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Path To Prosperity & Abundance


4 x 2 hour sessions – starting on Tuesday the 10th of August @7pm UK / 8pm CET / 11am PST and running for 4 weeks. (10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of August) There will be replays if you can’t make it live.

We’ll be covering:
  • Week 1 – Believe in yourself and what’s possible. Together we’ll identify and release the limiting beliefs that you’re hold onto around money and why you think your dreams and goals are not possible for you. The most common things I hear are – I have to work hard for money, it comes easily to others, people don’t value me or my work enough, I’m not sure I have enough to offer, I don’t know enough, it will never happen for me.
  • Week 2 – Acknowledge your fears. We’ll uncover which fears are holding you back from achieving more success in your business and in attracting more money, for example, the fear of success, failure and of being visible and putting yourself out there.
  • Week 3 – Self sabotage & upper limiting. You’re finally taking action and feeling good, but before you know it drama, stress and conflict is occurring in your life again. Subconsciously, you’re sabotaging your own success. Together we’ll get clear on the things that cause you to sabotage and how this plays out for you.
  • Week 4 – Opening your energy and heart to receive more and to clear any old doubts about being worthy, deserving or enough. We’re bringing everything together in this final session. I want to help you stay in a place of total conviction for what’s possible for you and to finally trust yourself and life itself.

Your commitment is 2 hours a weeks for 4 weeks and the cost is £88. I decided to go with repeating numbers (angel numbers if you prefer) because the number 88 represents big successes, manifestations of wealth & abundance, achieving business goals AND it’s about connecting to your inner wisdom to achieve that goal.



Path To Prosperity & Abundance:

Each session will be approximately 60 minutes of self reflection and discussion, because self awareness is key and often the starting point for change. Followed by 60 minutes of Breathwork and Energy Healing. Don’t worry if you’ve never done Breathwork before, I’ll be taking you through everything in the first session.

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