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Open Your Heart To More...

During our sessions together I’ll help you release the past, so that you can finally come home to yourself. Together, we’ll breath out energetic heaviness, negativity, old beliefs and sabotage and we’ll breath in a sense of calm, peace and complete trust.

You’ll be open to love, abundance and success like never before and you’ll also have more clarity on who you are, what you want from life and your purpose!


I am so excited to share Breathwork with you, because I believe it’s needed now, more than ever. So many people are dealing with intense emotions, all brought on by the situation we find ourselves in. With our lives constantly changing and many choices reduced, we can no longer outrun our past and the healing we need to do. It would be easy to let the negative thinking take over and let our thoughts spiral, but I want to help you prevent this and to see this strange time as a opportunity for healing.

Breathwork is a simple and yet powerful healing technique which helps to clear away negative emotions and all the heavy energy that goes with it; fear, stress, overwhelm, panic and that feeling of being out of control. You can also experience intense healing from things such as grief, emotional pain of the past, the mother wound, the father wound, generational wounds, healing from narcissistic relationships and so much more. I am yet to find an area of life that this incredible modality can not reach.

It’s also a powerful way of awakening your own energy and of reconnecting you with yourself. The experience of Breathwork itself is magical and like nothing else I have ever felt, for me it was like coming home. I felt more peace and pure love than I ever thought possible.

After the sessions, you may experience; feeling lighter, less anxious and stressed, feeling more connected to yourself and your intuition, feeling more courageous in speaking your truth and standing up for yourself, having clarity over what you really want and need, feeling the need to release toxic relationships, asserting healthy boundaries, and being able to trust in life. These are just the tip of the iceberg and every time you breath it will be different.

If you have never tried breath work before, you may be about to have the most powerful and transformational experience of your life.

Join us on a Thursday – Classes are at 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm Paris and CET / 11.30am US PST / 1.30pm US Central / 6.30am AUS Sydney (on Thursdays)

With Breathwork You Will Experience...


It will help you to identify the areas of life where you’re settling and give you clarity on what you really want. While we may not choose the situation we find ourselves in, it does offer many of us the time and space to reassess our life and what really matters.

Complete healing…

While each session will help you to deal with stress, anxiety and the unknown of the future, it will also help you release and heal the past. Everything from the father wound, mother wound and generational healing is possible. Our bodies hold onto so much more than we are consciously aware and for us to feel safe and trust, we need to release the past

Creating healthy relationships…

It will support you in creating healthy relationships, by helping you to understand your boundaries and feel confident in lovingly enforcing them. It’s time to stop people pleasing and to own your truth and your voice. You’ll release toxic ties to the past, freeing up energy to create the relationships you really want


It will help you to release fear and instead come back to yourself and that inner knowing that you can do anything. You’ll trust in life, you’ll know that everything is unfolding perfectly and that you have everything you need to thrive and move past all the chaos


It will help you to rediscover who you are, by rebuilding your confidence and sense of self worth. It’s time to love and accept the person you see in the mirror and know that you’re dreams are possible


It will help you to forgive yourself and others and finally let go, allowing yourself to feel light, free and in flow with life


“I can wax lyrical about a lot of things but I don’t say this very often but truly, hand on heart,  I have never experienced anything like my breathwork session with Marie before. I have worked with many healing modalities in my time, and I was very resistant to breathwork. But because I know, love and trust Marie,  and know incredible  shifts I have felt with her before, I decided to trust and have the session. I can honestly say I have never felt energy, lightness, inner peace and the feeling of safety like I did during that breathwork session with her. It was almost like being intoxicated, but in the sweetest way imaginable. Since then I have had big releases and I have been shown things that I need to heal. I know I will be having many, many more sessions. Please don’t hesitate in jump in feet first with this work, it is a magical journey that will truly help and heal with everything this year is throwing at us”
Dipti Solanki - Grief Coach

"Breathwork has been a powerful experience for me. I can certainly notice the shifts and differences (for the better) in my life after a session. I feel totally at ease with Marie on the sessions, and trust her implicitly with holding space for me whilst I work through shifting negative energy in my body. There is something very grounding, comforting and special in how Marie holds space for you and works with you energetically. If you haven’t tried it already, I recommend you at least give it a go’. (Kelly Hailes - Health Coach & Wellness Advocate)

Kelly Hailes -

I recently had my first on-line breathwork session with Marie. Marie is such a beautiful soul and she has a way of making you feel completely at ease, she created a very safe and nurturing space for the session. Marie has a real gift for holding space, she has a lovely calm voice and a gentle way of guiding you through the process. I really enjoyed the session and it was amazing to experience how powerful and healing our breath is. I finished the session in a state of complete bliss! I would highly recommend experiencing one of Marie’s breathwork sessions and I can’t wait for my next one.

Chris Squires - Yoga Teacher
"Breathwork is a truly powerful and enriching experience and Marie holds the energy so beautifully and with such confidence and ease, whether you're in a group or having a private session. Undertaking breathwork with someone like Marie, who holds the energetic space beautifully and with great strength, it's like nothing I have every experienced before. I love the power that I create during the active part of breathwork sessions. The power of my own energy vibrating throughout my body. It pulls me back and reminds me that I am an energetic being at my very essence and that, honing into my energy, I am truly positively powerful. That gives me the assurance and confidence that I can bring about change in my life and in the lives of others when I remember to harness the energy that lies at my very source. During the relaxation and releasing part of each breathwork session, I have felt something different each time; the feeling of the energy within my body being cleansed by the angels, the beautiful buzzing of my chakras being re-awakened, feeling closer to energetic beings who are supporting and guiding me each day, visualisations and realisations of who I am and how I am at my very essence. Each experience has been different, each experience unique, each experience truly special and memorable. breathwork also helps my body cleanse and purge after each session, releasing what I may have been holding onto that hasn't been benefiting my body, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. And after my body has cleansed itself, I feel a sense of lightness, of healthiness, of calmness, and of strength."
Viv McAlister - Angel Guide Mentor
I have been doing Breathwork with Marie Houlden in group settings, and one-to-one for several months now and I can safely say that it is life-changing. I've done A LOT of inner work over the years, with different teachers, mentors, healers and techniques but nothing comes close to Marie's Breathwork.
I have cleared trauma that I didn't know was there, as well as crap that I couldn't shift with other tools. I have gained clarity, peace and had light-bulb ideas.  In fact I find Marie and this technique so amazing that I asked her to do monthly sessions for my Life Reboot Camp members, and they are convertees now too!
Do yourself a favour and give it a try, it is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Sophie LeBrozec - Founder of Life Reboot Camp
I’m not the same person I was at the start of this year – these are the words I found myself sharing and they’re so true. I’m more calm, relaxing and trusting of everything that is happening in my life. I have more clarity than ever before about my life purpose and how I want to help people and I have a level of belief within me that I’ve never experienced so strongly before.


I’m trained in many healing modalities and I’ve experienced many many more, but I can hand on heart say that Breathwork is the most powerful and intense thing I have ever experienced. It’s such a simple thing and yet when I breath I come home to myself.


That first time was beyond magical; I felt such intense energy, I cried my heart out and I felt a deep peace that normally takes hours of meditation to achieve. Fast forward a few months and undertaking my own training as a Breathwork Healer was inevitable. The blend of conscious breathing and energy healing is just so powerful and being able to share this magic brings me such joy.
Every time I breath it’s different and I completely trust that my body and soul knows exactly what it needs to peel back another layer, to heal and to expand who I am.
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Who is it for...

Breathwork is for anyone who wants to experience more calm and inner peace and is ready to expand their energy and heart space, so that they can receive more in their life

  • You’re missing genuine connection and the support of others in your life, perhaps you even struggle to receive
  • You’ve resisted doing the deeper healing until now, but you feel that this is the moment to release and let go
  • You’re holding onto fear and panic about the future and you’re ready to trust again – people, life and yourself
  • You feel lost and like life holds no excitement or joy any more – you crave more fun, play, pleasure and feeling carefree
  • You doubt yourself and what you’re capable of – you want to believe in yourself again
  • You feel trapped, constricted and controlled – you’re ready to feel free

Let me support you as you expand your heart space and your energy and reconnect with divine energy

WARNING…..Breathwork is powerful, intense and if you come with an open heart and an open mind, it might just be one of the most incredible experiences you’ve ever had!

We breathe every Thursday - classes start again on the 7th of January 2021 Every Thursday at 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm Paris and CET / 11.30am US PST / 1.30pm US Central / 6.30am AUS Sydney Fridays

£ 15.00 Each session of 90 minutes
Every Thursday
Class is at 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm Paris and CET / 11.30am US PST / 1.30pm US Central / 6.30am AUS Sydney (On Fridays)
90 minutes once a week where it's all about you
Everything is on ZOOM so you can take part from the comfort of your own home
Breathe with like minded people in a safe space
Receive Energy Healing as a group
Feel in control of your emotions and your life again

Private Session For indiviudals & couples if you prefer something more intimate

£ 150 90 Minutes
Intense and powerful healing experience
A blend of Breath Work & Energy Healing
Thrive during these uncertain times
Believe in yourself and have the confidence to take action
Come home to yourself
Reconnect as a couple
Release resentments and hurts from the past
Create a deeper level of intimacy
Open your heart to your partner
Allow yourself to receive
Feel gratitude for their presence in your life

If you have any of the following conditions, it’s essential that you contact your doctor or health care provider before joining this program or booking a private session. Unfortunately, I can not accept any liability for what may happen if you partake in a session with these existing conditions. By booking and/or paying for the session, you are accepting full liability for your own experience and outcome of breath work. If you are in any way concerned about joining a session, I would suggest that breath work is probably not for you at this time. You would be very welcome to email me to discuss further. Existing conditions to be mindful of before taking a breath work class are:

• Cardiovascular problems
• High or abnormal blood pressure
• History of aneurysms
• Epilepsy or history of seizures
• If you’re on heavy medication
• You have severe psychiatric symptoms, in particular psychosis or paranoia
• Bipolar depression
• Osteoporosis
• If you have had any recent surgery
• Glaucoma
• Pregnancy
• If you have an active addictive
• If you have any other mental illness where you require support or treatment