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Marie Houlden
Mindset Coach, EFT Practitioner
& Energy Healer for Sensitive Souls

Helping you banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage forever
– it’s time to believe in yourself, take action and create the life you deserve.

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Free PDF – 20 questions to find out if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) |  EFT scripts to help you manifest money and abundance

Master your mindset and breakthrough to abundance - step out of the shadows, believe in yourself and earn the money you deserve. This program runs live from the 1st of October - come and join us


'I choose to be happy'.
You deserve to be happy and to live a life you love. It’s time to stop settling for less than what you really want and choosing the easy path over love, joy, happiness, passion, self expression, adventure, freedom, peace and inner calm.


A membership program for sensitive souls, giving you all the mindset tools and techniques, plus emotional support and accountability that you need to create a business and life that you're aligned with and that brings you great joy, success and abundance.


Private Sessions

Working together we’ll release limited ways of thinking, feeling and being, so that you rise again as your fullest and best self. I know you’ve been going around in circles, trying to figure this out alone, but we all need a helping hand. Let me help you to re-connect you with your intuition and own inner brilliance.

During our sessions together we’ll manifest magic and create powerful changes, because amazing things happen when you open up to the divine and remember who you really are. We’ll overcome overwhelm, self sabotage, procrastination, self doubt, negative thinking, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re ready to throw in the towel.


"When I started working Marie, I was an overworked entrepreneur suffering from depression, anxiety and a big case of victim hood.  Marie has a gift at helping you find the root cause of your problems. I'm talking about going deep into your past and healing it so that you can come to place of joy and love again.  My life was so out of balance (typical workaholic) and now I have more ease, success and a more loving connected relationship with my husband and children.Seriously one of the BEST investments I have made in my life. She has a customer for life in me"

Kelly (agirlworthsaving.com) -

"This service life changing! Through her energy work, I was able to release lifetimes of old patterns and beliefs that were keeping me stuck without my conscious awareness. The best part of working with Marie is her gentleness. Rapid changes can be hard to integrate, but Marie approaches everything with ease and care. She is dedicated to her clients and invests in their success. She truly wants to you succeed and does everything in her power to free you energetically to move forward and fulfill your highest purpose in the world. Her work may defy logic and description but its effects are unmistakable"

Alexis Pierce (Founder of www.alexispierce.com) -

"Working with Marie is beautifully easy and comfortable. She is so intuitive that you feel like you're talking with an old friend. She has an uncanny, laser-sharp ability to hone in on the root of your problem so you can make progress faster. I've seen significant shifts in my life in areas where I felt stuck for a long time. I am always skeptical of group programs, because it seems some participants get all the attention, while others get left out. Within the first few weeks of the program, I unexpectedly hit my monthly income goal that I thought would be impossible. I highly recommend this program if you're feeling stuck in your financial life."

Holly Higgins – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner -

"I hate clichés. Testimonials always say things like 'So-and-so changed my life. Awesome experience.' etc etc. And they're all genuinely meant but feel like hyperbole. I wanted to write something heartfelt, and without cliché, but ...There is NO hyperbole when describing Marie Houlden and her work. She truly is a powerful force, with the ability to change lives. I've worked with her one-to-one and in her Money & Abundance group, and she has helped me to turn lifelong fears and doubts upside down. So be in no doubt, this is no exaggeration: Marie truly is a life-changing force who creates phenomenal, lasting change."

Abigail Webber – Helping Writers Reclaim their Creativity -

"Working with Marie has really turned my life around. As a newcomer to EFT and energy work I was unsure what to expect but Marie instantly put me at ease. By the end of the first session I already felt a lot better. The next day it was as if a miracle had occurred. I woke up with an entirely different mindset and I haven’t looked back. Follow up sessions enabled us to go deeper and deal with issues that I never thought I would overcome. The sessions also helped me manage my fibromyalgia pain which I really hadn’t expected. To say I am now a fan would be an understatement and I highly recommended Marie".

Mandy Singleton (Positively Practical Leadership) -

"I love working with Marie. She helped me during my 5 figure launch, to uncover my self sabotages and to believe in myself and to believe that my goals were coming through. They did! Now she helps me to reach the next level and I cannot wait for all the good stuff I KNOW will happen. I really recommend Marie and her beautiful and good energy "

Jorunn Krokeide – Meditation teacher and course creator -

"Working with Marie is always uplifting. No matter what kind of day or week you've had, you always leave her presense feeling refreshed and re-energised. Her ability to truly listen and really understand is outstanding. It's a gift that enables her to help you recognise and really release negative emotions and beliefs. I highly recommend working with Marie. She is a kind and compassionate soul with an outstanding gift to help YOU turn your life around".

Kelly Hailes (Events Manager & Lover of Essential Oils) -
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