3 private sessions

3 private sessions


Let me help you with three 90 minute private sessions. We will be using EFT and blending in Energy Healing and Kinesiology where appropriate.

Book your session here: https://mariehoulden-90-minute-eft-energy.youcanbook.me/

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    Private Sessions

    Let me help you to release limited ways of thinking, feeling and being so that you rise again as your fullest and best self. I know you’ve been going around in circles, trying to figure this out alone, but we all need a helping hand. Let me help you to re-connect you with your intuition and own inner brilliance.
    In these sessions, we’ll make magic happen and create powerful changes. Amazing things happen when you open up to the divine and remember who you really are. Whatever the topic you need to work through, it always comes back to blocked energy and emotions, so let me align your body, mind and soul. We’ll release whatever is standing in the way of you moving forward freely and with ease.

    You can choose from:

    • EFT/Tapping with Energy Healing blended into the session, plus a soothing meditation and energy work (session is 90 minutes). Over the last 3 years I have developed a very unique way of using EFT and the key is the energy healing I blend into the sessions. People often remark that they have never had EFT impact them like that before. These session work on releasing the conscious and subconscious beliefs holding you back. I also open you up to a magical place of infinite possibilities. After the session you will receive a recording of the call.
    • Pure energy work (60 minutes of healing). I work with an incredible healing team (Angels and Ascended Masters) and during this session we will work on your entire body, mind and soul. Aligning you energetically to your highest potential. This is a time to release old emotions and energy that no longer serves you and to help you connect more deeply to the truth of who you are. These sessions are filled with magic and miracles. After the session you will receive an email detailing everything we picked up and worked on.

    Benefits for both types of session – feeling lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life. Your connection to your true self will be strengthen – heightening your intuition and allowing you to trust your decisions and choices. PLUS, you will be open to more money, abundance, success and opportunities than ever before!

    After each session, you will receive either a recording, or a write up from me to tell you what I worked on, what I picked up and any recommendations.

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