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Is it time for change and am I ready?

Is it time for change and am I ready?

Today we are talking about change and whether you feel like it’s needed in your life and if you’re ready to do something about it.

When you really believe in yourself you welcome change, you take risks and you are always looking to live your life from a place of alignment and truth… but when we are plagued with fear, self doubt, limiting beliefs and wondering what other people think – we can’t seem to think straight and very often we put our needs last!

So is change needed? Well…..

Sometimes the pain of waking up to the same life, day after day is just too much. We look around and nothing makes sense anymore, we question how we got to this point and why everything looks the way it does.

For some people they just wake up and know that today is the day of change, other times it creeps up on you…. for me it crept up very slowly, like a nagging ache or pain and then boom! I think it’s because I was very good at getting busy with distractions, the kids need sorting, the house needs cleaning, shopping must be done, I need to grow my business… before I knew it another day had passed. The energetic drain of living a life that was not in alignment with who I was, or what I wanted, left me too exhausted to consider any changes or that life could be different.

I knew that I was just surviving and I also knew beyond any doubt that life had lost its passion and excitement for me. There were so many stories, beliefs and rubbish from the past that were keeping me stuck and I could feel with every part of my body that it was time for some big changes.  I didn’t want to be defined by who I thought I could be, or by what my friends or family thought I was. I ached to step out into my own light, but I was terrified of judgement and of not being accepted. Worse still I was not accepting who I really was.
‘Is it time for change and am I ready’ are two huge questions, ones, which I have personally asked myself many times. I often wondered if it was time to make changes, or if I was simply a little bored with life. While my daily routine gave me structure and certainly helped with raising young children, I would question if I was fed up with knowing how each day would turn out, or if big changes were needed to really shake things up and get me excited about life again!

So is it time for change?

• Has life lost all meaning beyond the day-to-day grind?
• Are you stuck in what can only be described as a ‘ground hog’ day? Are you going crazy with knowing how each day is going to turn out?
• Can you feel an ache inside that you are meant for more?
• Are you playing small, playing safe and not fulfilling your purpose or potential?
• Are you in alignment with your core values? When your life does not match these, it can feel very uncomfortable. For example if you value genuine connections with people, yet you are spending time with people where all you do is have polite chit chat, you are soon going to get very frustrated and feel disconnected.
• Are you reading amazing books, watching things on You Tube, attending seminars and/or webinars, on how to create change and transformation in your life, but not putting it into daily practice? It had become entertainment, instead of a transformational tool.
• Are you being the role model you aspire to be for those around you, i.e. children or perhaps friends or family?
• Are you blaming other people and circumstances for how you are feeling and what you are achieving (or not as the case may be!!)?
• Are you battling with a low level of anxiety, panic and a sense that you are off track?
• Have you settled for ‘existing’ because it feel safer than making decisions and instigating change?

For many people there comes a ‘tipping point’, when the pain of staying stuck is more painful than the fear of taking action, taking responsibility for your life and facing an uncertain future!

Have you reached your tipping point?

If this sounds like you, time, space and observation are crucial. Work out what you do want from your life and those in your life, take all the time in the world to think about this and observe how you feel in different situations and with different people. You will soon build up a very clear picture of your ideal life.

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If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


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