A large, sprawling tree with an expansive canopy of lush green leaves, casting shadows on the vibrant green grass in a sunny park setting, offering a perfect spot to ground myself.

How can I ground myself?

How can I ground myself?

A daily grounding technique is beneficial for everyone, but being an empath, highly sensitive person (HSP) and an energy worker, being grounded is essential for me. Without this I would quickly become overwhelmed and begin to question if my gifts really were a gift!!

Basically grounding is about helping you to get rid of the excess energy that you may have running around your body and brings you back to the present moment feeling calm, collected and peaceful…. your spiritual energy (soul) can now feel comfortable in your physical body. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it!

You might be wondering why you should care about grounding (some people refer to this as earthing), but if you know you’re a sensitive soul, you’re an empath or a healer, then grounding should be as much a part of your day as eating and showering! If everyone committed to a daily practice of grounding, the world would be a much more peaceful place.

So let’s talk about some more benefits of grounding:

  • You will feel more peace and calm in your life
  • You will feel in flow with life
  • It will be easier for you to surrender and trust that everything is happening for a reason
  • You will be more deeply connected to your intuition and so making decisions will be much easier for you
  • You’ll be in control of your thoughts and the mind chatter and not the other way around
  • You’ll enjoy the present moment and easily be able to tap into appreciation and gratitude for what you have
  • You’ll feel energised, healthy and vibrant

Here are some ways to tell if you’re un-grounded:

  • You’ll get caught up in the noise of the ego… for example believing that there is lack everywhere, there are things to fear, that you’re not enough etc etc.. Your mind will begin to master you, instead of the other way around. Negativity, self doubt and fear will be a constant companion!
  • You’ll feel light headed, spacey or ‘away with the fairies’. It basically means foggy headed and unable to concentrate. Personally I can lose my train of thought and often forget things, especially in conversation
  • From a healers point of view, you’ll be unable to work fully with those beautiful high energies – again from a personal perspective, if I’m not grounded, then I’m not able to bring down those higher vibrational energies into my physical reality and make the changes I need for both me and clients.
  • You could feel physically out of sorts, lacking energy and emotionally drained
  • Being overly sensitive to noise, light and crowds of people. As an HSP, this is common for me anyway, but it’s when it seems to have gone to a whole new level that I know it’s time for some tree hugging!
  • Being clumsy – walking into things and dropping things are very common
  • Taking on too much emotionally and energetically from those around you and feeling out of sorts for no real reason. Their energy can be overwhelming and you just know that it’s not your ‘stuff’

So let me share some things that you could do every day to help you ground:

  • Move your body, even better if its outside
  • Go and walk outside in nature…hugging a tree might sound funny, but believe me, it will calm your energy right down. Even better if you can be bare foot.Being in nature and more importantly around trees is an essential part of my healing and grounding practice. Being around trees is where I truly feel peace and at home! They rejuvenate me in a way I can’t fully describe
  • Deep breathing into your belly. Shallow breathing into the chest can make anxiety and panic worse. The body needs those deep cleansing breathes and just two minutes of this will help
  • Get out into the garden and tend to your plants and flowers… get your hands mucky!
  • Swimming or paddling in natural water – just think the sea, lakes, rivers and streams
  • Meditate and imagine roots connecting you to the centre of the earth. I always call on Mother Gaia to come and give a helping hand!
  • Yoga – so many different postures to choose from. This is a useful blog with pictures that could help.
  • Eat grounding foods, such as root vegetables. They have been grown in the ground and so will support you in feeling more grounded within
  • Chocolate – a great excuse to be a little naughty!! Ensure the chocolate is high quality and preferable organic
  • Salt baths – I love doing these. Tip in loads of sea salt, hawaiian salt, or himalayan salt and then just lie back and relax. This is also very cleansing and great for expelling toxins.
  • Crystals – as a general guide anything black is helpful. Here are a few to get you started: black tourmaline, black obsidian, black diopside, smokey quartz and my personal favourites Boji Stones!
  • Some people swear by Earthing Mats – they are an alternative to bare foot walking. They also have a great anti oxidant affect, so perfect if you tend to use a lot of technology.
  • Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release the emotions that are keeping your mind so busy and away from the present moment.

I hope all of this was useful for you… remember everyone would benefit from a daily practice of grounding – so consider what you could introduce easily into your day.

If you need some help with clearing the emotions that are keeping you from fully grounding, then maybe its time to come and do some work with me! Together we can work on your energy and your emotions.

If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


Self-Care Coach & Healer

Helping sensitive souls to embody self-care, self-acceptance and self-belief

The following are some of the most common questions I get asked about grounding. If you have a question of your own, you’re welcome to drop me an email.

What are grounding techniques?

Grounding techniques are the things that you can do, to feel more centred, balanced and calm within yourself. If you look at the text above, I share a number of things that you can try when grounding. You may find that certain things are more appealing to you and easier to fit into your life. The most important thing is that it works and that it helps you.

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