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How to heal your inner child

How to heal your inner child

We all have an inner child that can make itself known at the most inconvenient times. Often when we’re facing something new or unfamiliar, embracing change or taking a risk and sometimes when life simply gets too good.

Your inner child made decisions all those years ago, that certain things will happen in life and that people always behave in certain ways. Because of that, your inner child put protective measures in place to ensure you wouldn’t be hurt again and to keep you safe.

When you try and break away from the safe and familiar, it reminds you of all the reasons you’re not safe and why you shouldn’t make changes, try something new, or give up control. Not ideal when you’re wanting to make changes your life or business.

You can find yourself behaving in ways that make no sense to you and this is because it’s all happening in the subconscious. The original wound or trauma, was never given the chance to heal and as an adult you’re influenced by that open wound.

Do these sound familiar:

  • You find yourself becoming who others want you to be, instead of embracing your authentic self
  • You can be envious, judgemental and critical of others
  • You tend to be a perfectionist and can fear failing and getting things wrong
  • You would choose not to speak up and instead conform
  • You hide how you really feel and what you want and need
  • You’ll pretend you’re strong and okay, even if you aren’t
  • You tend to mistrust people, they can’t be relied on
  • You need to control things and people
  • You have low self esteem and sense of self worth
  • You find it hard to deal with intense emotions
  • You fear abandonment and being alone

The outcome from these is often overwhelm, taking on too much and driving yourself to physical and mental exhaustion.

Please don’t judge yourself if you identify with most things on this list. Right now your inner child needs your compassion, understanding and unconditional love. It needs the things from you, that you never received as a small child. So when you find your inner child making an appearance and driving your choices and actions, ask her what is needed; perhaps what you never got as a young child?

Are you willing to do that for yourself now and do some inner child healing?

If you feel ready to give more focus to your own inner healing and self-care, then just know my support is available to you and that you’re not alone.

Here are some self-care methods, to heal your inner child:

  • Talk therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT/Tapping – some people find that they need to share their experiences and understand where everything began.
  • Meditation to calm the inner mind and the nervous system.
  • Breathwork, to release trauma, energy and the past so that you can step more freely into your future and who you are now.
  • Energy work, which is deeply relaxing and helps you to connect with yourself again.
  • A blend of all the above! This is where I come in.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to heal your inner child trauma and wounds. The most important thing with this work, is to find someone you trust and feel safe with.

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Helping sensitive souls to embody self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief

The following are some of the most common questions I get asked about inner child healing. If you have a question of your own, you’re welcome to drop me an email.


What is inner child healing?

When we’re young we often experience things that can cause us trauma and emotional pain. Most people are never aware of how their childhood and their experiences are affecting them now. For some people their younger self is making all of their adult decisions, which is pretty scary and also explains a lot. When we commit to doing inner child healing, we’re going back to the original wounds and understanding how that experience, time in our life, or trauma changed us. We want to understand the beliefs that we created, which in turn became our truth. Sometimes awareness of this changes our future choices, suddenly we realise that it’s okay to be seen or speak up, we know it’s safe to ask for what we want and we know beyond any doubt that we deserve unconditional love because we’re enough.

How to heal inner child guilt wound?

There are a number of ways to heal your inner child, whether you want to focus on guilt, or any other strong emotion; such as shame, regret, anger, fear of abandonment and fear of not being enough. Working with someone you feel safe with and trust to hold a safe space is crucial here, because together you can discover what the guilt is really about and then release it. The chances are, your younger self was made to feel guilt for something that wasn’t your fault, or that was very minor. The trouble is, a young child doesn’t always know how to stand up for themselves and doesn’t have the emotional maturity to process things for themselves. For example, you may have been made to feel guilty for breaking something that belonged to another when you were having fun and were then shouted at or ignored. This could lead to an avoidance of having fun, because what if you break something and are then shouted at or abandoned. The mind is truly amazing at how it pieces things together and the meaning we give things. Once you have a understanding and awareness of the guilt, you can use things like hypnosis, EFT, breathwork, meditation etc to let it go.

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