A couple is lying on a bed, intimately embracing and kissing. They are partially undressed, with the man shirtless and the woman wearing a bra. The atmosphere appears warm and close, emphasizing a moment of intimacy and connection between partners.

i’m worried my partner doesn’t think i’m enough when it comes to sex and intimacy

i’m worried my partner doesn’t think i’m enough when it comes to sex and intimacy

Do you fear that you’re not enough for your partner when it comes to sex and intimacy?

Without doubt there is a huge connection between our mind, our energetic vibration, and the levels of connection, pleasure and intimacy we’re currently experiencing. So mastering our mindset is crucial in enhancing our intimate connections and having healthy fulfilling relationships.

Our mind can be our greatest asset or our strongest enemy! If you have ever been plagued with emotions such as self doubt, fear, shame, guilt, anger and resentment, to name but a few, you will know exactly how these impact your intimate encounters.

The good news, if the mind has contributed in bringing us to this point, we can put it to better use in the future.

I want to help you dive into the depths of your mind, to see where you are keeping hold of old emotions, stories and beliefs that are keeping you from fully believing in yourself and achieving the intimacy and pleasure you deserve. Until you break these patterns and ties from the past, you may find that true sexual fulfilment remains out of reach.

Becoming aware and accepting the part you have played in things is the first part of this process. I know this can be painful and you’re likely to face a lot of resistance and denial.

Don’t judge yourself, just get curious about what has brought you to this point. In the moments you criticise yourself or your previous decisions, you’re playing into the power of the mind again and keeping yourself from what you really want. This is a cycle that needs to be broken.

This is the time for you to explore and name your limiting beliefs – the ones that you know have held you back in your sexual fulfilment for far too long and the ones that you are now committed to conquering.

Take some time to reflect on these questions:

  • Where do you feel powerless in your intimate life and like you have no choice or options?
  • What limiting beliefs are you holding onto, i.e. “I am not attractive enough, experienced enough, or exciting enough”, OR “I don’t deserve to experience pleasure”.
  • Which situations or people instantly trigger your negative thinking? What do you feel this could really be about?
  • How and where would your life look different if you no longer had your limiting beliefs?
  • Where are you playing the victim? We all do this, the key is in identifying your own personal triggers.

Some of these questions could stir strong emotions and these are all heavy burdens to carry. We tend not to notice them at first, explaining away the discomfort we feel, but over time and when compounded, they become heavier and heavier. Decide that today you are ready to let some of these things go, or at least begin the process of considering it.

Releasing these old beliefs, will mean shedding the heavy emotions and energy that go with them. In time you will begin to believe in yourself again and what is possible for your intimate life. Don’t leave it a minute longer to have the connections and pleasure that you deserve.

Awaken My Sexuality Options For A Live Round Programme, Self-Study OR VIP Support

Are you ready for more fun, play and pleasure when it comes to your intimate life?

Perhaps you know that something is missing in this area, but you aren’t 100% sure what that is. Your partner is ready, willing and excited to go on this new adventure with you, but because you aren’t sure what’s holding you back, what you want, or what’s missing, nothing ever really changes.

During our time together we are going to explore some of the key areas that stop you from having your desires fulfilled and the intimate life you crave.

  • We will release the energy of past lovers and sexual experiences, understanding why energy management is key if you’re sensitive to energy and how this impacts you.
  • We’ll release any guilt and shame over enjoying sex; exploring the good girl syndrome, family and cultural norms.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of what gets in the way of you experiencing the pleasure you desire, why you might fake pleasure and getting clear on what you really enjoy or want to try.
  • You’ll connect with your divine feminine energy, embodying your powerful sensual energy and accepting your body. You’ll feel more confident in asking for what you want and finally bringing your desires to life.

Can you imagine walking around with a smile so big because you’re having so much fun, so much pleasure and you feel like the woman you were always meant to be. This programme is a game changer; I love seeing the transformations, breakthroughs and possibilities…. because I know life is about to get very exciting for these woman and their partners.

Any questions, then please do get in contact.

Until next time!


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