Emotional Support

Using Essential Oils

You’ve tried everything to keep positive and to deal with your emotions, but they often get the better of you.

You’re overwhelmed and terrified that nothing is going to work and that you’ll feel like this forever.

You just want to be in control of your emotions and not the other way around.

How would you like to feel happy, calm and excited by life again?

Lovely lady… I understand and luckily I found something simple, natural and effective that can help!



Like many people I have dabbled with essential oils… Tea Tree for infections, Lavender in the Bath to soothe and heal (great for helping with chicken pox by the way!) and Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to make rooms smell nice. It was only earlier this year that I decided to take the leap and really understand what they could do for me and my emotions.

Why Essential Oils?

Well, they’re completely natural for a start and this is a huge bonus for me. I don’t believe in putting unnecessary chemicals into the body, if there is a natural alternative you can try. Plus I wanted something that I could use with my children too!
They’re easy to use and being a busy mum, I need things to be easy or I don’t use them. Personally, I use them in a diffuser, I use them directly on my body, in the bath and in my aromatherapy jewellery… every single day! Being a sensitive soul, I’ve not been able to wear perfume for years without sneezing and my eyes running – so the jewellery has meant I can actually enjoy wearing scents again and what lady doesn’t enjoy smelling nice!
They have helped to calm my emotions and made me feel ‘normal’ during some highly stressful times… overwhelm of children (especially in the holidays), grief at losing loved ones, lack of enthusiasm and motivation after a holiday, plus they connect me more deeply to my own intuition and gut feelings when I’m working.
I’ve tried other natural approaches to support my emotional well-being, such as herbs, bach flowers and crystals, but by far my favourite is these amazing oils. They have now become part of every day life for me and my children. I also use them alongside my energy work with clients and my own meditation practices and I can’t imagine being without them!

Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone?

  • You’re tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and irritable.
  • You’re struggling with anxiety and it feels impossible to enjoy the present moment – your kids, your partner, your work and life generally
  • You’re struggling with old toxic and negative emotions that you want to let go of, because you know they impact you…. anger, resentment, bitterness, envy, being let down and disappointed and betrayal!
  • You, or your family are dealing with grief and you just wish there was something that could help
  • You often find yourself battling with low mood and you’ve lost that fun part of yourself
  • You wish you had more motivation to get on and do things. You’re always putting things off and delaying tasks, even when you know getting this stuff done could make your life easier
  • Ultimately you just want to enjoy life again!

I believe that having control over our emotions is key when it comes to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life

So you’re feeling intrigued and you want to know more…. well I can tell you that I have used a number of brands in the past, but my favorite is doTerra. The quality of the oil and the natural smell just works for me. I love the company and everything it stands for, so I’m a raving fan!

A great starting place for emotional support is doTerra’s Emotional Aromatherapy Kit which contains – a petal diffuser and 6 bottles of oil (5ml in each):

  • doTerra Motivate

    We can all experience moments of frustration and feeling disinterested in the day ahead. We may be battling with self doubt, negative thinking and simply wondering what the point is. This beautiful smelling oil (and one of my favourites) is the perfect way to banish self doubt, self sabotaging behaviours, negative thinking and giving your the motivation and courage to take action.

  • doTerra Passion

    When work or your life is leaving you feeling a little flat, empty and lacking in excitement, this is a great pick me up. It helps you to feel re-energised and more passionate about life. I often use this when dealing with projects or tasks that I find dull and it’s brilliant to use when writing too!

  • doTerra Console

    Grief is a natural part of life, but it is still very hard to deal with, especially for young children. This oil helps you to release the grief and sadness in a gentle way, bringing you comfort in your time of need.

  • doTerra Cheer

    Being caught in a low mood cycle is exhausting, we are literally fighting our way through the day. We miss the beauty in the present moment and in our life and we just feel low, down and blue. This oil helps you to connect more easily with those feelings of happiness, positivity and joy.

  • doTerra Forgive

    We all have people in our life that we need to forgive, but it can be an incredibly hard thing to do. We feel justified in holding onto that anger and resentment, but the truth is the only person we hurt is ourselves. This oil helps us to let go of those negative and toxic emotions, so that we can have greater peace and stillness in our minds and body. This is the perfect compliment when doing forgiveness meditations.

  • doTerra Peace

    We could all benefit from more peace and stillness in our busy lives. This oil helps you calm down and slow down, which is hugely beneficial for the mind and the body. Racing through life is not good for you as it fragments your energy and can leave you feeling un-grounded and scattered.

You deserve to be happy and I believe that doTerra oils are a great way to make this happen

Commonly asked questions

  • How can I use the oils?

    There are a number of ways to use the oils – in a diffuser (which comes with the kit), in aromatherapy jewellery (I have a necklace and a bracelet for this) and on your skin – some of the oils you will need to dilute with a carrier oil.

  • Can I use this with my children?

    Absolutely, I use them with my children all the time. Just be mindful of any oils that need dilution if you want to place on the skin.

  • Do I have to start a business if I buy a kit?

    Definitely not! Some people just want to use the oils on themselves and with their family (when you click the link, select shop, select your country of residence and begin shopping) – which is exactly what I did earlier this year. After 6 months of personal use, I decided I had to share the oils more fully. The choice is always yours.

  • I want to start a business from home, but what's the advantages of joining your team?

    Great question! Before I signed up with doTerra I did a lot of research on the different teams out there, I knew that I wanted to be signed up under someone I trusted and who understood where I was at. It was also essential to me that they believed in the connection of the mind and body and they were open to energy and spirituality! I also wanted to ensure I had support for training, questions and learning more – all of this I get in abundance, so you will too!

    Plus, when it comes to helping you with mindset around building your business, I’m your lady! Everyday I work with people to help them build and grow successful businesses of all kinds, all over the world! When you join my team, you’ll get access to my paid program ‘Elevate Your Earnings’, We’ll also have regular team meetings, either online or in person to share ideas, support one another and to make new friends!

  • I have some questions, can I talk to you?

    I would be delighted to chat to you and be sure that these oils meet your needs. Just send me an email  –

  • Who are you?

    In case you’ve not seen the rest of my website yet, I’m an Energy Healing and EFT practitioner and I help people with their emotions and their mindset. There are a variety of tools that I use and I’m not adding essential oils to the mix. I’ve been doing this for over 9 years now and I’m as passionate about it now as the day I began!

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