I’m always waiting for my life to begin

I’m always waiting for my life to begin

This is such a common form of sabotage, because we are effectively telling ourselves that we don’t deserve success, happiness or pleasure right now. We are so focused on where we need to get to and what needs to happen, that we forget to enjoy the life that is unfolding right in front of us.

We ignore the pleas of people who want to spend time with us, we push our bodies on until there is nothing left in the tank, we deny ourselves simple pleasures such as a beautiful sunset, the stunning colours of nature, the laughter of our own children, the touch and love of our partner,  and all because we are too focused on the future. We have lost our ability to be present and to receive.

We kid ourselves with beliefs about not deserving things yet, that somehow we must work harder first. More must be achieved before we are worthy and have earnt it. This is a belief that keeps people constantly pushing things away and sabotaging pleasure, joy, laughter and fun. We are literally telling the universe with our thoughts and energy, that we’re not ready, that we have to wait and so this is exactly what we get. Only adding to our confusion and frustration.

Have a look at this list and see if any of it resonates:

  • You tell yourself that you’ll buy some new clothes when you’ve lost more weight
  • You tell yourself that you’ll take time off when everything is done and organised
  • You feel guilty when you stop and rest, especially if there is more to be done around the house, or for the business
  • You question if you really deserve success, money, abundance and opportunity… and you can’t even begin to think about if you deserve happiness.
  • Friends ask you out for coffee, dinner etc and even though the work could wait, you say no.
  • There is spare cash in the bank for you to finally get your hair cut, but you don’t want to spend it ‘just in case’. You tell yourself you can wait another month or two!
  • You constantly feel anxiety and fearful.

When you have been caught in a cycle of waiting and always thinking about the future, it can be very hard to become present again. This thinking is simply a habit that needs to be broken.

To make this easier, reflect on the following questions:

  • When you think about enjoying life now, what resistance, fears or beliefs come up for you?
  • What beliefs stop you from taking a break and simply doing nothing? If you feel you’re being lazy, who’s voice are you really hearing?
  • Why would you not be deserving of more?
  • If some gave you a permission slip to enjoy every moment of this day, what would you do? How would it feel?

We have all experienced many things in our lifetime and been influenced by other people, all of which can contribute to this. It’s time to let go of the past and create healthy habits that can allow you to be in the moment, that allow you to have peace of mind and that allow you to enjoy your life.

So what can you do to change this habit – allowing yourself more pleasure and to become more present:

  1. Reflect on the above questions – you need to get your conscious mind on board to see and feel that change is needed
  2. Try EFT to get to the root cause  – I’ve shared some suggestions below and of course, you can always book some sessions with me!
  3. Express gratitude for everything you already have in life already. Being in this vibration will bring even more into your life
  4. Journal on your ideal life….. expressing gratitude for everything you now have. Really get into the feeling of this. Savor every sight, smell and touch of this new life
  5. Ask yourself what you need to do, to become energetically aligned with this new life. What would allow you to receive more right now? What needs to be in place so that you can rest without guilt? What do you need to let go of so that the list is done?
  6. Meditate and focus on your Sacral Chakra – this is our pleasure centre and if you’re blocked, this might need some attention and love

You do not have to wait for life to begin anymore…. you just have to chose differently and decide that you’re ready to begin living now. You are already deserving and worth it, you are already beautiful, you’ve already done enough…. enjoy life now, before it passes you by and all you’re left with are regrets and the distance memories of people who once wanted to spend time with you!

Decide today that you are not going to wait any more and that you’re ready to create and live a life you love!

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Until next time!


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