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Private Sessions

Whatever you need to work through, it always comes back to blocked energy and emotions, so let me align your body, mind and soul for greater success in your life and business. We’ll release whatever is standing in the way… because this is your time to rise strong and be seen.

During our sessions together we’ll manifest magic and create powerful changes, because amazing things happen when you open up to the divine, re-connect you with your intuition and you remember who you really are. We’ll overcome overwhelm, self sabotage, procrastination, self doubt, negative thinking, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Over the last 4 years I have developed a very unique way of using EFT and the key is the energy healing I blend into the sessions. These session work on releasing the conscious and subconscious beliefs holding you back. I open you up to a magical place of infinite possibilities, where you know that anything is possible for you, because you finally remember how amazing, courageous and incredible you are.

You’ll feel – lighter, calmer and able to move forward more freely in life. Your connection to your true self will be strengthen – heightening your intuition and allowing you to trust your decisions and choices. PLUS, you will be open to more money, abundance, success and opportunities than ever before.

With all of my sessions you can choose from:

a) Pure Energy Healing and a card reading for extra guidance
b) A blend of mindset work, EFT & Energy Healing
c) A Breath Work session

Remember – only you can make the changes necessary to have the life you truly deserve and desire. Those who are fully committed between sessions to redo the scripts, listen to the meditations and to take action, get AMAZING results! Throughout our time together, I’m in your corner and 100% committed to you and your success and I will always believe in you, but you have to be 100% committed to yourself and do the work!

3 sessions - get back on track and blast through your energetic blocks 3 sessions of 90 minutes

£ 444 Block of 3 sessions
3 x 90 minute sessions
A recording of each call
Access to my EFT & Meditation Library (Over 210 EFT scripts)
Email support between sessions
Accountability for you to achieve your goals

Emotional and energetic support and accountability for a year 12 sessions (1 a month)

£ 150 A Month
12 x 90 minute sessions
A recording of each call
FREE access to ALIGN membership worth £27 a month
Access to my EFT & Meditation Library (Over 210 EFT scripts)
Email support between sessions
Accountability for you to achieve your goals

One off session to focus on 'one' thing that you know is holding you back 90 minutes with me

£ 185 90 minutes
1 x 90 minute sessions
A recording of the call
A follow up email

I sought Marie out because I wanted to grow by business and I knew I had some limiting beliefs about money. Over 6 beautiful months, I was supported by Marie to delve into stories I had no idea were connected to my money blocks, and move past them, gently and kindly. Marie has a genuine gift for feeling into what is going unsaid and lies beneath the surface, which helps get to the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck. She is incredibly insightful and warm, and I felt at ease from our very first session - I knew I was in safe hands. As a result of working with Marie, so much has changed for me. I have never felt safer or more stable and, because of this, I have been able to invite in opportunities and relationships that truly serve me. At the core of so many of my struggles was a deep feeling of unworthiness. Releasing that energy and opening up to abundance means I’ve met a new partner, am more at ease showing up as my true self in my business, and have increased my prices so they are a truer reflection of their value. I would highly recommend working with Marie, whether you’re a sensitive entrepreneur or not! (Tamsin Crimmens)

Tamsin Crimmens - Writer | Yoga Teacher | Feminine Empowerment Guide

Marie has been an incredible coach to work with! She truly understands you and has a gift for helping you articulate what you feel. Prior to working with her I struggled a lot with my confidence, clarity and self esteem and through her caring and perceptive nature, she was able to support me in incredible ways both in my personal and professional life! This being of huge importance to me as you cannot separate life from how you show up in your business. Marie is able to weave into emotional and business support which makes her an excellent guide to have on this journey! I really valued the fact that her support extended beyond the sessions through EFT scripts, meditations and accountability which were so valuable in helping me feel stronger and more confident within. Thank you Marie for your beautiful soul and support!  (Cecilia Makinde - Bold Woman Bold You)

Cecilia Makinde - Business & Intuition Coaching

I connected with Marie earlier this year when I was going through an extremely rough time. My business had flat-lined, I was untangling myself from a toxic relationship, and I wasn't feeling like myself. I knew I was capable of so much more, but I felt absolutely stuck. Private coaching with Marie helped me create stronger energetic boundaries, release what was no longer serving me, and step into my full potential. I've also been able to take some courageous risks in my business: I started a podcast and decided to completely change the direction of my work. Prior to working with Marie, I was so caught up in fears of "what everyone would think" — not anymore! Now I'm in total alignment with my work, life feels easy again, and I'm so excited about the future. The coming months are shaping up to be fulfilling, fun, and abundant. Marie is my go-to guide for busting past stubborn blocks. I've also done her wonderful group programs, but investing in her presence as a private coach has been pivotal for my growth. If you're thinking about working with her, know this: you have absolutely no idea how good life is about to get. I'm so excited for you! (Holly Higgins)

Holly Higgins (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist) - Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist

"I enjoy working with Marie and have had several one to one sessions over the last few years which have helped me to move forward and work through my blocks. Marie helps to keep me focused is great at working out where the blocks are and helps to release them and is always very supportive. The ARISE program is a great addition to the one to ones. I have found it useful to work with a group of women who often are having the same challenges, which does help to know you are not alone. Also being able to go back over the content at any time is a great help and also the EFT & Meditation Library is a great additional resource. Thank you Marie for all your help and support. (Karen Thrush - Kinesiologist)

Karen Thrush -

I found Marie at the perfect time and when we met (online via one of her challenges) I knew immediately that she was 'The One.' The one to help me finally release the self-doubt, insecurity and fear in my mind. I have long since cherished dreams to become a successful author, and with one book already out and another getting agent interest, I was almost - but, frustratingly, not quite there. The problem was me. More specifically, the way I viewed my first two books as failures and how I was filled with doubt that I could actually BE the author I had long dreamed of being. It hadn't happened yet. Why not? Would it ever be MY turn? Probably because of the lack of this success, I had filled my life with shiny bright things to distract me from my ultimate purpose of writing books. Was it really possible that I could live the life of my dreams?

What Marie did, at first through ARISE, and then in a series of 1:1 sessions, was to identify my non-supportive beliefs and strip back everything which was getting in the way of me becoming a success. We then focussed in on my new book, all my book dreams and the feeling of stepping into my full power and making it on a huge scale. With Marie's caring approach and deep mindset support, I finished my 3rd book in record time. No longer was I prepared to let anything - particularly my own self-doubt - get in the way. I whole heartedly recommend Marie if, like me, you have a BIG dream and you know the only thing stopping you - is you. (Hannah Gold - Author & Founder of Soul Writers Cafe)

Hannah Gold – Author -

“Working with Marie for me has been nothing short of life changing. I do not say this lightly. I always knew I had a deep longing to do the work I do, it was my purpose. The only thing was I was riddled with self doubt and a lot of negative self talk. My husband and I call Marie the ‘angel lady’. She has helped me to clear so much, she is compassionate and totally in alignment with everything that is love. My business, my relationships, my health are all on an upward trajectory because of this wonderful lady. I see things so differently now and she has truly helped me see how everything can change in the blink of an eye when you are supported by the right people. I have also had the privilege of meeting Marie in person, even more mind blowing. Thank you Marie for all you have done for me, EFT, healing, guidance and all the clarity you have helped me find.” (Homeopathy & Grief Coaching)


Dipti Solanki -

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