Do you struggle to be consistent in your work or business and because of that you lack steady and reliable income? Do you often get passed over for promotions, projects or opportunities? Do you feel invisible, insignificant and ignored? Are you too afraid to ask clients for the sale, or to ask for a pay increase? Do you believe that speaking up is simply not worth it, the consequences of your truth and asserting boundaries are just too great? If so, you're in the right place...

Are you ready to express your truth with confidence and with an inner knowing that your thoughts and opinions matter? Are you ready to make conscious and aligned choices that feel right for you and that truly reflect you and the way you want to live life? Are you ready to feel safe in speaking up; understanding your past and being able to regulate your body and nervous system?

If your answer is 'YES', then it's time to embrace healing, find your voice and allow yourself more health, wealth, & happiness...

Twice a month we’ll have approximately 2 blissful hours together. We’ll explore some key areas when it comes to expressing your truth, that I know will change how you feel and how you show up for yourself. The first part of the class will leave you with insights, practical tips and some actions to implement within your life. It’s not enough to have more information and insights, it’s through taking action that change occurs, so I want to give you the time and space to commit to this.

I truly believe that this course is needed now, more than ever before. So many people are struggling with their sense of self and feeling disconnected from their own truth. They stay quiet to avoid conflict and to stay connected to others, often because it feels unsafe and uncomfortable to rock the boat.

So many of us can feel alone and confused when it comes to who we are, what we want and what we feel. How can you express your truth, when you don’t even know yourself? This programme will change that, because you’ll feel more deeply connected to yourself than ever before. The first part of each class engages your conscious mind and the second part (the breathwork and energy healing) engages the subconscious mind…and we all know how much power is stored here! Breathwork is a simple and yet powerful healing technique which helps to clear away those heavier emotions; fear, stress, overwhelm, panic, anger, resentment, and that feeling of being out of control.

You can also experience intense healing from things such as grief, trauma, the mother wound, the father wound, generational wounds, healing from narcissistic relationships and so much more. I am yet to find an area of life that this incredible modality can not reach and I know that it’s perfect for finding your voice and speaking your truth. Self reflection and breathwork is a powerful way of awakening your own energy and of reconnecting with yourself. You’ll get the clarity you need on who you are and what you want and need. After each class, you’ll feel lighter, less anxious and stressed, feeling more connected to yourself and your intuition.

Over the course of the 8 modules, you’ll feel more courageous in speaking your truth and standing up for yourself, you’ll begin the process of releasing toxic relationship, asserting healthy boundaries, stopping the people pleasing and finally feeling good about expressing your truth.

During these 8 modules, we will be exploring...


In order to understand our choices now and what’s brought us to this point, we need to explore the past. In this module we’ll be looking at the memories you have of speaking up and being truthful; what was the impact of expressing your truth. I’ll invite you to reflect on what you saw modelled in others and the consequences of their choices. Part of this is looking at inherited trauma, because it doesn’t always start with us, we’re simply copying the habits and behaviours of others and acting out fears that didn’t come from our own life experiences.

We’ll then begin the process of forgiving yourself for not speaking up in the past and forgiving those that didn’t listen. When you can begin the process of releasing guilt, regret, shame and anger everything changes. It becomes much easier to feel happy and be fully present, finding the pleasure in even the smallest things in life.


I’ll help you to rediscover who you are, by rebuilding your confidence and sense of self worth. It’s time to love and accept yourself and know that you’re worthy and deserving of having the things you truly desire, without settling and conforming to the needs and desires of others. People pleasing is a trauma response (fawning) and while it may have helped you to survive as young children, you’re an adult now and so it’s time to let that habit go.

Trust in yourself is key if you want to truly move forward with confidence and peace. You’ll be able to make better decisions, knowing they come from a place of total alignment for you. You will have the courage within to listen to your intuition and act on it; even if it’s asking you to do difficult and challenging things.


We’ll look at your current coping strategies when you’re required to say something or take action; do you lie, do you ghost people, do you run from the situation, do you use passive aggressive behaviours? We often carry so much shame and self judgement over how we’re handling things, but the truth is we don’t know any other way.

Not speaking our truth also has an impact on us physically, so could it be that your aches, pains and niggles are a result of not feeling able or free to express your truth? Can you imagine letting go of the physical pain that no longer has a place in your life?

To move past the fear of speaking up and expressing your truth, we need to understand what you’re holding onto from the past. We’ll look at consequences; what happened to you, or others when they spoke up, or did what was right for them? So much of the fear is unfounded now, but our inner child and our body remembers. I’ll help you to release those old fears and to feel confidence and brave in expressing your truth.


It’s time to explore the range of relationships and connections in your life and where expressing your truth is more of a challenge. Often we can feel very confident in speaking up with certain people, or groups, but when faced with that one situation or person, we crumble. It can often feel so confusing. This is another chance to heal the past and the child within. I’ll help you to get clear on where you need to focus your healing and inner exploration and what this could really be connected to.

We’ll also touch on some toxic relationships, such as the narcissist & empath dynamic and how this impacts your ability to express your truth. Not only will this module give you clarity over past relationships and your choices, it will help you as you move forward. Being able to identity toxic behaviours is key in avoiding toxic relationships.


Some people just intuitively know how far they can push us and exactly what to say or do, to get what they want or need. It can leave us feeling exhausted, violated and completely under appreciated.  We say yes when we mean no, we do things we don’t want to do, or we don’t have time for, and all of this leaves us feeling resentful and angry. This can happen in our personal life and in our business, so it’s an essential topic to explore.

To feel truly free, happy and in alignment with ourselves, we need to have boundaries and we need to feel confident in expressing our truth. Otherwise we can lose sight of who we are and why we’re here. In this module we’ll be exploring emotional, energetic, mental and physical boundaries. You’ll get clear on your current boundaries and what you really need moving forward.


The inability to express your truth shows up constantly in your business. It can often feel like one step forward and two back, as soon as you build momentum with being present, consistent and speaking up, you sabotage, procrastinate and go back to hiding. Something shifted and you aren’t even sure what.

For some it can mean that clients, peers, or bosses walk all over you…. asking for too much or setting impossible deadlines, which you find yourselves adhering to. Perhaps you don’t ask for the sale, or don’t go for that promotion, because it all feels too risky and unsafe. Maybe it feels hard to be authentically you, to say what you really think, to share your ideas, or just say when you don’t agree.

In this module I want you to get really clear on how your fears around expressing your truth are showing up in your work and business.


Self sabotage is so common and often we aren’t even aware it’s happening. We believe the excuses we’re giving ourselves and we can’t see that we’ve just given our power away again.

We’ll look at how sabotage can show up in your life and business, the excuses you give yourself and others for not speaking up and what’s really going on. Sabotage can sometimes be a trauma response, so in this module we’ll talk about the impact of trauma and this effects your choices and how you feel.

Once you see how you’ve been holding yourself back, it gives you so much power. If you’ve held yourself back, you can allow yourself to shine!


You’re doing everything right, following the advice, doing the inner work and yet the things you desire are still just out of reach. The final part of this journey together is helping you to feel safe in opening your heart again and helping your body to feel safe with change, growth and expansion.

Regulating our nervous system and trusting that more is safe is such an important part of our healing. Too often we think it’s our mindset, but while we consciously know we’re safe, the body is still stuck in the past and isn’t convinced.

We’ll also explore receiving as a whole, including how you feel when others share their truth and how you receive their feedback and truth.

This module will bring together any final bits of clarity, forgiveness (self & others) and healing that you need to move forward with more confidence in expressing your truth. It will also help you to create more alignment in your life, because you’ll know what’s right for you.


“I can wax lyrical about a lot of things but I don’t say this very often but truly, hand on heart,  I have never experienced anything like my breathwork session with Marie before. I have worked with many healing modalities in my time, and I was very resistant to breathwork. But because I know, love and trust Marie,  and know incredible  shifts I have felt with her before, I decided to trust and have the session. I can honestly say I have never felt energy, lightness, inner peace and the feeling of safety like I did during that breathwork session with her. It was almost like being intoxicated, but in the sweetest way imaginable. Since then I have had big releases and I have been shown things that I need to heal. I know I will be having many, many more sessions. Please don’t hesitate in jump in feet first with this work, it is a magical journey that will truly help and heal with everything this year is throwing at us”
Dipti Solanki - Grief Coach

"Breathwork has been a powerful experience for me. I can certainly notice the shifts and differences (for the better) in my life after a session. I feel totally at ease with Marie on the sessions, and trust her implicitly with holding space for me whilst I work through shifting negative energy in my body. There is something very grounding, comforting and special in how Marie holds space for you and works with you energetically. If you haven’t tried it already, I recommend you at least give it a go’. (Kelly Hailes - Health Coach & Wellness Advocate)

Kelly Hailes -

I recently had my first on-line breathwork session with Marie. Marie is such a beautiful soul and she has a way of making you feel completely at ease, she created a very safe and nurturing space for the session. Marie has a real gift for holding space, she has a lovely calm voice and a gentle way of guiding you through the process. I really enjoyed the session and it was amazing to experience how powerful and healing our breath is. I finished the session in a state of complete bliss! I would highly recommend experiencing one of Marie’s breathwork sessions and I can’t wait for my next one.

Chris Squires - Yoga Teacher
"Breathwork is a truly powerful and enriching experience and Marie holds the energy so beautifully and with such confidence and ease, whether you're in a group or having a private session. Undertaking breathwork with someone like Marie, who holds the energetic space beautifully and with great strength, it's like nothing I have every experienced before. I love the power that I create during the active part of breathwork sessions. The power of my own energy vibrating throughout my body. It pulls me back and reminds me that I am an energetic being at my very essence and that, honing into my energy, I am truly positively powerful. That gives me the assurance and confidence that I can bring about change in my life and in the lives of others when I remember to harness the energy that lies at my very source. During the relaxation and releasing part of each breathwork session, I have felt something different each time; the feeling of the energy within my body being cleansed by the angels, the beautiful buzzing of my chakras being re-awakened, feeling closer to energetic beings who are supporting and guiding me each day, visualisations and realisations of who I am and how I am at my very essence. Each experience has been different, each experience unique, each experience truly special and memorable. breathwork also helps my body cleanse and purge after each session, releasing what I may have been holding onto that hasn't been benefiting my body, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. And after my body has cleansed itself, I feel a sense of lightness, of healthiness, of calmness, and of strength."
Viv McAlister - Angel Guide Mentor
I have been doing Breathwork with Marie Houlden in group settings, and one-to-one for several months now and I can safely say that it is life-changing. I've done A LOT of inner work over the years, with different teachers, mentors, healers and techniques but nothing comes close to Marie's Breathwork.
I have cleared trauma that I didn't know was there, as well as crap that I couldn't shift with other tools. I have gained clarity, peace and had light-bulb ideas.  In fact I find Marie and this technique so amazing that I asked her to do monthly sessions for my Life Reboot Camp members, and they are convertees now too!
Do yourself a favour and give it a try, it is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Sophie LeBrozec - Founder of Life Reboot Camp
Speaking up is something I have struggled with since I was a child. Through doing my own inner healing I discovered some very early memories that had a massive impact on how safe I felt in speaking up and the impact of my truth. It was not safe to speak up and even if I did I wasn’t heard.


It made me choosy about who I shared my thoughts and beliefs with and as I got older and entered into relationships, it impacted my choice of partner and the friends I was drawn to.  I knew this was an area of healing for me, but I hadn’t fully appreciated how much.
Choosing to conform, stay quiet and not speak up, has impacted how I feel about myself, the emotions I have struggled to release and let go, what I have allowed from others at home and in my work, and it’s impacted my physical health. When we start looking at the price we pay for not being true to ourselves, we can see that the price is too high.
Even within my work I can see how these early beliefs have impacted me – loose boundaries with clients, people pleasing, over giving, being mindful of really challenging people in case they didn’t like me any more and not being as visible or consistent as I wanted to be. Expressing my truth is a continually moving journey, but it’s one I’m fully committed to.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You need to heal the wounds from the past because you want things to be different. You’re fed up with second guessing yourself, doubting yourself and not believing in who you are.
  • You don’t feel heard, understood or appreciated in your relationships.
  • When you think about speaking up you feel terrified. What will they say or think, will they abandon you, will they judge you? It just feels easier to stay silence.
  • Being honest makes you fear the wrath of others, will they attack you because you don’t agree with them, or you’ve said something they don’t agree with.
  • Being honest in the past led to humiliation and ridicule, you’re just not sure you can go go thorough that again and so you hold back or outright lie to keep the peace.
  • Speaking your truth and asking for what you want and need feel totally alien to you. You’ve spent so many years people pleasing and being what others need to be, that you often feel lost and confused. How can you speak your truth when you don’t know who you are.
  • When you’ve spoken up in the past it’s caused pain to others. As a sensitive soul this is really hard to see and feel, so you choose to keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • You’re constantly overlooked in your personal life and in your work. You’ve felt invisible for so long and now you’re ready to be seen, to shine and to take up space. Your ready to draw the right people, opportunities and abundance to you with ease.
  • You have this intuitive feeling that your physical symptoms are in part caused by your inability to express yourself and to do what’s right for you.
  • Allowing yourself to receive has always felt very uncomfortable. You don’t want to feel indebted to others and you have so many conditions around how and when you should receive.
  • You’ve resisted doing the deeper healing until now, because you had no idea what might come up. You know now that your opinions matter, your voice matters and you have as much right as everyone else to live authentically…. you just need some support, a safe container and accountability as you navigate this healing.

Expressing your truth is a form of self love and compassion... it's time to find your voice, speak your truth and live an authentic life!

WARNING…..Self reflection and insight, combined with breathwork is powerful, intense and if you come with an open heart and an open mind, it will be one of the most powerful and profound journeys you’ve ever taken!

EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH - DELIVERED WITH 'MY HEALING MEMBERSHIP' Jam packed with live calls, direct access to me and resources

£ 77 Monthly payments of £77
• Monthly payments of £77 for as long as you stay a member
• 2 x Group EFT calls a month with Energy Healing via Guided Meditations
• 2 x Group Breathwork classes every month
• Private Facebook group with daily access to me
• Join 'Express Your Truth' (Live rounds start again in 2023)
• Access to my EFT & Meditation Library & over 250 videos (worth over £100)
• Access to a variety of self study programmes to help
• Private training suite filled with information on alignment
intuition and being sensitive
• Accountability if you want it

EXPRESS MY TRUTH - DELIVERED WITH 'MY HEALING MEMBERSHIP' Jam packed with live calls, direct access to me and resources

£ 499 £499 for 12 months membership, saving £425
• Membership for 12 months for £499
• 2 x Group EFT calls a month with Energy Healing via Guided Meditations
• 2 x Group Breathwork classes every month
• Private Facebook group with daily access to me
• Join 'Express Your Truth' (Live rounds start again in Jan 2023)
• Access to my EFT & Meditation Library & over 250 videos (worth over £100)
• Access to a variety of self study programmes to help
• Private training suite filled with information on alignment
intuition and being sensitive
• Accountability if you want it

Commonly Asked Questions

When are the calls?

The calls for Express Your Truth will be on a Thursday evening @ 7.30pm UK time. Everything will be recorded and a replay shared.

The additional calls that you’ll benefit from within The Healing Membership are:

  • EFT & Energy HealingSecond and fourth Wednesday of the month at 11.30am UK time, 12.30pm CET, 6.30am ET
  • Breathwork – 2 Thursdays a month at 7.30pm UK time / 8.30pm CET / 11.30am PST / 2.30pm ET

What if I can't attend live?

There will be a replay of every call will be placed in the Facebook Group and in the training suite within 24 hours. This allows you to listen at at time that is right for you. I would encourage you to block out the sessions in advance, because there is so much power and healing in doing this with the group and live.

Will there be homework?

Each week you’ll be invited to reflect on what came up for you in the sessions. This is more about allowing space for the truth to emerge. You may want to commit to taking action, so you might see this as ‘homework’.

Does it matter than I've not done EFT or Breathwork before?

No not at all.. here is a link to what EFT is and how I use it. You will soon wonder how you ever lived without EFT.

Breathwork is a very simple, yet powerful tool and at the start of every call I will explain everything you need to feel comfortable and safe. Most people find that after tying it once, they become addicted

How many people will be on the calls?

The numbers on each live call can vary, but as a guide, I would say between 9 and 15. There will be plenty of chances to ask questions and be heard. Don’t forget you also have the Facebook Group and the other regular live calls. With the EFT calls, I always ensure that we take turns so everyone has the chance to share, ask questions or have a personalised script created for them.

Will there be a community group for additional support?

Yes definitely. There is a Facebook Group for My Healing Membership, where you will be surrounded and supported by like minded souls.

If you have any of the following conditions, it’s essential that you contact your doctor or health care provider before joining this program or booking a private session. Unfortunately, I can not accept any liability for what may happen if you partake in a session with these existing conditions. By booking and/or paying for the session, you are accepting full liability for your own experience and outcome of breath work. If you are in any way concerned about joining a session, I would suggest that breath work is probably not for you at this time. You would be very welcome to email me to discuss further. Existing conditions to be mindful of before taking a breath work class are:

• Cardiovascular problems
• High or abnormal blood pressure
• History of aneurysms
• Epilepsy or history of seizures
• If you’re on heavy medication
• You have severe psychiatric symptoms, in particular psychosis or paranoia
• Bipolar depression
• Osteoporosis
• If you have had any recent surgery
• Glaucoma
• Pregnancy
• If you have an active addictive
• If you have any other mental illness where you require support or treatment