A serene bamboo forest with tall, straight trunks reaching toward a sunlit canopy, creating a vibrant green tunnel contraction.

Expansion follows contraction

Expansion follows contraction

“Birthing is never easy or without pain, be it a universe, a child, or a fresh start in life. Contraction precedes expansion. Darkness comes before dawn. Joy follows pain. This is the way of things.”  John Mark Green

How true this quote is and how relevant it’s been for me recently… it’s also why I like this picture of Bamboo, because so much happens beneath the surface for years and then one day it just shoots up and reaches so high, leaving you wondering what happened!

In a world that is forever racing onto the next thing to conquer and complete and rewards those that ‘gets stuff done’, we can feel so guilty if we choose to listen to what our body needs and just stop. We fear judgement, we fear missing out and we fear getting left behind,  ultimately we fear we’re not enough.

Yet stopping, contracting and going within, is exactly what we need to do before times of great expansion.

We need to gather our thoughts and be clear about our next step. We need to allow our physical vibration to increase to a place where the growth that is coming is sustainable and isn’t followed by everything crashing down when we hit our upper limits. We need to clear our resistance to being more than we’ve ever been and receiving everything that is our birthright. Every part of us needs to be ready for that shift, those new choices and that new way of being. Our body, mind and soul needs to become aligned to the energy of where we’re heading, so that we can fully receive what is waiting for us. Figuring it out along the way, isn’t always the right choice for us, it can often lead to more heartache and disbelief because everything is so hard, isn’t working, or just doesn’t feel right.

Some people won’t resonate with this approach at all and that’s okay. They prefer to push on and deal with life as it happens and that’s their choice.. but after years of this approach, I’m ready for my growth to be easier. I have no desire to experience burnout again, or even dance with it a little. For me it’s time to listen to what my body, mind and soul really needs and shut out the noise of what’s around me. Part of embracing this approach is honouring the fact that I’m a sensitive soul and I need time and space in my life to think, be and decompress.

In the past I would have pushed on too, proud to wear that badge of being a quick action taker and accepting the pat on the back from those around me, but I’ve come to realise that this is not always the right approach for me and can often lead to me going off down the wrong path, or making things much harder for myself. My entire body, mind and soul was not ready or aligned for this next step… I rushed on, without doing the inner work, raising my vibration, or being truly clear on where I was heading and what I wanted.

Please don’t think that this is about giving yourself permission to procrastinate and sit with fear… too many people do that too. This is about listening to what your body, mind and soul needs in this moment and being in alignment, before you take those big leaps. If it feels right to dive in and plough on, then do that, but sometimes we need to stop and prepare ourselves because the changes that are coming are just so big and we have lots of old energy and conditioning to shed.

I wish I could tell you how long contraction lasts, but it’s different for everyone and it depends on what’s coming on the other side. If you’re about to step into something big, then it can take longer to lay the foundations and prepare, but, this is not always the case. When the energy and time is right, things can happen in an instant. So this is about you being able to connect with your inner truth and wisdom and trusting yourself.

If you’re wondering whether you are in a period of contraction, then these are some signs. Remember this time can be either a very positive experience, or something you fight against. The more you recognise these moments of contraction, the easier it will be to trust:

  • You desire time alone to be with yourself and your thoughts
  • You find yourself at peace with the process of life and for the first time, you trust that the answers are coming and clarity is coming. You can also feel that the time isn’t quite right for you yet and something bigger/something else is emerging or healing within you. There is an inner confidence and trust that all is well
  • You may find yourself feeling very low and wondering why you’re struggling, why you can’t figure this out and what the point is
  • You may find yourself increasingly irritated or agitated as you try and work out what’s next
  • You may find yourself triggered by those rushing ahead and taking action, who seem to have all this clarity
  • You may be fighting with exhaustion, as you desperately try and figure things out
  • You know you’re out of alignment, but you can’t identify where and why
  • You feel blocked creativity – inspiration and motivation is just not coming

If you’re struggling with your need to stop, rest and go within, maybe ask yourself these questions:

  • What judgements are you making about yourself for taking time out?
  • What’s the worst that can happen if you were to take time out and just do enough to keep things ticking over?
  • Who’s voice are you really hearing within you?
  • Who’s attention and approval are you trying to get by taking immediate action, pushing on and being in that masculine energy?
  • What if you could give yourself conscious permission to stop?
  • Can you think of a time where you slowed down, took a day off, went on holiday etc and then had your best ideas?
  • What would total alignment in your business and life look like? Have you been pushing against this in anyway, feeling like it’s not possible for you?

Every time I have experienced big expansion, first I contracted, I needed that time to prepare, to work on my mindset and my energy and get things in order…. after that it was easy. The times I have pushed on, to prove myself, gain approval or chase money, it has always bitten me in the bum and I’ve ended up wasting time, energy and money. Sometimes this contraction lasts a few days, but it has lasted a few months before. I had lots to figure out and a new path was emerging for me, but first I had to have the courage to accept the path, the person I would become and to plug all of my energetic leaks!

So I do understand and I want you to know you’re not alone and this will pass. Just remember, your soul knows exactly where it’s heading, so surrender and let it take the driving seat. If you want to know how to work with me then CLICK HERE.

Just know that you’re not alone and my support is available if you would like it.

Until next time!


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