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– Let’s talk mindset!

It’s time to stop messing about when it comes to your dreams and desires. You have wasted enough time trying, pushing and doing – let me help you get beneath the self sabotaging habits to ensure you have clarity on what you want, the confidence to know it’s possible for you, the courage to face your fears and the conviction to take action and NEVER give up!

  • Gain the confidence to truly believe in yourself.


  • Have the courage to face your fears.


  • Have the conviction to take action and ensure you never lose faith.

I would be delighted to share the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with your colleagues, team or group and talk about how you can feel more confidence and courageous in your life. Let me help you move past self sabotage and finally take action on the things that matter!

I am able to do this both in person or over the internet… it’s the beauty of modern technology! My session range from 60 minutes, up to all day events and cost depends on what you need and group size. More and more people are using this incredible healing tool in their personal lives and I’m excited to see people share openly how it has helped them with creating more success, wealth and happiness.

Let me share some feedback, so you know what to expect:

“I invited Marie Houlden to run a guest expert slot workshop in my private course, knowing that my clients may need some help to work through fears around being on camera. Marie’s guest workshop totally exceeded all our expectations.. as the host it’s a joy when the guest has the ability to ‘take control’ and completely guide the session. Marie created a safe and warm space where we all felt totally relaxed and able to follow along., volunteers were specifically guided and the power of sharing that was extraordinary. During the session Marie worked through fears and blocks that benefited the whole group. The feedback from my group was fantastic too, everyone felt they had an experience to take away and build on. I am looking forward to having Marie back again. If you are interested in a guest expert for your course or membership then I highly recommend you invite Marie, you and your clients will be totally hooked”.

Justina Rosu (Personal Brand Video Coach & Strategist) -

“Marie is a beautiful soul clearly dedicated to her work in helping others step in to their power. She is confidently competent and skilled at getting to the heart of the issue and helping to release some of the core programming we experience. I love her calm focus in holding space – I felt very safe. Thank you Marie for the difference you are making to my and other people’s lives”.

Sarah Sonraya Grace (Creative Women in Business) -

“There are moments in your life when you realise you are exactly where you need to be. Today i had that realisation as a sat in a workshop run by the phenomenal Marie Houlden. She truly is exceptional. She holds a power that is incomparable. A gentle knowing and gifts that exude love and calm. My great pleasure to have shared space with this incredible powerhouse. Thank you for holding the space so beautifully”.

Babita Gill (Founder of You, My Friend) -

“Marie held a group EFT workshop for my team and I have to say she was brilliant. Intuitive, honest and her training was spot on. So much so that we’ve just held another session. This will not be our last either. Everyone got so much out of it and although emotional at times, I felt it really cleared some of the blocks that were holding us all back. Thank you so much Marie”.

Naomi (Arbonne International) -

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