A person holds a sign with the phrase "my life is my message" written in green, against a blurred background of lush green trees, symbolizing a serene escape from anxiety.

Do you feel the call?

Do you feel the call?

The call is the quiet whispers from your soul, telling you – ‘you’re meant for something more‘.

You know there’s truth in this feeling, but you have no idea what you’re meant to be doing or sharing with the world. It feels like an a huge responsibility and you don’t want to get it wrong, or miss the boat… you know this is important and it just adds to the pressure!

I am truly amazed at the number of women I have worked with who are all saying the same thing. There really is a huge awakening for those that have a higher calling and a purpose, because now is the time that the world really needs what you have to offer. As with all change, we can feel massive resistance to growth and moving forward. Everything is uncertain and we don’t have all the answers… always a challenge for sensitive souls who like to feel comfortable and safe!

Do any of the following resonate for you?

  • I’m scared about the future and what I might be risking or giving up by answering the call.
  • I’m feeling constant anxiety at all the changes happening in my life, I feel out of control and a little unsafe.
  • Being success scares me –  who will I become, what will I have to do and will I be able to handle it?
  • Am I crazy to think I can really create change in the world and make a true difference?
  • Will people even want what I have to offer?
  • Do I have anything of value to say and share?
  • Who am I to think I can create an aligned life and have it all?
  • Can I really do what I love and believe in and be paid well?
  • What will those around me say? They won’t understand and they might judge me.
  • I’m not qualified enough and I don’t know enough.

I know it’s hard to trust and have faith when there are no concrete answers and the fears are rising up within you. You’re being asked to believe in yourself and something bigger than you, without anything in return. There is no guarantee on how it will work out, the changes needed in your life, or when it will happen. The best advice I can give, is take some time and space to get quiet, meditate and trust what you intuitively know and feel. Expand the energy of your heart and let the thoughts of the mind (all those stories) drift away.

Just know that you answered the call for a reason – because ignoring that ache in your heart was becoming too hard. So, would you rather dim your light and play safe, always wondering what could have been if you had just been brave, OR are you ready to be the courageous women that I know you are?

Remember, the world is waiting – someone out there is waiting for you to believe in yourself, because when they hear your message in your voice, they finally get it. And because of that, they finally feel inspired to take action and share their own unique gifts with the world… you are part of the ripple affect.

I believe that my life is my message and so too is yours. For now… all you have to do is have faith and believe that everything will unfold at the perfect time and the clarity you need will come. Keep working on your mindset and get clear about what an aligned life and business looks like.


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