28 Days Of Self Care For Sensitive Souls


28 days to focus on your self care and to feel energised and excited by life again.

In just 28 days, you’re going to experience a complete reset when it comes to how you feel about yourself and your life, you’ll begin to create a self care plan that works for you and you’ll finally feel confident in putting yourself first. You’ll feel better than you have in years; addressing the things that cause you to feel frazzled, overwhelmed and depleted.

For 28 days you will receive a daily email, reminding you to focus on your self care and to prioritise your own well being. They will contain:

  • 28 suggestions for how to embody self care – this is not just about bubble baths and walks in nature, this also includes things like; setting boundaries, speaking up and taking action towards the things that are right for you.
  • WHATS APP support so that you can have daily support and accountability for anything that comes up.
  • A daily invitation to take action on at least one thing, which means in 28 days, you will experience massive change in your life.
  • Journal prompts to help you understand any resistance to putting yourself first and to notice what your body is telling you.
  • An invitation to take a weekly review of all aspects of your life. You’ll see where your life is out of alignment, where you have energy leaks, and what changes need to be made.
  • Invitations to 2 group breathwork calls to help you heal any resistance in putting yourself first, to begin the process of releasing old trauma and wounds which stop you from knowing that you’re enough AND to enjoy beautiful healing energy. This will enable you to feel calm, collected and centered as you deal with the challenges of life. (Breathwork will be Thursday’s at 7.30pm UK time)
  • An offer for me to create 1 personalised EFT (Tapping) script for you, addressing your biggest challenge.
  • Resources to support you during this 28 days; including EFT/Tapping and Meditations. These are things youΒ can listen to daily; infused with energy healing; bringing out the best in you and helping you as you embody self care, self acceptance and self belief.

It’s time to have energy, vitality and a love for life again!

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We always say we’re going to focus on self care and ourselves, but life often has other plans. Unfortunately, it’s the first thing to ditch when time, energy and money is tight, and yet, it’s often the thing that can make the biggest difference.

When our cup is full, we have so much more to give:

  • We’re more creative, focused, inspired and motivated.
  • We’re better partners, parents, friends, colleagues, sibling and children.
  • We feel better about ourselves and what we’re capable of.
  • We actually enjoy life, instead of feeling like it’s a never ending hamster wheel.

These 28 days are an opportunity for you to focus and commit to yourself and have accountability in making those all important changes. I’ll be here to support and encourage you; celebrating your progress and helping you to explore any resistance to putting yourself first.

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