An open book on a wooden surface with colorful mystical lights and sparkles emanating from the pages, creating an atmosphere of spiritual awakening.

Have you had your own spiritual awakening?

Have you had your own spiritual awakening?

There is no ‘right’ way to awaken to spirituality. It will always be the perfect process for you.

Some people need the big dramatic moments to really take notice and other people can get there just as easily with nudges along the way. Don’t feel like you have to wait for this huge breakdown, or tragedy…. If you’re ready, you just have to decide that you want to live your life differently.

I can very clearly remember my own spiritual awakening. Like most people I was going through some challenging times in life – my relationship was far from ideal, my company was going through its second restructure and my job was under threat again, and from a health point of view, I was struggling to stay pregnant. I had the sense that there had to be some meaning in this struggle, I had no idea what that was, but I refused to accept the alternative.

After experiencing a second miscarriage at 12 weeks, I started asking questions of myself… was I meant to have more children, was I meant to have another child with my husband, was I meant to do a different job. Nothing made sense and I was desperately searching for answers and a better way.

After a session with my acupuncturist, he suggested a book that might help… and so that weekend I went to the bookshop. Funnily enough that was not the book I brought – something about it told me that it wasn’t time yet (even then I would listen to my gut feelings), but I did buy 2 books that were the catalysts for me  – The Invitation and The Power of Now.

Suddenly everything made so much more sense. It gave me a feeling of calm and peace that I had not felt in a long time. I knew there was meaning in my life and that things were happening for me, not to me! Quite a revelation!

I couldn’t get enough of spiritual books and I was reading all the time…. I was so excited by what I was learning, but at the same time I felt quite alone, because others didn’t share my enthusiasm, or even understand my journey. Without doubt, these books opened up a gateway for me, but it was another few years before I was actively putting some of these principles into practice.

I could see the bigger meaning in things and I could let events and situations go, but I was really struggling with my relationships. Boundaries, people pleasing and being a victim were a real issue for me…. so when I say I understand, I really do!

We all know that people can be our greatest teachers and this is invaluable for our spiritual and personal growth, but it seemed to be that my closest friends, my family, my husband and my daughter were all trying to teach me something at once. It often felt overwhelming and too much and at times I just wanted to run away. The growth was causing me pain and I doubted myself many times…but I always came through to the other side. Sometimes quickly, other times more slowly, but I always got there!

When you are in the depths of despair and I tell you the light is coming, that it is brighter than ever, and that chaos always comes before clarity and calm, I am not saying that just to make you feel better, I know it to be true.

Slowly but surely I started facing the fears behind setting boundaries and people pleasing. When I realised I had been playing the victim, I can’t even begin to tell you the shame I felt! I would never have described myself as someone who would choose to be a martyr, or a victim and I was incredibly cross and disappointed in myself … which gave me the perfect opportunity to practice self compassion and self forgiveness. Clearly not a coincidence!

So what about you?

Would you label yourself as spiritual?

Have you been through any life changing events that have brought you to this point OR has it been a gradual process?

Perhaps it would be helpful to have some questions to consider? Look at these and if you answered yes, to even one, then you have a spiritual outlook on life.

  • You are very self aware and you want to know and understand yourself
  • You want to know the purpose for your life
  • You try to be happy and think positive
  • You look for the bigger meaning in things
  • You look for the learning in all events, circumstances and situation, even when they don’t turn out the way you had hoped
  • You strive for acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of others
  • You believe that we are all connected
  • You listen to your intuition/gut feelings and know that there is truth in what you feel

There are many different signs of becoming more spiritual awake, some are a bit more woo and out there, but here are some common things that you might experience:

  • You surrender and give up the fear and worry about things that may or may not happen
  • You choose to spend your time and energy in different places
  • The people in your life may change. As you begin to look at the world differently, your emit a different energetic vibration and it is no longer a match for certain people in your life.
  • You become more sensitive than usual – to foods, people, crowds, noise, places, smells. Everything seems to affect you more. Part of this can be about finally accepting that you are a highly sensitive person too!
  • You have always enjoyed being in nature, but now it calls you even more. You feel at peace, connected and recharged.
  • Changes in what you want to watch on TV or read – you are more aware of being inspired and filled up,rather than depleted by negativity, drama and nonsense!
  • You start to notice all the coincidences in your life

Many people are living a spiritual way of life and not even realising it. Often people will say things about how they look at the world or themselves and it comes from a very spiritual place, they just don’t recognise it as a spiritual statement or practice.

If you feel you would like more support with navigating this exciting and new path, I would love to help you. Whether it’s about being able to to fully let go of the past, or helping you with what you want things to look like in the future, I am always here for you.

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If you have any questions then just let me know.

Until next time!


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