Close-up of sheet music with musical notes and staff lines displayed atop the black and white keys of a piano, emphasizing a blend of visual and musical artistry in music therapy.

Let the music support your healing

Let the music support your healing

There is something so powerful about music and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been deeply moved by certain pieces of music and certain artists/singers.

For me it’s all about connection. It allowed me to connect with the person singing or playing and how they were feeling, and it also allowed me to connect with myself and my emotions too. It gave my emotions safe expression and an outlet.

When I’m creating my play lists for Breathwork, I always feel into the tone and pace of the song, I listen to the words and I match this against what people want to heal or achieve. I want them to have every opportunity to truly connect with themselves and their emotions.

Resistance to doing the deeper and more uncomfortable work is real (as we all know) and it’s why music can act like a magic key. It can help to open up those who struggle to express themselves, are nervous to speak their truth, who can’t connect with their true feelings, or are simply scared to explore what they’ve buried for so long.

The right music and your body consciously breathing can take over the resistance in your mind and you get to experience a powerful release and healing. Every time I see this happen for my clients, it blows me away.

If you’re ready to feel or experience any of the following, then Breathwork is definitely for you and I’ve shared how you can work with me below:

• Complete elation, joy & bliss
• A deep sense of self acceptance and self love
• Having a profound sense of self belief and a belief in what’s possible for your life, even without knowing all the answers yet
• Feeling relaxed, calm and content
• Having clarity over who you are and why you’re here
• Trusting in life and the timing of everything
• Healing generational trauma
• Healing the mother wound
• Healing the father wound
• Releasing toxic relationships and their energetic ties
• Feeling forgiveness for those that have hurt you, disappointed you and let you down and finally experiencing closure
• Connecting with source energy
• Feeling the presence of energy and your healing team

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Helping sensitive souls to embody self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief

The following are some of the most common questions I get asked about the music I use in breathwork. If you have a question of your own, you’re welcome to drop me an email.


How can music help with healing?

There is no doubt that some pieces of music can stir emotions within us. There can be something about the words, tone, or sentiment that touches a place within us. The funny thing is, it’s different for everyone. A piece of music that works for me, could do nothing for someone else. For me, it’s all about connecting to what the person was feeling when they wrote the music, or are performing the music. I feel into the energy and this is what moves and heals me. I believe this is true for others too. Some music is calming and peaceful, while other pieces evoke motivation, inspiration and action.


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