Master Your Money Mindset, Manifest Abundance & Expand Your Energetic Potential


This workshop is going to take place via ZOOM, on Tuesday the 5th of December at 7.30pm UK time (8.30pm CET /  2.30pm ET).

Please allow 2.5 hours, as I want to ensure plenty of time for questions, sharing and reflection; before you lie down to breathe.


If you’re ready to attract more money, success and opportunities and to expand your levels of success, then this workshop is perfect for you. Does the following feel true for you:

  • You feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to making money, yet you don’t have what you want, or even need.
  • Whatever you do, you can’t seem to get past a certain income level.
  • It feels like everyone else has this abundance and money puzzle figured out.
  • You’re in feast and famine and you’re not sure how much longer your nervous system can cope with this.
  • You work so hard and feel like you deserve to be rewarded and recognised more.
  • You’re sick and tired of worrying about money all the time. It impacts your choices, your sense of freedom and how you feel about yourself.
  • You’re constantly in a place of lack and not enough.


What we’ll cover:

  • What stories and limiting beliefs you’re holding onto re money, abundance and success.
  • What is your current ‘set point’ when it comes to money and success.
  • How you feel about money and how this impacts your reality.
  • Breathwork infused with energy healing, to have more clarity over what is holding you back and to begin the process of lifting the shackles and binds from the past.

They will of course be the chance to ask questions and share.