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The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

The key themes for the Root Chakra is support, safety and security… if you feel that any of these are missing or lacking from your life, then there’s a good chance that this Chakra will need some attention.

When this energy centre is balanced we can feel very positive and hopeful about life. We find it easy to trust that everything is working out and that we have nothing to fear. We are able to give unconditionally and express kindness, compassion and love to those around us. BUT, when things are not going so well, it’s easy for us to turn into a victim of life. I’m sure you know the kind of person I mean…. they blame everything and everyone else for how they feel and they believe that life is happening to them and not for them! These are the kind of people I do my very best to avoid…..

So let me share some basic information to help you see where you might be out of balance and most importantly how you can implement some self care to get things back on track. Life was meant to be enjoyed and being in survival mode is simply no fun at all. I’ve broken it down into sections (deficient and excess energy), but ultimately if you can identify with either list, or maybe both, then work needs to be done:

How to tell if your Root Chakra is deficient of energy:

  • Feeling anxious, on edge and unable to settle… nervous energy is very common
  • You will constantly feel fear and as if your very security and safety is being threatened. As you can imagine it’s very hard to focus on the bigger purpose of your life and to take action on this, when you are terrified about simply surviving
  • You will have a lack of focus, determination and discipline… hello overwhelm and procrastination!
  • You’ll have very poor boundaries with others – just think saying yes when you mean no, people pleasing etc
  • You will struggle to organize yourself, no matter what you do, you’ll always feel on the back foot
  • Money struggles are very common. You are constantly in that state of lack and not enough

How to tell if your Root Chakra has an excess of energy:

  • You’ll probably store extra weight and have a tendency to over eat. This can be emotional comfort eating, or it could be the fear of long term survival kicking in -you eat because you fear lack in the future
  • You’ll be overly focused on material things, you’re so scared of lack and not having security and safety that you go the extreme. This kind of tunnel vision can make it really hard to genuinely share your gifts, knowledge and talents with the world. The energy of your giving is coming from a place of what you want in return
  • You will literally fight against change – it terrifies you and so you’ll cling to what you know, even if it makes you miserable and keeps you away from living the life you deserve and desire
  • You are likely to have very rigid boundaries, so you could come across as very selfish, uncompromising and cold

Physical symptoms that may appear if the Root Chakra needs some care and attention:

  • IBS and other bowel related struggles… constipation is a very common complaint
  • Auto immune conditions, such as ME, Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue to name just a few. You experience a total lack of energy and it’s as if you are fighting to just survive each day. Your body will be in fight or flight mode constantly, which adds to your exhaustion
  • Issues with legs, feet, knees, spine and buttocks – all of these are representative of not being able to move forward freely and not having the support and safety you crave
  • Eating disorders are also very common

Self care for your Root Chakra:

  • Reconnect with your body whenever you can – get walking, get to the gym, try yoga or even dance. It’s time to get you out of your head and back connected with your body
  • Carry crystals that support your Root Chakra- red jasper, garnet, bloodstone and tourmaline are very good for this
  • Meditation is such a powerful tool here – it will help to strengthen your connection to Source/God/Divine and in so doing connect you more deeply with yourself. Drumming is a very earthy and grounding sound, so see if you can find something on You Tube that works for you
  • Essential oils can be very helpful as smell is key for the Root Chakra – try Cinnamon and Sandalwood
  • Use EFT to help with your emotional challenges – fear, anxiety, poor boundaries, need to control, lack of focus etc
  • Energy healing…. to balance and align not only your Root Chakra, but your whole system

A balanced Root Chakra is all about having health and vitality and feeling safe, secure and supported in this world. Each of us has a right to joy and happiness and we should strive towards laughter, fun and being playful every day. Grounding is an essential part of all this and so is your ability to trust – not just trusting others but in the bigger plan of your life. So often we feel the need to control everything ourselves because we believe that if we don’t we may not survive or get what we want or need. It’s time….

Trust in your body. Trust in yourself. Trust in the Universe/God/Divine/Source.

Believe me, it will bring you much peace and it will allow you to be more present and enjoy everyday. As part of my new program AWAKEN, we explore the chakras to help us understand what is going on within our bodies. If you would like to know more about being sensitive/a empath, how to manage and understand energy, plus you want to connect in with your inner wisdom, then check out AWAKEN.

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