A clear water droplet is captured in mid-air above a tranquil water surface, creating concentric ripples as it is about to make an impact.

The Ripple Affect

The Ripple Affect

How often have you caught yourself thinking that you’re not helping enough people, or doing enough in your business?

Once a month? A couple of times a week? Maybe even several times every day!

You see all these people with their successful Facebook Groups, talking about their big client list, their fantastic lifestyle and income  – they all seem to be doing and achieving so much than you. We turn to look at ourselves and where we are with our own business and life and we decide in that moment, that we are falling short – we decide we are not helping enough people, that our list isn’t big enough, we don’t have what it takes and that we are clearly just playing at this entrepreneurial game.

I have been guilty of this too, thinking that I should be doing more, or giving more and that in some way I must be failing because I had not yet hit 6 figures!

But then I stop…. because I realise that when I think like this I am coming from a place of ‘not being enough’ and of ‘lack’, and this is not healthy for my energetic vibration and for attracting more clients. When I catch myself doing this, I breathe deeply, practice gratitude for those that I am working with and then I focus on the ripple affect….

Consider this….

Even if you are only working with or helping, one or two people right now, your reach is so much more than those individuals. You are changing the lives of every person they come into contact with.

These people are changed because of the work you do with them. They are able to better remember who they really are and become happier, more fulfilled, more focused and more connected to themselves. When this happens they become the best wife, sister, friend, mother, colleague that they can be and this in turn affects all of their interactions with others and then all the interactions those people have with others…. we really are spreading love!

When you stop to think of the ripple affect it truly is incredible.

I fully believe that when you take the time to lovingly interact with someone and give them your full attention and presence you can literally change the world, one person at a time.

Just because your bank balance doesn’t reflect the number you would like – yet, it doesn’t mean you are not making a difference or that your work is not valuable. It may simply be time to change your focus.

Here are two simple things to try:

  • Focus on gratitude for the community/client base you have already built and serve them. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have hundreds on your list, think about how you can exceed their expectations of you and make a difference to them. This will help to raise your energetic vibration and attract more clients to you.
  • Reflect on your existing clients or community – what relationships in their life have changed, because of working with you. Consider the impact this has on all the people they come into contact with.

These two very simple practices, will get you refocused on what really matters, your calling and making a difference. If you need any further support or have any questions, then please do get in contact, I would be delighted to help.

No one has to do this alone!

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If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


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