Breakthrough to Abundance!

Are you tired of struggling to attract and keep money in your life, or perhaps no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get above a certain income level and you’re constantly swinging between feast and famine? You’re overwhelmed and terrified that your next launch, offering or project is going to flop, because you’re sabotaging and ‘upper limiting’ like never before and you simply don’t have the energy you need to take action.

Every decision you need to make is causing you to doubt yourself and your intuition. You want to trust in yourself and in the process, but right now you want and need cash…. and the fear of not having it consumes you. Once you remove the emotional and energetic blocks in your way, you can:

Attract money and abundance into your life with ease

Earn what you deserve and be fully valued – no more discounts, under charging or over giving

Release self doubt and feel confident to show people who you really are  – time to show up and be visible

Have the perfect work life balance  – putting your family and loved ones first and avoiding burnout forever

Let me help you achieve all this and more with this group program for women who are ready to elevate their earnings and achieve that next level of income – consistently and with ease. We start again on Thursday the 9th of August. Each week we’ll be using EFT/Tapping and Energy Healing to ensure your emotional and energetic blocks are released and you’re free to connect with your energetic potential. In these 90 minute sessions, I want to open you up to more money and abundance than ever before… it’s time to elevate your earnings!

Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone?

  • You’re tired of having all your choices dictated by a lack of money. You feel like money is controlling you and you don’t like it. It’s time to release old stories, habits and beliefs and create a new abundant reality!
  • You are struggling with anxiety and living in constant fear of not having enough and worrying about how to make more… its exhausting and it’s beginning to affect your health. Together we’ll release the fear of lack, help you to trust that more is possible and inspire you to take action. Soon you’ll have money, better health and a work life balance that’s perfect for you!
  • You’re stuck at a certain income level, no matter what you do. Let me help you break through that energetic ceiling so that you can earn what you desire and deserve.
  • You know you have more to offer the world, but how can you even begin to think about your calling or purpose, when you can’t even cover the bills. Doing what you love, feels like a luxury you can’t afford! Until you value yourself and your time, you’ll feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. We will be focusing on raising your self esteem through the roof! Expect not only more money, but better relationships too.
  • Everyone else makes earning money look so easy. You are fed up of being emotionally triggered by their success, their life style and hearing them talk about how easy it is – plus you’re convinced that you need money to make money and so right now everything seems too far out of reach. It’s time to make earning money easy. There are opportunities all around you and millions of ways money can come to you, but you have to open your heart to these possibilities and surrender. Releasing control will be incredibly freeing.
  • You ensure that your kids have everything they need, while your clothes get older and more embarrassing and your hair hasn’t seen the inside of a salon for months. By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be putting yourself first for a change. You’ll be speaking your truth and setting boundaries, knowing that you’re worthy and deserving of all this abundance.

You have an inner knowing that you’re sabotaging your success because everything in your life is changing and all this stress, drama and pressure is simply an upper limit problem! The trouble is, you need help in digging deeper and blasting through your emotional and energetic blocks!

I believe that we all have the potential to be wealthy and abundant…. we just need to become more self aware, clear out our old conditioning and open our hearts to receive. This is when pure magic happens.

“I have absolutely loved working with Marie. Not only is she very caring and supportive but she is truly insightful and a genuinely beautiful soul. I started my sessions with her as I wanted to gain more insight into why I seem to repel money and why my business is not as successful as I believe it should be. So we delved into my money issues and tapped away at my blocks. Every week I saw small improvements happening…. for example, for someone who never seems to attract money or good luck, I suddenly (out of the blue) won a place on a fabulous course… so something was happening, something was positively changing. But, before long, we were too quickly approaching our last session and I was feeling really sad that it was coming to an end (only a temporary end, I hasten to add – I fully intend to call on Marie again).

But it was in our final session that we struck gold. As Marie always says, the block is usually not money, that’s how we disguise it and it makes it ‘easier’ to think it’s money. The block is usually something deeper and very personal. And she was right. Together we uncovered a very deep and very personal block that is impacting many areas of my life, one being my business. That insight and having the tools that Marie has given me to gradually chip away at this block will, I know, help change my life and my business. Without Marie’s help, insight, support and love I would continue to run around in circles with my business and not get anywhere. Now I know, whilst I have a long way still to travel, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Marie” (Viv McAlister – Founder of Simply Skin)

Viv McAlister -

“I love working with Marie. She helped me during my 5 figure launch, to uncover my self sabotages and to believe in myself and to believe that my goals were coming through. They did! 🙂 Now she helps me to reach the next level and I cannot wait for all the good stuff I KNOW will happen. I really recommend Marie and her beautiful and good energy ” – Jorunn Krokeide, meditation teacher and course creator


Jorunn Krokeide -

‘At the beginning of the year, I did a group course with Marie. I wrote down my income and ideal job goals and followed the course full of enthusiasm. I loved the group and the work we did – I uncovered blocks I hadn’t known were there and cleared lots of stuff. Some people have spectacular moments during EFT where they cry, release or have profound revelations, but not me. By the end of the three months I was delighted with the course but felt no nearer my goals, in fact it was my slowest quarter EVER in 9 years of business, but I still considered it a result as I had a much more positive outlook. I missed working with Marie and having the focus she gave me, so a few months later I signed up for another course. As I sat there writing out my goals for the new round, I looked back at what I’d written at the beginning of the year.

Income goal – tick. Ideal job – tick. New clients – tick. It didn’t happen when I wanted it to, or the way I thought it would, but it was effortless. Seemingly random people and events combined for everything I wanted to fall into place. And I’d been so busy that I’d hardly even noticed it. Show up. Do the work, even sporadically. And get Marie onboard. She’s kind, compassionate and amazing. I read other people’s testimonials, but I secretly thought that it could never happen to me. But here I am, saying it now – magic really does happen’ ( Owner of Phrases Translations – Louise Normandire)


Louise Normandiere – -

‘I hate clichés. Testimonials always say things like ‘So-and-so changed my life. She’s the best. Awesome experience.’ etc etc. And they’re all genuinely meant but feel like hyperbole. I wanted to write something heartfelt, and without cliché, but …There is NO hyperbole when describing Marie Houlden and her work. She truly is a powerful force, with the ability to change lives. I’ve worked with her one-to-one and in her Money & Abundance group, and she has helped me to turn lifelong fears and doubts upside down. And I had spent years (and a lot of money) trying everything – both traditional and woo – to sort out the crap in my head. It happens for people at different rates, and at first I was frustrated because there was no ‘instant gratification’ result.  But you have to do the work. Sometimes that’s daunting, and Marie is unbelievably gentle, supportive and encouraging when that happens – which means that the work actually gets done! And it’s so worth the time and effort. I hadn’t realised that the layers of self-doubt and fear were gradually being peeled away. When I hit that turning point, my confidence quadrupled, my fear of visibility evaporated, and I genuinely felt as though I was walking three feet off the ground. So be in no doubt, this is no exaggeration: Marie truly is a life-changing force who creates phenomenal, lasting change.’ (Abigail Webber)


Abigail Webber – Helping Writers Reclaim their Creativity -

“Since I began working with Marie, I am more balanced in every area of my life. I finally have work life balance, more clarity and confidence in my business. Marie also helped me get to the root of old issues I never thought I’d be able to manage and work through. I have more energy, joy, happiness and overall fulfillment. Marie is kind, caring and warm, but most importantly, she gets you where you want to go! In the first month of the program, I doubled my monthly income. I am so grateful to have Marie’s help for years to come”. (Melissa Schollaert)


Melissa Schollaert – founder of Real Nutritious Living -

“Working with Marie is beautifully easy and comfortable. She is so intuitive that you feel like you’re talking with an old friend. Plus, she has an uncanny, laser-sharp ability to hone in on the root of your problem so you can make progress faster. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with her one-on-one and as a part of her money and abundance group. I’ve seen significant shifts in my life in areas where I felt stuck for a long time. I am always skeptical of group programs, because it seems some participants get all the attention, while others get left out. Marie holds space for everyone and conducts the group in a balanced way so that all benefit. I learned so much from the other participants, and realized we all have the same core struggles with money. Within the first few weeks of the program, I unexpectedly hit my monthly income goal that I thought would be impossible. I was totally blown away. My favorite part was the group energy healing. Marie’s energy is like no other, and even across the ocean, I could feel it intensely. I highly recommend this program if you’re feeling stuck in your financial life.(Holly Higgins)


Holly Higgins – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner -

“Marie is truly amazing! I immediately felt comfortable with her because she’s so warm, kind and caring. She offered a safe space for me to work through some old blocks that I was having a hard time letting go of. She is so intuitive, skilled and incredibly gifted at what she does. During sessions she helped bring words to things I couldn’t say or wasn’t fully aware. I had lots of “yes, that’s it!” moments … she truly helps you dig deeper and bring out those deep rooted blocks. These sessions helped me focus on areas I had no idea needed work, especially around forgiveness and letting go of things that have been holding me back. After sessions I always felt this rush of happiness, energy boost and overall peace. Marie has been such a blessing and I look forward to getting to work with her more in the future whenever I’m feeling stuck or have any blocks come up”.

Emily (Author and Founder of -

Marie has totally transformed my life! Coming from a ‘traditional church’ background, working with an energy healer was a bit ‘WOO’ for me, but let me tell you that Marie has been a God-send! She has helped me forgive people and experiences, releasing blocks and growing my business in ways that I never thought possible! If you are on the fence, GET OFF! Do this for yourself and your future! Now!

Orleatha Smith (Chief Creative Officer at -

“When I started working Marie, I was an overworked entrepreneur suffering from depression, anxiety and a big case of victim hood.  Marie has a gift at helping you find the root cause of your problems. I’m talking about going deep into your past and healing it so that you can come to place of joy and love again.  My life was so out of balance (typical workaholic) and now I have more ease, success and a more loving connected relationship with my husband and children. This is priceless. If you’re ready to dig deep and work, you won’t be able to find a more amazing coach than Marie. Her program was pivotal in helping me find and clear an abundance block I have carried my entire life. For the first time I can say I am in flow and money is showing up everywhere for me! Seriously one of the BEST investments I have made in my life . She has a customer for life in me”.

Kelly (Author, Photographer and Founder of -

Why choose to work with me?

People will often comment that they have never had EFT quite like that before and that’s because I am not like any other EFT Practitioner out there. I am highly sensitive and an empath, so I literally feel your emotional and energetic blocks in my own body. It means I can help you shift not only the conscious blocks getting in your way, but also those sneaky things hiding beneath the surface. Together we can create powerful and rapid change.
I am also incredibly lucky to work with some amazing energies and because of my healing team and my ability to channel energy, we can achieve deep and powerful healing very quickly.  I can open up your energy field to incredible abundance and opportunities – I feel your potential and connect you to it. I know that miracles can happen when we open ourselves up to the divine.
How do I know that more is possible for you and that you can live an abundant and rich life?  Because I see incredible things happen with my clients all the time, plus I have adopted all of this in my own life and made massive shifts!
I am constantly blown away by the success they achieve and the money they attract into their lives effortlessly. I want you to benefit from the magic of energy work too, so that you can have more wealth and abundance than ever before.


  • Week 1 - Your Energetic Income level and your blocks

    We’re going to understand what your current energetic income ceiling (the amount you can never seem to push past) is and why this amount of money is so significant to you. Deep in your subconscious you have made a decision about the amount of money you think you should, or could earn and we need to do some digging to find out what this is! Once we identify and understand this, we can then explore what limiting beliefs/stories are connected to this amount of money. We’ll also be looking at how you feel about money and how you feel about yourself. This is the starting point for the rest of the course, because it shows us exactly what is holding you back.

  • Week 3 - Fears that block the flow of money

    We all have fears when it comes to money – will I earn enough to pay the bills, am I good enough to charge this, no will pay me what I really want, you have to work hard for money and then I might burn out…. the list is endless and as diverse as all are! The trick is in understanding what your fears are around money, or what you’ll have to do and who you would become to have that consistent flow of money. For example, are you scared of success, failure, being seen, being a fraud, being alone? When we can clear out your fears, you’re more likely to take action and know that it’s safe to have money in your life!

  • Week 5 - Self Sabotage and Upper Limiting

    You’re finally taking action and feeling good, but before you know it drama, stress and conflict is occurring in other areas of your life. Subconsciously, you’re sabotaging your own success, by pulling back, hiding and not taking action again. You’re picking fights with people, dealing with unexpected payments and generally doing everything you can to ensure life doesn’t change! Self Sabotage is linked to things such as fear, limiting beliefs and feeling like we might not be enough. It’s also connected to something called an Upper Limit Problem…which is when our ego is literally freaking out at all the change that is happening in our life and in our minds. It wants to keep you safe and so tries to create distractions and drama’s to bring everything back to a familiar level for you! This is when you need to hold your course and push through, with total conviction in your heart that you deserve more and can make it happen!

  • Week 2 - Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

    This is where we are going deeper into your mindset around money and any stories you have held. There will be patterns from the past that have made you feel powerless, perhaps even times where you’ve played the victim… ‘nothing is ever going to change’ or ‘there is nothing I can do to get myself out of this hole’. We need to explore and release any negative thinking, especially if these beliefs are not even yours!! We often take on the views and beliefs of parents when it comes to money and often this can be incredibly limiting. It’s time for you to set yourself free and know that you can have what you want.

  • Week 4 - Proscrastination

    You’ve mastered your mindset, you have released the old stories and fears, but you’re still not taking action on bringing in more money.  Perhaps you’re stalling on launching something new, you’re not raising your prices, you’re still not allowing yourself to be visible….. ultimately, you’re not taking action. Everything that we’ve uncovered over the last few weeks has given you a new outlook on things, but you’re still uncertain about moving forward. The old beliefs and fears are holding you back and we need to go deeper….. this is about uncovering another layer and taking you one step closer to success!

  • Week 6 - Receive, Trust & Gratitude

    We’re bringing everything together. After doing all that deep work and taking action, now is the time for you to open your heart and receive. Often this is where people fall down, they are doing everything right, they’ve done the inner work, but they’re not allowing themselves to trust, believe and receive. I want you to stay in a place of total conviction for what’s possible and to finally trust yourself and the universe. We’ll be exploring your daily gratitude practice and where you struggle to receive. It’s time to open your heart and enjoy all the abundance that is waiting for you!

What’s included:

  • Weekly group calls - 7pm Thursdays BST (90 mins)

    I’ll help you identify and release blocks to abundance using EFT, Energy Healing and Meditation. These calls will help you to feel calm, relaxed and in touch with your inner truth. It’s all about trusting and believing in yourself, healing old wounds and then opening you up to your energetic potential.

  • Weekly content - material to raise your awareness and get you thinking

    Each week you will have content to work through which will raise your self awareness when it comes to money and your blocks. It will get you thinking about the things that have brought you to this point and more importantly how you can re-write your future and come to trust in money and yourself again.

  • FREE access - Meditations to support you on your journey

    Guided meditations are a beautiful way to align body, mind and soul. I have a collection of meditations that you’ll have full access to, supporting you on this journey. Each one is infused with energy healing supporting you in releasing, healing and bringing in more abundance than ever before. You can check out what I have already created here!

  • Private Facebook Group (Community)

    Perfect for gaining support and keeping you accountable. We will all have days where it feels too hard and as if life has got the better of us – but here you can be supported, inspired and dust yourself off with people who have your back! I’ll also be sharing additional resources that I believe will be useful.

  • Extra EFT videos for all your money blocks - 35 and counting!

    As part of this program you will have access to over 35 EFT scripts that are focused on money. I record new scripts every month and these are shared with everyone who is in this program.

  • LIFE TIME ACCESS - have me in your life forever!

    I have decide that anyone who joins in this live round will get life time access (life time of the program that is!). This means that every time I run the program live again, you can join in for free. You’ll get access to all new material, EFT videos, Meditations and of course my support in the private Facebook Group.


Commonly asked questions

  • When are the calls?

    During the live rounds, the calls will be held every Thursday. They start at 7pm GMT (London time).

  • What if I can’t make one of the calls?

    The calls will be recorded and you will be able to watch the replays. I’ll place links to the replays in the files section of the Facebook Group. You’ll still be included in the group energy work that takes place every week and I’ll ensure you have time before calls to set an intention for your own healing and release work.

  • How often can I expect to be coached live?

    It all depends how many people join the group. If necessary I will create a rota system. Even when you’re just watching and tapping along at home, you’ll get benefit. Other people will often have the same issues as you, or they will bring up something within you that you had not known before.

  • Is there a set agenda or homework?

    There is a set agenda each week (refer to the outline of the modules) and there will be some material and exercises for you to work through. Homework is to read the material, reflect on the questions, re-do any tapping scripts that are relevant for you and use the meditations as much as you can. We always have choice and free will, but I know from experience that the people who have the greatest transformation are the ones who commit to themselves and the program.

  • Does it matter that I’ve never done EFT before?

    No not at all.. here is a link to what EFT is and how I use it. There is also a script included about releasing the fear of being seen! You will soon wonder how you ever lived without EFT!

  • Your EFT is very different to others, why?

    I was taught by one of only 29 EFT masters in the world. My teacher studied for many months with the founder of EFT Gary Craig and he believed that it was important to tap on all the points that I include. Don’t forget EFT with me may feel different because I blend in more energy work than most! I’m all about aligning body, mind and soul.

Say hello

If you have any question about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey!

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