4 Weeks of Breathwork for More Money & More Self-Belief


4 weeks to fulfil your energetic potential and have the money and self-belief you deserve.

Starting on the 23rd of January, classes will be every Tuesdays at 7.30pm UK time (8.30pm CET / 2.30pm ET). 


Does the following feel true for you:
  • You feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to making money, yet you don’t have what you want, or even need.
  • You’re in feast and famine and you’re not sure how much longer your nervous system can cope with this. You started your own business because you wanted freedom and choice – not stress, worry and overwhelm.
  • You work so hard and feel like you deserve to be rewarded and recognised more.
  • You find yourself questioning your skills, knowledge and ability to make a difference.
  • You struggle to trust yourself and your choices. You feel you’ve gotten it so wrong in the past and now you’re scared to follow those inner hunches in case it all comes crashing down again.
  • You wonder if maybe it would be easier to give it all up and go and get a job.
  • You’re sick and tired of worrying about money all the time. It impacts your choices, your sense of freedom and how you feel about yourself.
  • You’re constantly in a place of lack and not enough…. not enough money, time, energy, support…. the list is endless.
What we’ll cover:
  • What stories and limiting beliefs you’re holding onto re money, abundance and success. How you feel about money and how this impacts your reality.
  • What beliefs you’re holding onto when it comes to your own ability to be success and have the business you really desire. We’ll explore the moments that knocked your confidence and made you doubt yourself.
  • Reconnecting with your body, wisdom and intuition,which allows you to feel better about your choices and in your path. When we remember who we really are, we feel strong, resilient and we know we’ll be okay. When the body and nervous system is calm we create the space in the body to really know our truth.
  • Expanding your energetic potential and giving yourself permission to receive with ease and joy. We’re going to connect with what you desire and all the infinite possibilities that are out there waiting for you. Time to feel excited, giddy and ready to receive.
Who is this for:
  • I generally work with women business owners/entrepreneurs, but anyone is welcome to these sessions.
  • Anyone who wants to earn and manifest more money in their life.
  • Anyone who is ready to believe in themselves and what’s possible again. Something happened, maybe several things, that made you doubt yourself and it’s time to make your peace with that and move on. I want you to remember how incredible you are and that infinite possibilities are waiting for you.
  • Anyone who is willing to do some self-reflection and is open to breathwork. It can be quite confrontational if you’ve not done it before, but if you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you’re open to trying something new and different. As they say ‘madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’.


Each session will be a blend of journalling, reflection, meditation and then a complete session of breathwork infused with energy healing. Each week you’ll find yourself gaining more clarity, more confidence and being excited about your business and potential again. It’s time to lift the shackles and binds from the past fulfil your energetic potential.

If you’re ready to attract more money, success and opportunities and to expand your levels of self-belief, then this 4 week programme is perfect for you.