It Starts With You – Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Belief, Self Trust


You have an issue and you just want to move past it. You’re tired of going around in circles and trying to figure this out alone. You’re ready to face what’s really going on and what’s holding you back. Whether we’re talking about money, relationships, self esteem/confidence, weight and over eating, not being able to let go, not having enough balance and self care in your life, physical pain or aliments, or not trusting yourself to make good decisions… always comes back to how we feel about ourselves.

Self worth, self esteem, self trust, self belief, self confidence…. the common factor is SELF!

With this unique package and my support and accountability, I’ll help you to connect to your inner wisdom and truth, so that you can finally clear away the old energy and emotions that are holding you back. During the 6 weeks, you’ll have a much better understanding of yourself and why you’ve made certain choices, or behaved in certain ways. With this new level of self awareness, we can then reprogramme the mind and you can become the person you were always meant to be!



  • 3 sessions:
    • Session 1 – We’ll gain clarity over the issue, how it’s impacting you and what the ideal scenario looks like and feels like. We’ll do our first session of hypnotherapy  – exploring your subconscious mind, getting to root cause and beginning the process of reprogramming your thoughts. After the session I’ll create a personalised hypnosis audio for you to listen to. (2 hours)
    • Session 2 – We’ll review how things are going so far and do any additional hypnotherapy if required (90 mins).
    • Session 3 – We’ll reflect on the previous two sessions, how you feel and the progress you’ve made. We’ll do additional hypnotherapy if necessary and talk about your plans and support for the future (90 mins).
  • Personalised hypnosis audio and guided meditation if relevant (value £200).
  • Email support throughout (value £200).
  • Access to group breathwork sessions, which are an amazing way at releasing old wounds and reconnecting with yourself (value £90).
  • Access to a library of over 225 EFT scripts and guided meditations (value £100).

Please contact me directly to book in your session if you have not already secured your appointment time.


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