Breathwork is a simple and yet powerful healing technique which helps to clear away negative emotions and all the heavy energy that goes with it; fear, stress, overwhelm, panic and that feeling of being out of control. You can also experience intense healing from things such as grief, emotional pain of the past, the mother wound, the father wound, generational wounds, healing from narcissistic relationships and so much more. I am yet to find an area of life that this incredible modality can not reach.

It’s also a powerful way of awakening your own energy and of reconnecting you with yourself. After the sessions, you may experience; feeling lighter, less anxious and stressed, feeling more connected to yourself and your intuition, feeling more courageous in speaking your truth and standing up for yourself, having clarity over what you really want and need, feeling the need to release toxic relationships, asserting healthy boundaries, and being able to trust in life. These are just the tip of the iceberg and every time you breath it will be different.

If you have never tried breath work before, you may be about to have the most powerful and transformational experience of your life.

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