Confidence, Courage & Conviction

Confidence, Courage & Conviction


A 2 hour live workshop using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Work and Meditation. (REPLAY AVAILABLE)

To be held online via ZOOM on Tuesday the 6th of March at 7pm GMT

I’ll also be looking for volunteers to work with live – so if you’re interested, let me know!

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    Confidence.… to finally believe in yourself and what’s possible for your life

    Courage… to address and work through your fears

    Conviction….. to ensure you continue to take consistent action and don’t lose faith

    It’s time to stop messing about when it comes to your dreams and desires. You have wasted enough time trying, pushing and doing  – let me help you get beneath the self sabotaging habits to ensure you have clarity on what you want, the confidence to know it’s possible for you, the courage to face your fears and the conviction to take action and NEVER give up!

    It doesn’t matter what mountain you find yourself in front of, the underlying emotions are the same.

    Too many amazing women doubt themselves and what they are capable of!

    Too many wonderful women fail to see the value in what they have to offer and charge less than what they are worth, or block money and abundance from coming to them!

    Too many powerful women believe they have to settle for the life they are living! A job that leaves them uninspired and/or stuck in relationships that are uninspiring and emotionally draining.

    Too many incredible women struggle to have trust, faith or belief in themselves, and to know that they can earn money doing what they love.

    The world needs amazing women like you and so I have created something to help you move past the subconscious and conscious beliefs holding you back. Finally you will believe in yourself and in what you can bring into your life

    This workshop is about restoring your trust, faith and belief in yourself and to even better if you get to earn or attract stacks of money in the process! If you are not ready to do the inner work, face your demons and heal – then this is not the workshop for you! I want to work with the entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders and healers of this world, who KNOW they’re here for a reason. They can feel the call of their purpose every day and they’re not letting anything stand in their way. If this sounds like you, then we’ve crossed paths at the perfect moment:

    1. You know that tough decisions and choices needs to be made and although it scares you, your soul growth and commitment to your calling is so strong you’re willing to do whatever is necessary
    2. You’re willing to get uncomfortable and push past your comfort zones
    3. You know that healing can be tough and that you’re going to have to face the parts of yourself that scare you
    4. You’re prepared to take action and say goodbye to procrastination, because quite frankly your BS excuses are being to bore even you!
    5. You’re ready to be seen and want support in taking the next step
    6. You want to feel confidence in speaking your truth and expressing what you want and need. You’re fed up of caving in, or backing down on the things that matter to you
    7. You believe that the dream life is not possible for you – others yes, but you no!
    8. Negative thinking and self doubt always sets in after you begin to take action and you find yourself back at square one – you’re self sabotaging and you know it!
    9. You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm, unsure where to start or what to focus on first
    10. There’s difficult conversations you’re not having – you’re afraid of conflict and hurting the other person’s feelings
    11. You’re not setting boundaries in your business or in your personal life and it’s becoming exhausting

    You have reached a point in life, or in your business, where something has to change. You know you deserve ‘more’, you just don’t know how to make it happen, or why you are blocking it.

    Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to deal with and decide on. Your emotional and physical energy levels are running low, you see lack of money in every area of your life – which only makes things worse. You are also sick of hearing what other people think you should do, but you know in part this is your fault because you continually look outside of yourself for the answers – you simply don’t trust yourself, your clarity, intuition and inspiration has deserted you!

    This workshop will be a blend of Meditation, Energy Work and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), with time and space to reflect on what has really been holding you back! Be prepared for transformation – my healing team do not mess around!

    The energy of this year is epic and if you’re ready to ride this wave, then big things are possible for you.

    While in group meditation, we will cleanse and clear your chakras, which help to align your body, mind & soul, AND we will raise your vibration and strengthen your connection to source/divine/your higher self. All of this will help you to believe in yourself and your choices, you will trust your intuition and you will feel able to stand more fully in your power!

    EFT supports you in identifying and releasing those pesky blocks that have been keeping you playing small… with this gentle approach we can release your habits, stories and limiting beliefs, and instead embrace gratitude and infinite possibilities.

    What this means for you:

    1) You will feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life, without so much stress and anxiety
    2) You will attract more money, clients, happiness, health and love into your life, because you are now vibrating on a higher level. People and opportunities will be drawn to you
    3) Your intuition will be heightened, so that you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions again
    4) You will have clarity of thinking – perfect for thinking about what you want to achieve in 2018!
    5) You will start to put yourself and your needs first (no more people pleasing or trying to be perfect!)… an empty lady has nothing to give, so lets make sure you are full first!
    6) Your relationships will be much more healthy and you will have firm and loving boundaries
    7) You will believe in yourself and what you are capable of and finally accept all parts of yourself
    8) Your business will thrive as you face your fears and challenges and see them for what they really are and you take consistent action
    9) You will know that you deserve love, not a compromise, not a settling, but pure unconditional love and you won’t mind holding out for it!


    “I’ve known Marie for a couple of years now and have complete trust that when she works on me it is always for my highest good. Today”s session was no different. Marie used her intuition and was able to release some negative energy that I have been holding onto unnecessarily, I actually felt the energy leaving through my feet. After the session I felt lighter and relaxed and 3 friends commented on how well I look. I feel extremely privileged to have met Marie and can honestly say that my life has changed for the better because of the energy work we have done”. (Laura K)

    “Marie has been such a life force for me. I felt like I had been doing so well on my own with meditation, exercise, reading about emotional patterns. But then when I started working with Marie I found out the reason why I was still emotional: I had many, many blocks. She has helped to clear those blocks and I can’t even describe how awesome it is! The fact that she can do energetic work from half way around the world, and I can truly FEEL the work when she is done is nothing short of amazing! She is gifted in a way that I can’t even understand, and so needed by the majority of the population”. (Kate D)

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