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I’ve hit an upper limit and I’ve begun to sabotage myself – Tap With Marie

I’ve hit an upper limit and I’ve begun to sabotage myself – Tap With Marie

An upper limit problem (ULP)  is the amount of success, happiness, money etc that we will ‘allow’ ourselves to experience before we sabotage things and bring ourselves back to a more comfortable and familiar level.

Usually this is set in childhood and it sets the bar for what we will give ourselves permission to be, do and have later in life. When life gets too good, all of our internal alarm bells go off, telling us that we don’t deserve more, that more is scary, that we’ll end up alone, or this will end in disaster. Our ego can be very dramatic and always goes to worst case scenario.

As mentioned above, upper limiting rears it’s ugly head when life gets too good and we’re going through periods of growth, to be, do and have more than we’re used to. It’s not a one time thing either… if you’re committed to yourself and growth, then every big period of growth can and usually does, bring upper limiting. If you want to read more about the signs of Upper Limiting, you can read the rest of my blog here, if you’re ready to get tapping and you already know you’re struggling with this, then check out this EFT video.

I’d love to know how you get on.

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