenting and your choices and you won’t be so impacted by the judgement of others.
      • You will begin to speak up for yourself and what you need. Being a loving parent isn’t always about giving in or placing the needs of others above your own. No more people pleasing, over achieving or trying to be perfect
      • Your intuition will be heightened, so that you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions again.
      • There will be more time, space and energy for laughter, fun, pleasure and self care. You’ll feel renewed and as if you have more to give.
      • Your relationships are much healthier and you have firm and loving boundaries.
      • You feel in control of your thinking and because you feel calmer within yourself, you can see that you child/children are able to calm and regulate themselves too.
      • The relationship you have with your child/children is reaching a new and special level. There is more mutual respect, understanding and listening; you’re enjoying the time you spend together instead of dreading it
      • You’re asking for help and ditching anything that really doesn’t need to be done.
      • You feel present, calm and peaceful.

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