A little about me…

My work and sessions are completely unique as I blend healing modalities to provide clients with exactly what they need in the moment. I am a qualified Kinesiologist, EFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Strategic Intervention Coach, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Practitioner of Transformational Bodywork. In September of 2021 I began a year long study with Gabor Mate on understanding trauma in a deeper way and being able to bring this knowledge and compassion to all my clients.

My Journey

My own spiritual journey started about 12 years ago, after a series of personal challenges. I just couldn’t understand why life had suddenly become so hard… I was used to being successful and feeling happy all the time and the life I was living just didn’t feel good or in alignment with me any more. I started reading some inspirational books and I felt like a doorway to a whole new world had been opened. It was like coming home!

Sensitivities & Gifts

Finally I began to understand more about my own sensitivities and gifts when it came to other people’s energy and emotions. Not only was I a highly sensitive person, I was also an Empath – someone who senses the energy and emotions of others and processing everything as if it were my own emotional and physical pain! Great gift, but not always fun at time, especially when I was still learning how to manage my energy.

Spiritual Perspective

With this new spiritual perspective about life and an understanding of who I was, it was inevitable that I was going to question everything and there were definitely a few bumps along the road. Energy Work and every modality I trained in, has been an important part of my growth.

Releasing Blocks

Without doubt, I know my calling is to help others understand the deeper desires of their soul and to believe in themselves and their gifts. I want them to remember who they really are and how powerful they can be. Experience had showed me that when we can release those emotional and energetic blocks standing in our way, magical things can begin to happen – seeing the transformation in clients had me hooked!

I work with amazing women like you, who know they’re destined for more and are ready to confront the belief that they have no choice but to settle for the life they’re living. The only problem is you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re running out of energy – emotionally, physically and spiritually. Often your sensitivity can feel like a burden and you know you take on too much responsibility for others.

You’re also sick of that cruel voice in your head, which fills you with self-doubt and makes you lose faith in yourself and your decisions. You wonder if you’re special enough, deserving enough or can even create the life you deeply crave. There is always a underlying fear that your body may let you down and you’ll be unable to cope with the demands you place on it.

Releasing your limiting beliefs and facing your fears head on, will help you to silence your inner-critic once and for all. You will finally move on with a strong belief in yourself and your capabilities and with an inner knowing that you can have everything you ever wanted.

Say hello

If you have any question about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey! Use the form below, or contact me here – hello@mariehoulden.com