We all have an inner child that can make itself known at the most inconvenient times. Often when we’re facing something new or unfamiliar, embracing change or taking a risk and sometimes when life simply gets too good.

Your inner child made decisions all those years ago, that certain things will happen in life and that people always behave in certain ways. Because of that, your inner child put protective measures in place to ensure you wouldn’t be hurt again and to keep you safe. When you try and break away from the safe and familiar, it reminds you of all the reasons you’re not safe and why you shouldn’t make changes, try something new, or give up control. Not ideal when you’re wanting to expand your life or business.

You can find yourself behaving in ways that make no sense to you and this is because it’s all happening in the subconscious. The original wound or trauma, was never given the chance to heal and as an adult you’re influenced by that open wound.

Do these sound familiar:

  • You find yourself becoming who others want you to be, instead of embracing your authentic self
  • You can be envious, judgemental and critical of others
  • You tend to be a perfectionist and can fear failing and getting things wrong
  • You would choose not to speak up and instead conform
  • You hide how you really feel and what you want and need
  • You’ll pretend you’re strong and okay, even if you aren’t
  • You tend to mistrust people, they can’t be relied on
  • You need to control things and people
  • You have low self esteem and sense of self worth
  • You find it hard to deal with intense emotions
  • You fear abandonment and being alone

Please don’t judge yourself if you identify with most things on this list. Right now your inner child needs your compassion, understanding and unconditional love. It needs the things from you, that you never received as a small child. So when you find your inner child making an appearance and driving your choices and actions, ask her what she needs; perhaps what she never got as a young child?

Are you willing to do that for yourself now?

Just know that you’re not alone and support is available if you would like it. There are a couple of ways to work with me and I would be delighted to help.

  • MY HEALING MEMBERSHIP – A community for highly sensitive women – This is the perfect healing hub to help you with your energy and emotions as you navigate all elements of life. I will help you to understand your sensitivity and energy and be able to make more aligned and conscious choices, which ultimately mean you experience more health, wealth and happiness in your life and business. There are regular breathwork classes, 2 EFT Sessions & Energy Healing sessions every month, daily access to me, a library of over 230 EFT scripts, stacks of meditations and content to help and support you. Now more than ever we need connection with genuine, like minded people and this membership is perfect for that.
  • PRIVATE SESSIONS – Whether you need support with a particular situation, achieving a big goal, or because you need someone to hold space for you as you support others, my private sessions will be perfect for you. It will give you the accountability and support you need to create the life and emotional mindset you truly desire. You’ll have my full support between sessions to ensure you’re moving forward.

If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


Intuitive Mindset Coach & Energy Healer for the highly sensitive woman Helping you to find your voice and speak your truth. Restore your confidence and increase your self belief & intuition, because it’s time to live an aligned and authentic life!

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