It Starts With You!

Do you have a dream that at times feels big and impossible to achieve?

You can feel the ache of it in your heart, but at times you question if you have what it takes to make it happen, or if it’s even possible for you. You’re struggling to truly believe in yourself and because of this you’re sabotaging and upper limiting like never before.

You’re scared to step out of the shadows and share your gifts, truth and message with the world, because the fear of judgement, rejection, criticism and ridicule consumes you. Your inner critic is telling you that you’re going to fail and you make poor choices, so you struggle to take action.

As a sensitive soul you need to have an income that you can rely on, because then you’re truly at your best. You’re tired of feeling lack and not enough when it comes to money, but more than anything you know you’re capable of receiving more and with ease.

You need to find a way of running your life and business that works for you and honours your energy and sensitivity. Feeling aligned in life and business is a priority and you know that as you support others, you too need support.

Does this sound like you? If so, then my private sessions are perfect for you

  • You often feel alone, misunderstood and unable to speak your truth freely. You know your soul is agitated to get on with it’s mission and doesn’t want to be ignored anymore – but how do you even begin to explain that to others!
  • You know that tough decisions and choices needs to be made and even though you’re scared, your commitment to your calling is so strong you’re willing to do whatever is necessary.
  • You’re prepared to take action and say goodbye to procrastination, because quite frankly your BS excuses are being to bore even you!
  • You want to feel confidence in your abilities, in speaking your truth and expressing what you want and need. You’re fed up of doubting yourself, caving in, or backing down on the things that matter to you.
  • Negative thinking and self doubt always sets in after you begin to take action and you find yourself back at square one – you’re self sabotaging and upper limiting. You struggle to believe that the dream life is possible for you – others yes, but you no! You’ve convinced yourself that you’ve missed your opportunity and you’re too far behind to catch up.
  • You constantly find yourself in a state of overwhelm, unsure where to start or what to focus on first. There are so many responsibilities that you’re constantly juggling and you worry that burnout and exhaustion is just around the corner if you don’t slow down.
  • You are struggling with anxiety and living in constant fear of not having enough and worrying about how to make more… its exhausting and it’s beginning to affect your health.
  • You’re stuck at a certain income level, no matter what you do.
  • You know you have more to offer the world, but how can you even begin to think about your calling or purpose, when you can’t even cover the bills. Doing what you love, feels like a luxury you can’t afford!
  • Everyone else makes earning money look so easy. You are fed up of being emotionally triggered by their success, their life style and hearing them talk about how easy it is – plus you’re convinced that you need money to make money and so right now everything seems too far out of reach.
  • You’re not setting boundaries in your business, or in your personal life and it’s becoming exhausting.
  • You’re holding onto all this responsibility for others and the weight of this is beginning to feel like a burden. You hold space for other people and their emotions constantly, but you don’t have a constant source of support for you. You tell yourself that you’re fine, but in truth you would like someone to listen to you and support you.

We'll create expansion through Mind, Body & Action



In order to move forward with ease, we need to release the things from our past that have held us back; limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, low self esteem, fear, the need to control, old patterns of behaviour and the attachment to certain outcomes. This is where EFT/Tapping & Hypnotherapy come in. Both modalities are so powerful at helping you to gain clarity over the past and then supporting as you create new ways of thinking, feeling and being.



When we’re perfectly aligned, our energy works in harmony with our mind. Through Energy Healing and Breathwork we’ll ensure that you’re releasing the energy that no longer serve you and keeps you connected to a past you’ve outgrown. You’ll find that deep healing takes place in these sessions, allowing you to constantly expand your heart, energy and life.



Creating balance and alignment in your mind, heart and energy is not enough to expand your life. You must take action, or nothing will ever change. With my support and accountability you’ll take consistent action, dealing with sabotage, procrastinating and any resistance to receiving.

Why work with me?

During our sessions together we’ll manifest magic and create powerful changes, because amazing things happen when you open up to the divine, re-connect you with your intuition and you remember who you really are. We’ll overcome overwhelm, self sabotage, procrastination, self doubt, negative thinking and comparing yourself to others.

I am highly sensitive and an empath, so I literally feel your emotional and energetic blocks in my own body. It means I can help you shift not only the conscious blocks getting in your way, but also those sneaky things hiding beneath the surface. For each session we can decide together whether to do EFT & Energy Healing, Breathwork or Hypnotherapy. I’m also studying with Gabor Mate in understanding and working with trauma, which is such a common thing within sensitive souls. We think of trauma as these big events, but it can be as simply as not having your thoughts, feelings and experiences validated.

I am also incredibly lucky to work with some amazing energies and because of my healing team and my ability to channel energy, we can achieve deep and powerful healing. Together, we can open up your energy field to incredible abundance and opportunities and open your heart to receive everything that is waiting for you. I know that miracles can happen when we’re truly ready, so let me support you in creating powerful and rapid change.

I know that more is possible for you and that you can live an abundant and expansive life, because I see incredible things happen with my clients all the time, plus I have adopted all of this in my own life and made massive shifts. I am constantly blown away by the success they achieve, the alignment they create in their life and the money they attract into their lives effortlessly.

Remember – only you can make the changes necessary to have the life you truly deserve and desire. Those who are fully committed between sessions to redo the scripts, listen to the meditations and to take action, get AMAZING results! Throughout our time together, I’m in your corner and 100% committed to you and your success and I will always believe in you, but you have to be 100% committed to yourself and do the work!

"I signed up for a package of 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Marie as I could feel there was something that I just couldn't reach with EFT/Tapping, Reiki or Breathwork. I was a bit apprehensive about giving up control as I'm a total control freak, but I was present and aware of what was going on at all times and I felt totally safe.
Each session revealed something and even in the third session, where I felt there was nothing left to uncover, I had a huge breakthrough. I know the word 'transformational' is thrown around a lot, but it really was. Through these sessions we really hit the nail on the head of what had been eluding me for years. I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's obviously shifted something as my income has jumped since having these sessions too!
I also really loved the hypnosis audios that Marie sent me after each session to reinforce what we had uncovered, that really was the icing on the cake.
You can trust Marie to help you deal with whatever crap is holding you back, her manner is so comforting and her voice is so soothing, plus she really goes the extra mile. Hands down the best, most transformational inner work I've ever done (and that's saying something). I wholeheartedly recommend Marie to everyone."
Sophie Le Brozec - Founder of Life Reboot Camp

I sought Marie out because I wanted to grow by business and I knew I had some limiting beliefs about money. Over 6 beautiful months, I was supported by Marie to delve into stories I had no idea were connected to my money blocks, and move past them, gently and kindly. Marie has a genuine gift for feeling into what is going unsaid and lies beneath the surface, which helps get to the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck. She is incredibly insightful and warm, and I felt at ease from our very first session - I knew I was in safe hands. As a result of working with Marie, so much has changed for me. I have never felt safer or more stable and, because of this, I have been able to invite in opportunities and relationships that truly serve me. At the core of so many of my struggles was a deep feeling of unworthiness. Releasing that energy and opening up to abundance means I’ve met a new partner, am more at ease showing up as my true self in my business, and have increased my prices so they are a truer reflection of their value. I would highly recommend working with Marie, whether you’re a sensitive entrepreneur or not! (Tamsin Crimmens)

Tamsin Crimmens - Writer | Yoga Teacher | Feminine Empowerment Guide

Marie has been an incredible coach to work with! She truly understands you and has a gift for helping you articulate what you feel. Prior to working with her I struggled a lot with my confidence, clarity and self esteem and through her caring and perceptive nature, she was able to support me in incredible ways both in my personal and professional life! This being of huge importance to me as you cannot separate life from how you show up in your business. Marie is able to weave into emotional and business support which makes her an excellent guide to have on this journey! I really valued the fact that her support extended beyond the sessions through EFT scripts, meditations and accountability which were so valuable in helping me feel stronger and more confident within. Thank you Marie for your beautiful soul and support!  (Cecilia Makinde - Bold Woman Bold You)

Cecilia Makinde - Business & Intuition Coaching

I connected with Marie earlier this year when I was going through an extremely rough time. My business had flat-lined, I was untangling myself from a toxic relationship, and I wasn't feeling like myself. I knew I was capable of so much more, but I felt absolutely stuck. Private coaching with Marie helped me create stronger energetic boundaries, release what was no longer serving me, and step into my full potential. I've also been able to take some courageous risks in my business: I started a podcast and decided to completely change the direction of my work. Prior to working with Marie, I was so caught up in fears of "what everyone would think" — not anymore! Now I'm in total alignment with my work, life feels easy again, and I'm so excited about the future. The coming months are shaping up to be fulfilling, fun, and abundant. Marie is my go-to guide for busting past stubborn blocks. I've also done her wonderful group programs, but investing in her presence as a private coach has been pivotal for my growth. If you're thinking about working with her, know this: you have absolutely no idea how good life is about to get. I'm so excited for you! (Holly Higgins)

Holly Higgins (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist) - Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist

"I enjoy working with Marie and have had several one to one sessions over the last few years which have helped me to move forward and work through my blocks. Marie helps to keep me focused is great at working out where the blocks are and helps to release them and is always very supportive. The ARISE program is a great addition to the one to ones. I have found it useful to work with a group of women who often are having the same challenges, which does help to know you are not alone. Also being able to go back over the content at any time is a great help and also the EFT & Meditation Library is a great additional resource. Thank you Marie for all your help and support. (Karen Thrush - Kinesiologist)

Karen Thrush -

I found Marie at the perfect time and when we met (on-line via one of her challenges) I knew immediately that she was 'The One.' I had long since cherished dreams to become a successful author, but, frustratingly, always seemed to get close but never close enough and I was filled with doubt whether I could ever BE the author I had long dreamed of being. Was it really possible that I could live the life of my dreams?

What Marie did, at first through ARISE, and then in a series of 1:1 sessions, was to identify my non-supportive beliefs and strip back everything which was getting in the way. We then focussed on my book dreams and the feeling of stepping into my power and becoming successful on a huge scale. With Marie's caring approach, energy alignments and deep mindset support, I not only found the agent of my dreams but I also landed a 6-figure deal with a major publisher very soon after. Dreams really DO come true. I whole-heartedly recommend Marie - especially if its life-changing, mind-blowing results you want. (Hannah Gold - Author of 'The Last Bear')

Hannah Gold – Author of ‘The Last Bear’ -

After working with me and expanding your heart, energy and life

    • You will feel lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life, without so much stress and anxiety.
    • You will attract more money, clients, happiness, health and love into your life, because you are now vibrating on a higher level. People and opportunities will be drawn to you.
    • Your business will thrive as you face your fears and challenges and see them for what they really are and you take consistent action.
    • Your intuition will be heightened, so that you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions again.
    • You will have clarity in our mind, perfect for thinking about what you want to achieve.
    • You will start to put yourself and your needs first. You’ll speak up, you’ll lovingly assert your boundaries and you’ll stop the people pleasing. Your relationships will be more healthy and you’ll lovingly
    • Perfectionism and over achievement will be a thing of the past. You’ll know that ‘being’ is essential for heart expansion and true balance and alignment. This is when you’re in a state of creativity, inspiration and flow and when magic happens.
    • You will believe in yourself and what you are capable of and finally accept all parts of yourself.
    • You will be out there speaking your truth and sharing your message – knowing you deserve to be seen and heard.
    • You will feel connected to yourself and your own truth again, leading to a sense of deep inner peace and calm.

She helped me during my 5 figure launch, to uncover my self sabotages and to believe in myself and to believe that my goals were coming through. They did!
(Jorunn Krokeide – Meditation Teacher & Course Creator))

I found the agent of my dreams and landed a 6-figure deal with a major publisher very soon after. Dreams really DO come true.
(Hannah Gold – Author of The Last Bear))

I unexpectedly hit my monthly income goal that I thought would be impossible.
(Holly Higgins – RTT Practitioner & Nutritionist) )

I have more energy, joy, happiness and overall fulfilment and I doubled my monthly income.
(Melissa Schollaert – Director at Beauty Counter)


Support and accountability for 6 months 1 session a month

£ 1110 185 a month
£185 a month (contact me to pay in full)
2 x 120 minute Hypnotherapy Sessions
4 x 90 minute sessions
A recording of each call
FREE access to 'My Healing Membership' worth £294
Access to my EFT & Meditation Library (Over 215 EFT scripts)
Additional Group Breathwork Sessions
Email support between sessions
Accountability for you to achieve your goals
Pay by card or paypal when you checkout

Support and accountability for 12 months 1 session a month

£ 2100 175 a month
£175 a month (contact me to pay in full)
4 x 120 minute Hypnotherapy Sessions
8 x 90 minute sessions
A recording of each call
FREE access to 'My Healing Membership' worth £588
Access to my EFT & Meditation Library (Over 230 EFT scripts)
Additional Group Breathwork Sessions
Email support between sessions
Accountability for you to achieve your goals
Pay by card or paypal when you checkout

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