3 private sessions - Mindset Coach, EFT Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator & Energy Healer for the Sensitive Soul

3 private sessions


The package would include:

  • 3 x 90 minute sessions with a blend of EFT & Energy Work
  • A recording of each call & 2/3 EFT scripts
  • Energy healing and guided meditation placed to music from each session
  • Access to my EFT & Meditation Library (Over 210 EFT scripts and a several meditations)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Accountability for you to achieve your goals

Need some emotional and energetic support… then look no further!



During our 3 sessions together we’ll manifest magic and create powerful changes, because amazing things happen when you open up to the divine and remember who you really are. We’ll overcome overwhelm, self sabotage, procrastination, self doubt, negative thinking, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re ready to throw in the towel. We’ll align your body, mind and soul, releasing whatever is standing in your way.
We’ll also cleanse your energy – allowing you to feel calm, in control and to actually love life again
Choose from ‘weekly’, ‘bi weekly’ or ‘monthly’ 90 minute sessions of EFT/Tapping, plus a soothing guided meditation and energy work:
  • Over the last 4 years I have developed a very unique way of using EFT and the key is the energy healing I blend into the sessions. People often remark that they have never had EFT impact them like that before. These session work on releasing the conscious and subconscious beliefs holding you back. I also open you up to a magical place of infinite possibilities. After the session you will receive a recording of the call, plus I turn the energy healing into a beautiful meditation for you. It’s infused with amazing healing energy and each time you listen to the recording you will feel relaxed and get a boost of all that lovely energy healing – aligning body, mind and soul. I want to align you energetically to your highest potential. This is a time to release old emotions and energy that no longer serves you and to help you connect more deeply to the truth of who you are. These sessions are filled with magic and miracles.
  • You also have email support from me as you peel back those layers
After these sessions you’ll feel – lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life. Your connection to your true self will be strengthen – heightening your intuition and allowing you to trust your decisions and choices. PLUS, you will be open to more money, abundance, success and opportunities than ever before!
Remember – only you can make the changes necessary to have the life you truly deserve and desire. Those who are fully committed between sessions to redo the scripts, listen to the meditations and to take action, get AMAZING results! Throughout our time together, I’m in your corner and 100% committed to you and your success and I will always believe in you, but you have to be 100% committed to yourself and do the work!
Want to hear more?
“Working with Marie has been, in a word, transformative. She is an empathetic, intuitive, and supportive practitioner. I did three private sessions in three weeks, and was stunned at the shifts I experienced. Specifically, my creativity flowed more easily and I had beautiful clarity about important aspects in my life. I recommend her 100%”. Lauren Geersten (Founder of Empowered Sustenance)
“I love working with Marie. She helped me during my 5 figure launch, to uncover my self sabotages and to believe in myself and to believe that my goals were coming through. They did! ? Now she helps me to reach the next level and I cannot wait for all the good stuff I KNOW will happen. I really recommend Marie and her beautiful and good energy ”  Jorunn Krokeide, meditation teacher and course creator
“Working with Marie for me has been nothing short of life changing. I do not say this lightly. I always knew I had a deep longing to do the work I do, it was my purpose. The only thing was I was riddled with self doubt and a lot of negative self talk. My husband and I call Marie the ‘angel lady’. She has helped me to clear so much, she is compassionate and totally in alignment with everything that is love. My business, my relationships, my health are all on an upward trajectory because of this wonderful lady. I see things so differently now and she has truly helped me see how everything can change in the blink of an eye when you are supported by the right people. I have also had the privilege of meeting Marie in person, even more mind blowing. Thank you Marie for all you have done for me, EFT, healing, guidance and all the clarity you have helped me find.” (Dipti Solanki – Homeopathy and Grief Coaching)
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