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Do your energy leaks need some attention?

Do your energy leaks need some attention?

Energy leaks are like trying to collect water in a bucket with holes! No matter what you do, how you rearrange things and how hard you work, those pesky holes just keep on leaking your energy, motivation and enthusiasm and worst of all they block your success! If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or Empath, it can even impact your emotional and physical well-being. Too many things to think about or process for a sensitive soul, has a huge impact on our nervous system… it can literally put us in a state of fight or flight.

Now I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m going to let a broken bucket stop me from having the life, business and emotional health I want, especially when I’m the one holding the handle!

So to overcome this, I regularly sit down (sometimes daily when I really want to feel good, or when I’m determined to make progress) and review all areas of my life and ask myself – where am I not in alignment with my truth, my values and the way I really want to live my life. I take the time to review every area and notice how it feels in my body. All of us can take a logical approach to our feelings, but this is not where the truth lies – I want to know how I really feel, because honestly I am fed up with the years I didn’t listen to myself and my intuition. It never ends well when your ignore your body and your intuition, so why put yourself through it. Take it from someone who learnt the hard way.

Personally, I know I am out of alignment when I feel agitated, irritable, angry/cross for no reason, trapped, low in energy or motivation, emotionally flat, or when I simply want to run and hide from the world. Once upon a time I would have put it down to hormones, stress, personal issues etc etc… but now I like to dig a little more and uncover the real reason. I want to know; where am I not in alignment with myself, where are my energy leaks and what do I need to do NOW, to get back on track.

So I invite you today to honour your own truth and listen to your body and intuition, because it’s time for you to:

  • Own your truth
  • Own want you really want and need
  • Live a more aligned life
  • And then take action to make it happen

If you need a little more guidance, then let me share what I look at and give you a few things to get going. For all of these things I ask myself what is getting of the way of me feeling happy, being committed to it, or simply getting it done. Then I come up with actions that I can implement immediately. After even doing this once you will have clarity over how you really feel about your life, you will feel in control and empowered, because finally you are taking action and deliberately creating your dream life. And I promise you, people will notice…. they may not always like it, but boy will they notice:

Health and well-being:

• Diet, exercise, am I taking my supplements, water intake, sleep.

Meditation and Healing:

• Am I committing to my daily practices of EFT, Energy Healing and Meditation.

Self Growth:

• What am I learning to improve my skills, the efficiency of my business and to expand and challenge my mind.

My own energy field:

• I scan my energy every day within meditation to ensure I am not taking on anyone else ‘stuff’, this is an essential daily practice as an Empath. Without doing this it can be exhausting and have a huge impact on how we show up and the choices we make. I also ensure that my energy centres (Chakras) are balanced and aligned and that my vibration is high. I like to bring pure love to all of my work and it is essential to me that nothing gets in the way of that, least of all me!!


• Am I happy with the way my business is running? Is this the business I want to be running in 5 years and if not what am I doing about it? Do I feel overwhelmed at all? How do I feel about my pricing and the clients I am currently with? What tasks have been on the ‘To Do’ list for a while and what can I do about that – i.e. get them done asap, delegate, or scrap the task all together. Do I know where my focus is for the next week, month or quarter? Am I wasting time being busy? How do I feel about the hours I am working? Could I automate more of my business to free up time? As sensitive souls we need to be very mindful of overworking and pushing our bodies too hard, we also need to reflect on the numbers of people we’re working with or coming into contact with everyday. If you find yourself drained, then something needs to change.

Personal life:

• Who am I spending time with and does it make me feel good? Do I look forward to being with these people? Am I committing to things I would rather say no to? (sometimes for me it can be about the person/people, but other times its because I am a HSP and Empath and need more space in my life than most). Are any of my relationships toxic in anyway? Are there conversations that I am avoiding? Do I need better boundaries? How is my relationship with my children? Am I having enough fun? Do I have work life balance? Am I spending enough time in nature?


• Where could things run more smoothly? For me meal planning is always something I mean to do…. Do I feel comfortable in my own environment? For me mess and clutter is a massive problem, it stresses me out, because I like things nice and neat. Every now and then I have a massive clear out of old clothes, paperwork, and just stuff!! Living minimally makes me feel free!


• How do I feel about my money situation right now? Do I feel like I am caught in a cycle of lack? Do I feel in control of my finances? Am I managing things well? Are there any blocks or beliefs that I need to shift asap? Am I open to receiving? As we already know sensitive souls often live in a state of being hyper vigilant and in that horrible fight or flight mode, worry over finances can make this worse. It’s essential that we find a way of making our money work for us, to eliminate this energy leak. Consistent reliable income is the way to go!

This might seem a lot, but actually it can be a very quick check in with yourself and even better if you do it with someone. We all have blind spots and like anyone else, I get caught out from time to time about something I thought wasn’t bothering me, when in fact it was.

Plugging your energy leaks, living a more aligned life and strengthening your energy as a sensitive soul is essential if you want to experience more health, wealth and happiness. Once you understand how the things in your life can impact you, you have the power of choice to make powerful changes. Everything I’ve shared in this blog are things we would look at if you decided to work with me. I want to help you master your energy, emotions, intuition and your gifts and I want you to do this in an aligned way for you.

Just know that you’re not alone and my support is available if you would like it. If you would like to know more, about how I can support you on your self-care journey, then please CLICK HERE.

Until next time!


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